Human Services

Steve and the Counselor

What has the counselor learned from Steve? Halstead explains that "Empowerment comes from the process of discovering new learning," and in effect what the counselor learned from Steve has empowered the counselor for the future. Empowerment also comes from "enduring the struggle" and "overcoming obstacles" that previously prevented progress (Halstead, 2000, p. 2). The obstacles that Steve had to overcome were huge, and notwithstanding the fact that Steve gave thought to committing suicide, the counselor was motivated along with Steve.

That is, every doctor and psychologist seemed to be telling Steve that he would never graduate because his "obvious limitations" will prevent him from doing so -- and the counselor not only had Steve's back, he was learning about perseverance and resilience along with Steve. The counselor was impressed that Steve went directly to the president of the college -- bypassing all the counselors...
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