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Title: Human Services Research

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Essay Instructions: Human Services Research
The field of human services is commonly associated with meeting human needs. Likewise, individuals who pursue further education in human services generally want to improve the present and/or change the future for their clients. For example, Dorothea Dix was an American advocate for the mentally ill. Prior to her research and advocacy, individuals with mental illness were housed in unsanitary, unfurnished, and unheated conditions together with prisoners. As a result of her research she improved their treatment.

Many times an individual?s passion, such as Dorothea Dix?s, drives his or her research. Being passionate about a research topic can help keep your drive, curiosity, and interest throughout this course and other research you may perform as a scholar-practitioner.

To prepare for this assignment, you should review guidelines located in Week 1: Final Project. These areas will aid you in selecting an appropriate research topic to use throughout the course and your Final Project. Consider how research on this topic might inform human services practice, program development, program evaluation, advocacy, and/or policy development.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a brief description of a research topic related to human services that you plan to use in your Final Project. (Final Project research subject ? see below). Explain how research on this topic might inform human services practice, program development, program evaluation, advocacy, and/or policy development. Be specific, and provide examples.

Support your assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

Final Project:
The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act
The purpose of this project is to inform its readers that human trafficking crimes are becoming more and more recognized as a valid and constitutional way of seeking severe punishment for those who commit them. States all through the United States are beginning to look at their laws as citizens become progressively more involved with the implementation and enactment of human trafficking legislation.
The significance of this project to my field is a vital and viable means to draw awareness to this problem and work as an advocate against it. It is also important to establish help for victims of this crime. I hope to be able to work closely with victim programs to assist in any way possible to help those who have been a victim of this crime. There are current two national organizations that work with these victims the first is the Office for Victims of Crime and the second is the Office on Violence against Women.

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Title: Human Services

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Essay Instructions: Locate and read the following article:

Halstead, Richard A. (2000, January). From tragedy to triumph: counselor as companion on the hero’s journey. Counseling & Values, 44(2), 100.

After reading this article, reflect on the relationship between Steve and the counselor. Answer the following questions:

1.What are some of the things you believe that the counselor has learned from Steve? What are some of the counselor’s behaviors that may change as a result of working with Steve? Do you think that most people you come into contact with change you in some way? Explain.
2.How has Steve changed as a result of this relationship? Has Steve benefited from this relationship? Why or why not?
Part B:

Ethics are defined as “a set of moral principles and perceptions about right versus wrong and the resulting philosophy of conduct that is practiced by an individual, group, profession, or culture” (Barker, 2001, p. 159). In the field of human services you will be interacting with individuals with a variety of needs within many systems. Due to the span of diversity among individuals it is important for you to become familiar with the ethical standards as set forth for human service professionals. The following Assignment will require you to find and discuss the importance of the ethical standards as developed by the National Organization of Human Services (NOHS). A code of ethics is “an explicit statement of the values, principles, and rules of a profession, regulating the conduct of its members” (Barker, 2001, p. 84).

For this part of the Assignment, please complete the following:

1.On the internet, locate the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals developed by the National Organization of Human Services.
2.Based upon the article in Part A, identify one ethical issue that may lead you as a human service professional to review the ethical standards and how you can resolve any ethical concerns. Why are the National Organization of Human Service ethical standards important to follow as you begin to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities?
3.Cite the National Organization of Human Services website at the bottom of your document.

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Title: In 200 words per week answer the listed questions relating to that weeks reading

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Essay Instructions: In 200 words per week, answer the listed questions relating to that week’s reading.
I have attached each week’s text in order to answer the listed questions.

Week 1
in 200 words answer the following:
Did this reading deal with all you think is important, or were something missing? Which things? Why do you think this is the case?
What do I think is the purpose of and value of a definition of human services?

Week 2
in 200 words answer the following:
• The author's approach to the topic of 'care'. Tronto is a political theorist, and has written a fairly generalised, abstract and theoretical account of care. Do you think this works?
• Do you agree with Tronto's definition of care? What are its strengths? What are its problems?
• Are the 'four phases of care' useful? Do you think sufficient emphasis is placed on the recipient of care?
• Continue on and discuss the proposition that care is unequally distributed - first on the basis of gender, then on the basis of social class and ethnicity. Does this ring true for you? Why do you think this is so?
Remember, this is a discussion, so you don't need to provide a summary of the article, or a book review.

Week 3
In 200 words, answer the following:
What do you think is the purpose of this reading (main idea)?
Does this reading raise any questions?
Pick a key point within the text and briefly talk about it.
Remember, this is a discussion, so you do not need to provide a summary of the article, or a book review.

Week 4
In 200 words, answer the following:
What do you think is the purpose of this reading (main idea)?
Does this reading raise any questions?
Pick a key point within the text and briefly talk about it.
Remember, this is a discussion, so you do not need to provide a summary of the article, or a book review.

Week 5
In 200 words, answer the following:
What do you think is the purpose of this reading (main idea)?
Does this reading raise any questions?
Pick a key point within the text and briefly talk about it.
Remember, this is a discussion, so you do not need to provide a summary of the article, or a book review.

Week 6
In 200 words, answer the following:
What do you think is the purpose of this reading (main idea)?
Does this reading raise any questions?
Pick a key point within the text and briefly talk about it.
Remember, this is a discussion, so you do not need to provide a summary of the article, or a book review.

