Staying Fit in the Field Through the Triad Essay

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Tanks & Triad

The United States Armed Forces utilize various transportation assets in support of global operations. Write a paper on the C-130 Hercules, answering the following questions; What is the combined and maximum load capacity of litter and ambulatory patients? What is the range of the vehicle? How many attendants are needed? How fast can the vehicle travel? Name advantages / disadvantages of using this particular asset?

The Hercules C-130 is a turbo-prop, high-wing aircraft that remains in continuous production today even though the original design specification was issued by the Air Force over 50 years ago. In addition to carrying 45,000 pounds of cargo, the C-130 has the capability of airlifting 92 ground troops, 64 fully equipped paratroopers, or 74 injured people on litters, or five standard freight pallets.
The C-130 functions admirably as a personnel carrier, fully accommodating 92 combat troops or, on the side-facing seats, accommodating 64 completely equipped paratroops. When serving as transport for medical evacuations, the C-130 can carry 74 litter patients and two medical attendants. The design maximum gross weight of the C-130 ranged from 155,000 pound to 175,000 pounds for wartime. The design specifications call for a normal landing weight of 130,000 pounds. Normal operating weight is roughly 80,000 pounds. Accordingly, the range of the C-130 is as follows: 1) with maximum payload, 2,356 miles or 2,049 nautical miles; 2) with roughly 25,000 pound or 11,250 kilograms of cargo, 2,500 miles or 2,174 nautical miles; or 3) with no cargo, 5,200 miles or 4,522 nautical miles. The airplane travels at 374 miles.....

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