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Title: Human Resources Management Legal Issues

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Essay Instructions: Human Resource Management Legal Issues
For this component:

•Examine the legal environment of your organization or industry and the business and legal practices that ensure compliance, innovation, growth, and sustainability in your selected organization.
•Analyze current organization policies and practices and the degree of alignment with legal compliance standards.
•Identify potential problems that may affect successful organizational compliance with legal standards.
•Research and identify prevention strategies that support organizational compliance, growth, and sustainability.
•Provide a rationale for how your prevention strategies support or will support organizational compliance, growth, and sustainability.
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Title: Human resource managements role health care industry Describe functional roles human resource department These 3 functional roles Staffing recruitment Retention Training development

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Essay Instructions: Human resource management?s role in the health care industry. Describe the functional roles of the human resource department; These are the 3 functional roles:

Training and development

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Clark, B. (2011). Human Resources Management Roles. Retrieved from

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Title: Human Resource Management evaluate selection practices procedures organisations comparing practice compare structured process recruitment organisations evaluate methods media

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Essay Instructions: Human Resource Management

? evaluate selection practices and procedures in two organisations comparing these to ?best practice?
? compare the structured process for recruitment in two organisations and evaluate the methods and media that can be used
? evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in human resource practices (selection, disciplinary handling, absence management, coaching and appraising)

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Title: Human Resource Management PBL exercise 1 Taking HRM job Find a current job advertisement HRM job It a job areas Generalist HRM manager consultant advisor officer Training developing learning Organisation development change management Industrial employee relations people manager Recruitment Health safety

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Essay Instructions: Human Resource Management

PBL exercise 1: Taking an HRM job

Find a current job advertisement for an HRM job.

It could be a job in one or more of the following areas:
? Generalist HRM manager, consultant, advisor, officer
? Training and developing, learning
? Organisation development, change management
? Industrial/employee relations
? ?people? manager
? Recruitment
? Health and safety.

The job could be in a company, in government, in a not-for-profit, non-government organisation (NGO) or charity, a union or employer association, or a consulting/ professional services firm; for a single site, or in a regional or national role; in Australia or elsewhere.

Choose a job you might enjoy doing and find challenging in 2 to 5 years time.

Choose a job where the advertisement names the organisation offering the job, and make sure it is an organisation on which there is information available.

You?ll find many ads in newspapers, at or similar sites, or at specialist recruitment sites. International students or Australian students considering working overseas should look at newspapers/sites in your chosen region or country. However, the job advertisement must be in English, or fully translated into English.

If you don?t already know the organisation, find out about it. The following questions might act as a guide for this process:

? What kind of organisation is it?
? What is the organisation?s purpose?
? What type of people work in the organisation?
? What types of work are done in the organisation?
? How does the organisation compete? (ie. Why do customers choose its products/services over others?) Or, if a government or not-for-profit organisation, what does it need to do well?
? What, if any, major internal changes or events have occurred in the organisation in the last five or more years?
? What, if any, major external changes have shaped the organisation in the last five or more years?
? How important is effective management of people to its success? Why?
Read the job advertisement carefully. What is the specific nature of the role being advertised? What tasks/functions are to be performed? What are the expectations/performance indicators for this job?

All of this information will help you complete the assignment task.

TASK: Explain how, in this job, you would contribute to the success of this organisation?

Use the advertisement and what you know about the company as a guide. What contribution does the organisation expect this new staff member to make? What are some of the strategic issues or challenges that the organisation is likely to face that you could help with?

1. Attach the ad as Appendix 1 to your assignment.
2. Attach any additional information about the organisation that you think is important as Appendix 2 to your assignment.
3. Ensure that ALL of the sources you use are properly referenced.
4. I recommend you focus on two or three issues/areas only, so that you are able to be specific about your recommendations.

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About us. (2012). Sanitarium. Retrieved:

Lifestyle. (2012). Sanitarium. Retrieved:

Tuckwell, Monica. (2012). Human resource business partner. Retrieved:


Our environment. (2012). Sanitarium. Retrieved:

Human Resources Business Partner

Iconic Australian Owned FMCG Company

Central Coast Location

This is an exceptional opportunity to join the team that manufactures Australia's favourite breakfast - Weet-Bix and Up & Go - in a role that can influence the frontline of the business.

As part of our Berkeley Vale manufacturing site management team and reporting to the site Manufacturing Manager, you will deliver high quality HR support and advice to the site leaders and their teams. With one direct report your key focus areas include employee relations, recruitment, employee engagement, learning & development and change management.

You will also be part of a wider HR network that requires your input into companywide initiatives that add value to the business.

You will need to have displayed the following attributes:

Demonstrated broad generalist HR & ER background

Strong influencing skills

Demonstrated credibility in delivering HR services

An energy level to work in a fast paced environment where resilience & tenacity has become a feature of your work

A pro-active, highly visible approach to HR

Appropriate qualifications in HR or related field

We are an organisation driven by our mission and values. If you share our passion for what we do, what we make and you are aligned with our Christian-based principles, this could be a great opportunity for you.

To apply, please visit our website: or click on the 'apply now' button.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they have the legal right to work in Australia.

Applications close 24 February 2012.

Monica Tuckwell


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