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Essay Instructions: Applied Skills in Human Services, and I need to write an informative essay describing the helping process as it applies to a specific Case Study. Below is what needs to be addressed and the instructions:
In a 3- to 5-page informative essay, please address the following:
? Explain the role of the human service professional in the helping process.
? Discuss how personal values, beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes can help or harm the
helping process.
? Discuss the potential barriers you would have while working with the clients in the case
study based upon your personal values, beliefs, prejudices, and stereotypes.
? Explain what specific questions you would want to ask these clients to gain more
information about the situation, their behaviors and their feelings, and why you think this
information might be helpful to you.
? Discuss the potential ethical and legal issues surrounding this case and what your
obligations as a professional would be regarding those issues.
? Explain what recommendations you would make for these clients and your rationale
behind each recommendation.

Your paper should include the following:
? Title Page
? Main body of the paper (3-5 pages, including an introductory paragraph, supporting
paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph)
? Reference page
? Correct APA formatting for in-paper citations

A textbook that needs to be definitely used/referenced from is:
Murphy, B. C., & Dillion, C. (2012). Interviewing in Action in a Multicultural World, 4th edition. Cengage Learning .

Any help I can get right now I will truly appreciate. It has been so difficult for me to concentrate and find the time to get this done, given I just had a loss of a family member. Thank you in advance....truly.
The Case Study is rather long, and I will now paste below.

Two men are seeking services for couples coaching after being released from prison. Reggie is
a 26-year-old African American with a stocky but athletic build, and Todd is a 30-year-old,
Caucasian with a slight frame and more effeminate features.
Reggie is wearing a very revealing ?muscle shirt? and shorts and is sweaty from the heat
outside. Todd is dressed in a pink cotton polo shirt with shorts and appears to have a ?preppie?
style. The men are invited into the office to be interviewed; each one selects his own couch to
sit. Todd takes the lead in speaking and during the interview, frequently talks over and
interrupts Reggie.

Todd reports that was released from prison three months ago, one month prior to Reggie, and
has been under a lot of pressure to find resources for himself and his partner so they could
reintegrate into society. This stress, along with other issues, has taken a toll on their relationship.

Todd reports that he is estranged from his family and only speaks to his mother from time-totime because she is very emotionally abusive towards him and ?drives him to drink.? Reggie
reports that his relationships with members of his family are ?very complicated.? He discloses
that his mother died while he was serving his prison sentence, and he hasn?t really come to
terms with it. Reggie has two sisters from whom he is estranged ? they refuse to speak to him and will not give him information about his mother?s last days. The two agree that they are left
supporting each other on the ?outside? and feel they are learning how to function again in
the ?real? world.

Todd states that he has served his time, whereas Reggie has a parole officer to whom he must
report regularly. Todd states that he is resentful of the ankle bracelet that Reggie has to wear
that monitors his every move and does not allow him to live freely.
When Reggie was released, he moved in with Todd in the apartment Todd had rented. Two
weeks ago, Reggie moved out of the apartment and into a room in a local halfway house.
Todd explains that after six weeks of constant arguing that frequently escalated into physical
violence, Todd threatened Reggie with a knife because he was so scared. Reggie left the
apartment before it got physical and the police were not called. Reggie did inform his parole
officer and the officer found Reggie the room in the boarding house so Reggie would not
violate his parole. Todd later helped Reggie set up the room and bought him some basics so
he could live comfortably.

Todd states that he wants Reggie to be able to come back home, but cannot tolerate the
physical abuse. Reggie states that he is extremely stressed by his own expectations and his
feelings that he is not making it outside of prison. He states that he feels like he has to depend
on his partner for everything, and at this point, has no other choice. He further explains that he
was raised to take care of himself and not have to rely on others.

The men agreed to continue to work on the relationship if referred to counseling. Todd states
that he is very anxious about the situation and wants Reggie to move back home as soon as
his parole officer will give approval. Reggie states that his main goal is to get things established
for himself like finding a job, meeting the expectations of his parole, and being independent.
Todd is very charming and confident during the interview process while Reggie is quiet and
keeps his hands clasped tightly together in his lap. Reggie states that one of his concerns is
Todd?s behavior in public and how it draws attention to them as a couple. The attention
makes Reggie extremely uncomfortable.

Todd interjects that he sees a psychiatrist for his mental health and substance abuse issues.
Todd also reports that his drug issue plays a significant role in the problems in their relationship.
He reports that his current drug use was triggered by the stress of being released from prison
first (and alone) and then later from having to endure the physical abuse by his partner. He
states that his drug of choice is cocaine, which has been a problem for him for many years,
sending him to prison and costing him his career as a realtor. Todd further reports that his
psychiatrist has placed him on Lithium and Trazodone for his Bipolar Disorder.

Reggie reports that he smokes marijuana occasionally and has been drinking alcohol regularly
since he was a teenager. He states that he does not think either of these is a problem for him
and does not see where it is a problem for him to use in front of Todd. Todd states he is
resentful that Reggie is not supportive of him in his daily battle to remain clean and sober and
that Reggie?s recreational drug use in front of him is extremely difficult to deal with.

Todd states that he is on Social Security Disability for his mental health disorder and substance
abuse because it cost him his job several years back and he has been unable to work since.
Todd says he also receives compensation and insurance from his previous employer. Reggie
states that he has enrolled in the ?STARS? program set up for people who have been recently
released from prison to help him find employment and re-enter the job market; however, he
says he is still struggling to find employment in this program. He reports that this is a source of
tension for him because he needs to be out there working and supporting himself. He again
mentions that he does not like not being able to support himself and having to rely on
someone else.

The two agree that they both have a lot to work on and are under a lot of stress being on the

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