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Title: Homicide

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Essay Instructions: Homicide

This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to research the laws on homicide. You will learn how to classify the different types of homicide and to identify what degree of mens rea is necessary for each offense.


Research the federal law on homicide, including the categories of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and manslaughter.
Explain the mens rea required for each of these categories of offenses and how they differ from one another.
Provide examples of each category as well as at least one possible defense to each example. Include an example of vehicular manslaughter, which is a common charge at the state level.

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Title: Problem Oriented Policing

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Essay Instructions: Homicides and non-fatal shootings in the Bowdoin-Geneva area of Dorchester are out of
control. Since January 1, 2010, twenty-fiver persons have been killed in the area. People are
dying and fear is griping the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood and many others in Boston.
Community members and elected officials are demanding that the Boston Police Department
"do something about the violence."

You are the Boston Police Commissioner's newly appointed crime control czar. The
Commissioner has requested that you draft a clear, concise, memo outlining a comprehensive
approach to deal with crime and fear of crime in those neighborhoods hardest hit by gang and
youth violence. The key to the solution is the community and the steps that they take both
individually and collectively to combat crime and disorder. The memo should focus on
prevention, intervention, and enforcement utilizing a combination of formal and informal social

Although this is an academic exercise you should write this paper as a real-world plan that
could be used by the Boston Police Department to respond to the violence problem. Feel free
to "think outside of the box" and become innovative but at all times your plans should be
realistic and lawful. Your barometer should be "would I have a problem with the BPD
instituting this plan if I live in one of the effected neighborhoods?"

Using the Problem-Oriented Policing (SARA) model: Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assesment


• The memo should be 6-8 pages long (standard margins), double spaced, and 12-point font.
• Plagiarized papers will not be accepted.
• Citing your paper - In either a footnote, on a work-cited page, or within the text include the
following (use MLA or APA styles for citations):
1. The title of the article.
2. The name of the author.
3. The name of the publication from which you got the article.
4. Date
• All memos should be addressed:
To: Commissioner Ed Davis
From: [your name]
Subject: Violence prevention plan
Date: November 21, 2011

NOTE: The resources I will be sending can be used, but are more for a guide to what the articles/resourse the should be used.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: project

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Essay Instructions: Homicide investigations usually involve a victim and offender who know each other. Because of this relationship aspect, an essential starting point in the investigation is learning as much about the victim as possible. This is done in order to create a suspect pool as well as some type of orderly sequence of how the investigation will proceed. Even in instances when the offender is readily identifiable, background information on the victim may assist investigators in strengthening motive or refuting a suspect's alibi. The purpose of this project is to construct a victimology, or victim background investigation, in which information regarding the victim's lifestyle, associates, etc., will be established.

Submit a three- to five-page paper outlining all sources of information--people, records, and files, etc.-- that would be used to gain as much information about the victim as possible. The key points that must be addressed are:

Who last saw or spoke with the victim?
Did the victim have any enemies?
How was the victim employed?
Information regarding the victim's lifestyle (drug usage, gambling, infidelity, etc.)
Information regarding the state of the victim's domestic/significant relationships?
Outline in great detail the sources you would contact and the files and records you would analyze in order to access this information and how far you would go in developing new sources of information. Be creative! And thorough!

Please review the instructions before you attempt this project and
follow them closely.
* here is the scenario to start your project.*
You are a detective and you are called to the scene of a homicde.
It is 3 AM. The victim is a female, age 23 lying in the alley, fully
clothed. She was strangled with a belt. The door man in a nearby bar
called it in. No witnesses located yet to the crime. Actually, we are
not worried about witnesses in this excercise.
BAsed on these facts, start your victimology. This is not a
research paper so you do not have to cite anything.

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Title: Homicides in Chicago Statistical Analysis

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Essay Instructions: This is a statistical analysis paper. I will attach as a resource material detailed "guidelines" that must be followed when writing this paper. The details are included in that document. In addition, I am including a resource material titled "Summary of Guidelines, "which is basically a shortened version of the guidelines document. This can be used at the end to ensure all areas are covered. In addition, to ensure the assignment is understood, I am including 3 example papers. Each sample have different topics, but the style is very similar and includes all the elements within the guideline. Basically, the paper has 4 sections and each section has specific requirements. The paper must only be 5 pages, but this does not include the required statistical analysis charts, graphs, ect...

The topic is a statistical analysis of Chicago Homicides. However, the analysis must be focused given the short assignment. This topic was chosen because of Chicago's very high homicide rate (believe it's the highest). This study would explore what the cause is? My contention is that its mainly due to gang violence and that might have to be the focus of the Chicago Police Department.

Hypothesis = Homicides in Chicago mostly are caused by Gang Violence.
This would be analyzed and compared to other possible causes such as domestic violence, robberies, ect... It seems the dependent variable in this study would be homicides in Chicago and the independent variable would be gang violence (possibly domestic violence or other independent variables if something like multiple regression is used). Can possibly discuss if there is a causal relationship between homicides in Chicago and gang violence.

I've given some information above, but generally we are analyzing whether the homicide situation in Chicago is mainly caused due to gang violence. This analysis would probably be able to provide the city some guidance on resource deployment.

Again, you must follow the guidelines provided. Ensure to provide the null and research hypothesis. Ensure to use Excel or SPSS for analysis. The calculation pages must be provided, so the Excel file and/or SPSS files. However, paste the appropriate charts/graphs in the paper itself. The paper must include the 4 sections (clearly labeled) and each section must follow the guidelines. Again, sample papers have been provided.

Please cite appropriately using APA style.

Thank you.

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