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Title: Hercules

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Essay Instructions: 1. In the paper, you will discuss the ADAPTATION of an ancient Greek myth or myths in one of the modern films

2. You should focus on MAJOR THEMES and/or NARRATIVE STRUCTURES in the movie, comparing the moviemakers’ handling of the story to the ancient version(s) of the story that we have studied (the most familiar stories). You may discuss elements of the movie that genuinely are important elements of the original Greek stories, and/or you may discuss significant changes made by the moviemaker in constructing the story-line, portraying the characters of gods and heroes, using elements and ideas that are foreign to Greek myth, etc.

3. You have a wide range of choices and very limited space! Choose just a SMALL NUMBER OF POINTS to discuss, and focus on IMPORTANT aspects of the adaptation. For example, the fact that the Hydra in Disney’s Hercules has only one head to begin with is a trivial element of the adaptation and is NOT worth talking about. The role of Hades and the portrayal of that god in the movie, by contrast, is clearly central to the plot-structure and can give us insight into how the moviemaker went about crafting a film on a mythological subject for a popular audience.

For the full movie, please visit online movie:
type the "Hercules" in search box, choose the year of 1997
It will have one pop-out window, scroll down and choose the "" one, then start to watch the movie in the SECOND pop-out window. Please ignore or close the third window if other window pop-out again. ( is the only one don't have to log in or download any file.)

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Title: Gilgamesh Hercules Theseus

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Essay Instructions: Take-Home Midterm Exam

Please select two or more of the following texts we have discussed the first half of the semester:




Choose one of the following three topics and write a 3-4 page essay (750-1,000 words) referring to and analyzing your selected texts. The questions are prompts to help you get started, not ways to structure your paper. Some texts lend themselves to certain topics better than others.

1) IDENTITY??"The biggest tension in modern thinking about the self has been between those who affirm an inner core of authentic selfhood and those who regard the self as socially conditioned. To what extent are the main characters in our readings defined by their societies, and to what extent do they learn and grow in conformity with or in opposition to those societies? Please discuss how the journeys the main characters undergo prepare them to return to their societies with a broader understanding of their “place” in that world if, in fact, they return with a better understanding. Make sure you choose two texts appropriate for this kind of exploration.

2) HEROIC JOURNEY??"Joseph Campbell characterizes the three stages of the heroic journey as (1) departure, (2) initiation, and (3) return. How well do the journeys of two protagonists fit this structure? How important is each stage to each hero/protagonist? What makes for the better representation of a hero? Why? How would you define “hero”?

3) GENDER??"How are men and women depicted in two of the texts? What do some of the explicit and implicit treatments say about the culture’s view on men and women? How do the authors use the relationship between the main character and another person or groups of people to highlight characteristics of the main character and his or her development? How conscious and articulate are the male and female characters about their social position?

4) MORALITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE??"The protagonists are often confronted with difficult decisions and compelled to navigate moral gray areas. How do they rationalize their decisions? How does their morality influence their sense of justice? Does the narrator, or the characters, influence your own sense of morality and justice?

Your essay should meet each of the following content requirements:

(a) address your chosen topic in the texts you select in a coherent and organized way

(b) compare your texts to each other

(c) incorporate critical perspectives using the “Questions for Textual Analysis” which

are posted on the Moodle site for our class

(d) follow the exam format found in the syllabus with no more than one inch

margins all around, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and with an accurate and

captivating title

(e) document all secondary sources (if you use them) according to the Modern Language

Association (MLA) method of documentation
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: ART

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Essay Instructions: I need a two page report about the work of art on ?Statue of Hercules? found in the website below. Also, I need the report to relate to the time period and culture. I also need a bibliography (anything can be used) and there must be at least two. Quotes can be used, no more than three quotes. The report must show understanding of the artwork and the time in which it was made. Thank you.


Unknown, sculptor; after the School of Polykleitos, sculptor
Roman, about A.D. 125

The Greek hero Herakles carries a club over his left shoulder and holds a lionskin in his right hand. These objects help identify the figure, since Herakles nearly always appears with a club and the skin of the Nemean Lion, which he killed as his first labor. As is typical for depictions of Greek heroes, the young Herakles is shown nude, since male nudity was considered the highest form of beauty by the Greeks. No other god or hero is as frequently depicted in Greek and Roman art as is Herakles.

The Lansdowne Herakles very likely was inspired by a lost Greek statue, probably from the school of Polykleitos in the 300s B.C. Found near the ruins of the villa of the Roman emperor Hadrian at Tivoli outside Rome, this statue was one of numerous copies of Greek sculpture commissioned by Hadrian, who loved Greek culture. The statue was named for Lord Lansdowne, who once owned the Herakles and displayed it in his home in London.

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Title: Aircraft We Love: Hercules C-130

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Essay Instructions: 1. The United States Armed Forces utilize various transportation assets in support of global operations. Write a one page paper on the C-130 Hercules, answering the following questions; What is the combined and maximum load capacity of litter and ambulatory patients? What is the range of the vehicle? How many attendants are needed? How fast can the vehicle travel? Name advantages / disadvantages of using this particular asset?

2.The performance Triad supports the Ready and Resilient Campaign with the goal of increasing unit health and unit performance and decreasing injuries. The Performance Triad represents Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Sleep- three key components that can influence the cognitive and physical performance of Soldiers.Write a one page professional paper addressing the questions; While each component is independently important which is the most important subject to you when it comes to Soldier readiness? What are some mitigating factors that you can implement to sustain readiness/good nutrition in the field?

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