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Title: Asian Godfathers

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1325 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Hong Kong and Southeast Asia are home to five hundred million people, yet their economies are dominated by only fifty families whose interests range from banking to real estate, shipping to sugar, gambling to lumber. At their peak, eight of the world’s two dozen richest men were Southeast Asian, but their names would not be familiar to most regular readers of The Wall Street Journal. A complex mythology surrounds these billionaires, but in Asian Godfathers, Joe Studwell finds that the facts are even more remarkable than the myths. Studwell has spent fifteen years as a reporter in the region, and he marshals his unprecedented sources to paint intimate and revealing portraits of the men who control Southeast Asia. Studwell also provides us with a rich and deep understanding of the broader historic, economic, and political influences that have shaped Southeast Asia over the past 150 years.

The Southeast Asian economies described in Studwell can be considered a test of Milton Friedman’s thesis in Capitalism and Freedom that there is an unbreakable chain of events that follow adoption of a free market/capitalist system??"free markets and capitalism produce wealth and improved standards of living, improved standards of living produce disposable income, and disposable income produces political freedom and limits oppression.

The Southeast Asian economies described in Studwell are an attempt by the ruling elites in these countries to enjoy the collective wealth creation that comes from a free market system while simultaneously expropriating that wealth for themselves rather than letting free markets spread it equitably among everyone. At the same time, they have tried to maintain repressive dictatorial political regimes that deny people political freedom, free speech, and self determination while the incomes and standards of living of ordinary people have risen.

In Part 2, answer these questions:

The Asian Godfathers have gotten rich and protected their wealth over time. In what ways are their methods similar to the way Americans and others who live in free market countries like the United States get rich and protect their wealth. In what ways are their methods different. In your answer, specifically consider the rise and fall of companies. monopolies, and Big Business and Government as described in Part 2 ??" Industry and Commerce in Sowell’s Basic Economics.

To what extent have the Asian Godfathers succeeded in creating wealth? To what extent have they succeeded in expropriating that wealth? To what extent have they succeeded in maintaining repressive dictatorial political regimes?

Are there signs that Milton Friedman will ultimately be proven correct?

Please make sure that the two sources for the paper are from the Asian Godfathers by Joe Studwell and Basic Economics by Milton Friedman.

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Title: Give point view prospect Hong Kong's freight industry Support argument significant analysis recommendation

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1561 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Give your point of view on the prospect of Hong Kong's freight industry.
Support your argument with significant analysis and recommendation

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I am the brand manager of a renown consumer product marketing company responsible for Hong Kong and Macau markets.

Currently, I am working with product manager to launch a new product in Hong Kong, 2011 ? Q4. To ensure a smooth product introduction, I am requested to produce an advertising and promotion plan within a given budget. Since the product will be rolled out during the Christmas holiday, hence the advertising and promotion plan is going to cover activities from 1 Dec 2011 to End Dec 2011. I propose to seek HK$2 million promotion budget to complete this product introduction.

The company is Hong Kong Ocean Park, the product is the three in-park themed hotels named "Ocean Hotel", "Fisherman's Wharft Hotel" and Spa Hotel.

Discussion areas Weighting
Executive summary
- Smmarize the key findings and list out the major issues here 10%
(max 200 words)

Background of studies
- Brief introduction of the company
- Product descriptions ? what product or services that you are sellings
- The industry uniqueness ? the implication of FMCG or shopping product?
Environmental scanning
- Conduct a situation analysis ?SWOT in a table format
- Conduct a customer analysis ? identify and justify the STP ? a statement of your target and brief about their distinct behavior
- Conduct a product analysis ? Product level analysis
- Indentify competitors of your selected industry ? direct / indirect / potential and the implications 25%
(Max 850 words)
Campaign objectives and key messages
- Identify the overall branding strategies and elaborate the reasons behind
- Name the top 3 communication objectives of this A&P campaign
- Key messages of the A&P campaign ? justify the key messages by your product attributes /benefits and unique selling propositions 10%
(max 250 words)
Advertising activities:
1. Creative consideration
a. Print (10%)
- Collect a list of print creative of a selected industry of your choice and comment the strength and weakness of your company and your competitors (at least 3 competitors in a table format)
- Propose a campaign print creative and discuss why it would be effective
b. TV (10%)
- Propose a story board and discuss how your story board message would align with your key messages and theme line
c. Justification (5%)
- Customer response hierarchy model discussion
- Consideration of celebrity / talent / spokesperson /opinion leaders on your advertising campaign and justified by reasons

2. Media consideration (10%)
- Media selection discussion
- Media reach and frequency consideration of your campaign
- Media scheduling discussion
- Media budget split discussion 35%
(max 1,400 words)
Sale promotions activities:
- A summary table to demonstrate the key sales promotional activities of your competitors
- Recommend top two promotional tactics that you will adopt and justify why it will be success
(Max 700 words)
Conclusions, reference page and other appendices
- Include in-text referencing and reference page ? must use Harvard referencing system

The following appendices are excluded from the word limitation
- Appendix 1. Creative collection ? that include your company and competitor?s print creative
- Appendix 2. A print creative of your product promotion
- Appendix 3. Storyboard ? a story line illustration of your creative
- Appendix 4. Creative brief ? list our all the details when you communicate with your agency
- Appendix 5. Media scheduling ? a project gantt chart summary 5%
(Max 100 words)

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Essay Instructions: You are required to analyse the process of health care policy development with reference to one policy within the Hong Kong health care system. The policy could be one that has been developed for the Health Care System in general.
I would like to use Australian Policy Cycle (Althaus, Bridgeman, & Davis 2007, pp37-40) as analytical framework to discuss the policy of ?Elderly Health Care Voucher Pilot Scheme?.


Aging population, poor elderly group ?
Choose a particular analytical framework to discuss the development process of a healthcare policy ?Elderly Health Care Voucher Pilot Scheme?.
Explaining what an analytical model using
Explanation why you have chosen a particular analytical framework but not others

Policy Analysis
? Australian Policy Cycle:
? Issues identification
? Policy analysis
? Policy instruments eg. Legislation, adjustment of internal operations of government agencies
? Consultation
? Coordination
? Decision
? Implementation
? Evaluation

Advantage/disadvantage /how to maintain the policy/ improvement

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