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Title: CHM 1111 Assignment Essay Spring 2011 Semester YOU CAN CHOOSE THE TOPIC FOR ME REMEMBER SINGLE SPACE TWO PAGES CONTACT NUMBER PHONE NUMBER 678 851 1854 BERNADEN JEAN Topics 1 The chemistry photosynthesis 2

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Essay Instructions: CHM 1111 Assignment Essay Spring 2011 Semester


Topics: 1. The chemistry of photosynthesis
2. Dioxin and human health
3. Importance of the zebra fish in human clinical research
4. Measurement in my prospective profession (or career).

A.Organization: presented in college-level essay format ? introduction, discussion (body of essay), conclusion, correct referencing, bibliography. 5 points

Maximum of two (2) pages, typed, single-spaced, Times New Roman size-12 font. 5 points

B. Detail / amount of relevant and correct Chemistry information; presentation and logical flow of concepts or content. 50 points
Correct citation properly presented. 10 points
Bibliography (or References) presented in the correct format. 10 points

C. Illustration: necessary (relevant to understanding essay) and appropriate illustration (or graphics). 15 points
Complete and balanced chemical equations relevant to concept (or content). 5 points

PROFESSOR NAME: Dr. P. I. A. Awachie

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Title: The Future Implications of Improving Health

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Essay Instructions: The paper will be written about the supertrend of Improving Health With the following in mind: Technological progress and economic growth have led to improving human health because they have produced more food, more effective sanitation, better health services, and so on. Improving health leads to increasing longevity, which has two very important consequences: population growth and a rise in the average age of the population. The rapid growth of the elderly in the population is now raising numerous issues for society, partly because they tend to be retired and dependent on governmnet assistance programs, thus imposing heavy costs on younger people, who are required to pay for their support. To make matters worse Social Security and pension plans were devised when relatively few people reached the age of sixty five. The paper should include an introduction where you present the reader with an overview of the issue and a brief discussion of the main idea or theme. A synthesis of all resources where you link them together in some way either by discussing patterns, themes, or commonalities, or by tracing differences and contrasting points. In other words, you are offering your view of how all of the articles fit together and what can be learned from reading them. And a conclusion where you draw everything together with suppositions of your own. Addressing the following questions: How does what you have learned apply to your professional/organization/worksite (I am a middle school language arts teacher)How would you further investigate the issue you chose? What issues were not addressed by any of the authors? What questions do you now have that you may not have had prior to reading these articles? Please be very accurate in APA style because my professor is a real stickler about it. Exsp. in the reference page. Also, please make sure writing style and flow are doctorate level.

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Title: The consumption of Foods treated with pesticides cause an increase in childhood diseases

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Essay Instructions: Eating organic foods may protect your health. Although there are a number studies that show higher levels of certain nutrients in organically grown foods, in general there is not enough evidence to definitively say that organic food is more nutritious than conventionally grown foods. What the research does suggest is that people who consume organic foods have lower levels of pesticides in their bodies than individuals who do not eat organic foods. Common pesticides have been linked to reproductive problems, fetal defects, neurological damage, and cancer. Developing children are particularly vulnerable to pesticide exposures.

here are some of the references i will refer to in my argument:

the title of this thesis is somewhat flexible, but should focus on the argument that pesticides in food are dangerous/ pose long term risks to human health.

please cite 10 scholarly references ie:
world health organization, JAMA, American Dietetic Assoc, Journal of Clinical Nutrition, etc.

other suggestions:

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Title: Microbiome

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Essay Instructions: Report Format

The report should be organized to include a title, summary, introduction,
subsection with subtitles, conclusion, and references.

Title ??" an appropriate title that reflects the content of your report.

Summary ??" no more than 1 page summary of the report that briefly
describes the subject, and defines the objective and scope.

Introduction ??" 1-2 paragraph narrative that introduces the subject.

Subsections ??" The sections that address the topics shown in the
“Report Content”. Each aspect should be covered under a specific

Conclusion ??" briefly summarizes important aspects covered in the
paper with general and/or specific implications.

References ??" All reference sources should be listed in this section.

References should be cited in the body of your report following the
related sentences. You can use any acceptable style that is proper for
citation of journal articles, books, and other sources.

Report Content
The reports must address the following topics in the sequence shown below:
1. Define microbiome.
2. What is the mammalian-microbiome link and how is it best
3. Why do people vary in their microbiome?
4. What are the essential goals of the Human Microbiome Project?
5. What are the scientific and technological applications utilized in
determining core human microbiome?
6. How changes in the human microbiome can be correlated with changes
in human health?
7. What is the role of gut microbiome in diseases, including inflammatory
conditions, cancer, and obesity?
8. How diet and dietary strategies may break or enhance the linkages
between the microbiome and health?
9. What are the potential ethical, legal and social implications raised by
human microbiome research?

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