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Essay Instructions: You are a newly recruited trainee in HR hired to assist the owner/manager of a Petrol Station (with a shop and Deli counter). The owner/manager has recently built a state of the art showroom for a motor car dealership. Your role is to provide a report including the following:
? Outlining the importance of the steps involved in HR planning for this new venture
? An assessment of the relevant information for the steps of HRP, tailored to this venture
? Outline the following:
o Size of garage
o Car Brand
o Number of employees
o Job Titles
o Payroll - relativity important
o Qualification types
o Any other relevant info. Eg. Opening hours
? Please use one of the jobs on offer when explaining the importance of each of the 4 steps in planning for this change. e.g. (Sales Rep or mechanic)

The four steps of the Human Resource planning process are as follows:

1. strategic analysis:
*Of the environment
*Of the organisations manpower . SWOT
*Of the organisation?s use of employees
*Of the organisation?s objectives

*Of internal demand and supply
*Of external supply

3.Job Analysis:
*Investigating the task performed in each job
*Identifying the skills required

4.Recruitment and selection:
*Recruiting and selecting required staff
*Training and developing existing staff

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Essay Instructions: The objective of this assignment is for students to develop a comprehensive understanding of an HRM topic. It is also designed to teach students how to write University essays. Choose one of the following topics to research and write your essay:

1. Define the concept of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). Then discuss any three roles that a HR manager will need to undertake, using relevant examples to reinforce your discussion.

2. Define the concept of a Human Resource Planning (HRP). Then describe any three factors that a HR manager needs to consider when undertaking HRP, using relevant examples to reinforce your discussion.

Criteria for Assessment:
? demonstrating an understanding of the relevant HRM issues;
? quality written analysis of the topic;
? completeness of response to the topic;
? evidence of broad research and readings (ie. a minimum of five (5) academic sources);
? correct presentation, including citation of sources, and clarity of expression.

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Title: Human resources Management

Total Pages: 1 Words: 397 References: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Name and describe what occurs at each of the three stages of human resource planning.

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Title: human resource planning

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1267 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need the following questions answered 1 page per question

1)Why must an organization have a HR plan in palce? Outline the steps that you would include in you HR plan

2) Is there a place for Human Resource planning in operational effectiveness and stategy?

3)Value of human reources inforamntion system?

4)Why does the following key factors support the need for human resources planning: aging of the worforce, rise in health care costs, managing talent, devlopemnt and use of e-learning, ability to use technology to more closely monitor employees, health care reform, conomic uncertainty, mergers and acquisitions (you can touch on all of the above ideas or on a few

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