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Title: Prevention through herbs and diet and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle

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Essay Instructions: Holistic Medicine

I need a thesis done on "prevention (through HERBS AND DIET) and what contitutes a healthy lifestyle. What tools can be used to maintain health and vitality and what role can herbs and food play in this process

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Title: How to implement healthy lifestyle changes into pregnancy

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Essay Instructions: Please write in third person.Please explain How to go about implementing healthy lifestyle changes into pregnancy...not what's good and bad to do in resource from a medical book or article is great.

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Essay Instructions: Using the plan written in Unit 2, write a 1000-1500 word argument essay and incorporate evidence from five different sources to support your thesis statement and main points. The paper should be your original synthesis of ideas in support of your thesis. Explain your reasoning by integrating supporting expert views and evidence (facts, statistics, case studies, etc) from your sources. Sources should be appropriately paraphrased, directly quoted and cited. The submitted document must be formatted as an APA manuscript and include a title page, abstract, essay and references.

Obesity in America Outline
Tentative Title: ?More than Genetics: How the American Lifestyle Contributes to Obesity?
Thesis Statement: The American culture has created an environment that promotes obesity and discourages a healthy lifestyle.
I. Introduction
? Surgeon General Richard Carmona has called obesity a greater threat to Americans than terrorism (Oliver, 2006).
? Former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson has referred to obesity as public health ?crisis? (Oliver, 2006).
? An estimated 1 in 4 Americans are considered obese (Oliver, 2006).
? An estimated 400,000 Americans die annually from obesity-related diseases (Obesity in America).
? Obesity-related diseases cost the national economy nearly $123 billion every year (Obesity in America).
? According to certain projections, America?s teens are at risk of becoming the first generation in history to live a shorter lifespan than their parents (Oliver, 2006).
II. The Difference Between Obesity and Overweight
? A person is considered overweight if they have a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or greater and weigh at least 10 percent more than the recommended weight for their height and body type (Obesity in America).
? A person is obese if they weigh at 30 percent more than their recommended weight and have a BMI of 30 or greater (Obesity in America).
? An estimated 25 percent of America?s children are overweight or obese, while an estimated 54 percent of American adults are obese, and another 22 percent are overweight (Hill and Peters, 1998).
III. Contributing Factors to Obesity in America
? An over-abundance of food availability in America?s supermarkets and restaurants, particularly fast-food restaurants (Hill and Peters, 1998).
? Uncontrolled or unreasonable portion-sizes in America?s restaurants (Hill and Peters, 1998).
? An over-abundance of high-fat food choices paired with a lack of palpable low-fat choices. Studies show that a diet of 35 percent fat or higher contributes to obesity in sedentary animals (Hill and Peters, 1998).
? An increasingly sedentary lifestyle due in part to advances in technology and transportation, in addition to the appeal of sedentary entertainment options, such as television, video games and computers. Studies show that increased activity and improved aerobic fitness can significantly reduce bodyweight and prevent obesity, particularly in children (Epstein, Paluch, Gordy & Dorn, 2000).
IV. Methods of Obesity Prevention
? Consumer and food industry education aimed at controlling portion sizes and reducing dietary fat content.
? Encouraging a preference for low-fat foods in young children, partly through education in addition to food availability.
? Creating an environment that encourages physical activity by a) raising the physical education standards in schools, b) countering the appeal of sedentary activities by emphasizing the ?fun? component of sports and aerobic exercise, c) shifting the focus of social gatherings from food to more active pursuits, such as a family hike or game of ultimate Frisbee in the park with friends, and d) offering public incentives such as lower insurance rates or more paid vacation time for healthy individuals (Hills and Peters, 1998; Epstein et al, 2000)
V. Conclusion
Studies show that a combination of a healthy diet and regular physical activity most effectively treats and prevents obesity, regardless of family history. What this means for people with genetic predispositions to obesity is that they can avoid becoming obese by cultivating certain habits, such as ?restrained eating? and regular exercise (Hill and Peters, 1998). In essence, while obesity is a disease, it is one of the most easily preventable diseases for those who approach it proactively, though this may require certain departures from the American lifestyle.

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Essay Instructions: University of Phoenix, SCI/163, Week 4, Discussion and Presentation

This will be a Power Point paper.

Chapter 15 of
(Health. The Basics, Green Edition ISBN: 6400 Author: Rebecca J. Donatelle copyright ? 2011 Pearson Education)

1. Finding the Right Balance
2. Creating Healthy and Caring Relationships
3. Avoiding Risks from Harmful Habits
4. Building Healthy Lifestyles
5. Preventing and Fighting Disease
6. Facing Life?s Challenges

I need one Power Point slide for each of these topics; each slide will not meet the 275 word count so I am paying for four pages of work spread out over the six slides.

I will however need the topic information included so that I can speak to the subject of the slide.

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