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Title: Marketing and Development

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Essay Instructions: Case Study:


Develop an innovative internet-based medical company (“”) that connects patients with the best doctors. The main goals of the company are to: 1) Restore the personal patient-doctor experience 2) Make visiting the doctor a convenient and time effective process 3) eliminate medium costs


Doctors set up “facebook-like” profiles and patients can browse and search for the doctor that is right for them. Once the patient has selected a doctor, they make an appointment through (an eBay-like set-up in which patients can browse and rate physicians) and the patient has their appointment via skype/IM. If tests need to be run such as blood work/MRI/etc., the doctor orders the procedure at a clinic close and convenient for the client. Results are sent back to the doctor and the patient/doctor go from there. only makes money once the appointment(s) has been scheduled through the site.

This is different from other sites such as or because the patient chooses the doctor they will work with based on ratings, similar personal or cultural background and specialization. brings the best doctors in their fields (from anywhere in the world) to the home or office of the patient. (Translation services are also available)


1) Introduction: Write an executive summary/overview
2) Environmental Analysis: Conduct a brief (2 page max) environmental analysis discussing the flaws in healthcare and how would be beneficial for physicians and patients.
3) SWOT: Conduct a SWOT analysis based on professional research
4) Stakeholders: Identify key stakeholders (Patients, Investors, Doctors/Nurse Practitioners/Independent Mental Health Workers, employees, media, general public) and briefly state their impact/possible interest
5) Marketing: Determine how you will market this company to both the general public and to Healthcare workers domestically in the United States: based out of Houston
6) Conclusion: Determine the best methods for sustainability

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MLA Format.

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Title: project management

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Essay Instructions: i wish the Writer’s Username: INFOCEO to complete my paper.
each answer should be around 1 to 1.5 pages and i dont want too many quotes in the answer.

Q1. the 2010 Winter Olympics represent the biggest project in British Columbia since Expo 86. Identify some key risks in any one part of the Olympic project (facilities or infrastructure) and the measures that project managers and politicians are taking to deal with the risks. Will they be effective? Why? or Why not?

Q2. the release of the final Harry Potter book is only a few days away. This project required the coordination of scores of publishers, hundreds of shipping firms and thousands of bookstores. As you might expect with so many parties involved, problems have occured. (See the article,23663,22097551-10388,00.html) What approaches have the publishers and the author taken to the project risks that accompany such an eagerly awaited book? Do you think that their approaches to the risks were appropriate? Why?

Q3. AIDS is a critical issue in southern Africa. In some countries over 1/3 of the adult population infected with HIV. Kona has recently unveiled the Africa Bike project. ( Specially designed bicycles are provided to healthcare workers. In areas with poor roads and little or no public transportation the bicycles have resulted in a huge increase in the number of patients each worker can visit per day. Identify some of the key stakeholders in this project and the partners that Kona had to involve. What role did the stakeholders play in the design of the bicycles and the Bike Town Africa project? (Also see,6610,s1-3-12-14517-1,00.html and,6610,s1-3-12-13533-1,00.html)

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


Chapin (2007). Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Information Technology Overview. March, 2007. Ward Chapin.

Sutton (2007). Vancouver Olympics 2010's CIO starts training. Neil Sutton. Computerworld Canada. June 14th, 2007. Downloaded July 20th, 2007 from location:

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Title: Nursing Leadership and Management

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Essay Instructions: Answer the following Topic Questions thouroughly in the form of an APA paper and site a source for each topic.

Topic 1: Share your sources of motivation
Nursing is a challenging and demanding job and it is a manager?s responsibility to help keep the employee motivated. Based on your readings this week, answer the following discussion question:
How are you motivated for your nursing position? Include intrinsic
and extrinsic factors and Maslow's Hierarchy.

Topic 2: Managing difficult employee situations
Nursing managers are often confronted with dealing with problem employees. To be an effective manager, it is important to apply consistent, structured disciplinary action in all situations.
Describe a problem employee in your workplace. Describe what actions you would take as the nurse manager. Be sure to include any legal considerations you must consider.

Topic 3: Measuring performance improvement
Select a quality improvement initiative that you have observed or have been involved with in a health care setting. What was the measure used to demonstrate improvement? How was it measured? Was the initiative successful? Why or why not?

Topic 4: Implementing safety standards
In a 2001 report, ?Crossing the Quality Chasm? the Institute of Medicine [IOM] highlighted the quality issues confronting the healthcare industry. As a result, regulatory bodies, such as CMS and the Joint Commission have released stricter standards for patient care, highlighting issues such as fall risk, wounds, polypharmacy and hospital-acquired infections.
Explore the National Safety Goals at the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Use the standards for either Hospital or Home Care and describe how you could address/implement one of the above mentioned issues in that setting.

Topic 5: Communicating with your staff ? Holiday scenario
As a nurse manager, you wish to change the way staff on your floor sign up for holiday time off. How would you communicate this to staff? Why did you select this method?

Topic 6: HIPAA
All healthcare providers are required by federal law to protect a patient?s privacy. Healthcare workers must ensure that any communication about a patient remains confidential. Based on your readings and videos in your web resources, consider the following scenario:
A hospital staff nurse called in sick on Monday for Monday and Tuesday. Hospital policy was that nurses were not supposed to call in sick more than one day in advance. The nurse?s phone call indicated she was seen in the hospital?s own emergency room for her present illness. The nurse?s unit supervisor got the nurse?s chart from the E.R. and checked to see if the physician had excused her from work both Monday and Tuesday as she claimed. Then the supervisor called human resources to discuss what to do about an unexcused absence from work.
Discuss whether any HIPAA violations have occurred and whether disciplinary action should be conducted on anyone in this scenario. Discuss any HIPAA violations you have seen in your workplace and what actions occurred.

Topic 7: The nurse leader?s role in financial considerations
What involvement should a nurse leader have in financial decision making within a health care setting? What skills are needed to make financial decisions?

Topic 8: The nurse leader?s role in cost reduction
Identify steps that a nurse manager can take to reduce the cost of care within their unit or setting. Identify steps that can be taken to bring in more revenue. Should non nurses make these decisions? Why or why not? Should nurse managers be held accountable for budgets when they are not involved in the budget process? Why or why not?

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Excerpt From Essay:


Janet Pagan, (2009). Achieving Success in QIO and Rural Hospital Partnerships. Retrieved August 11, 2012 from

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Title: Euthanasia Do the nurses working

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Essay Instructions: Please follow the guide line:


The following criteria will be used to evaluate the final written research proposal and presentation.

Chapter 1: Introduction (half page)
Research problem (background and significance)
Statement of Purpose of the study

Conceptual framework/Theoretical Approach (one page)
Definition of concepts
Diagram/map if possible

Research questions and/or hypotheses (half page)
Our Concept/research question is:
Do the nurses working in palliative care view voluntary euthanasia more favorably than do the nurses working on general hospital units.
We would like to explore the issue of how healthcare workers from different specialties or departments and different levels of illness acuity feel in regards to physician-assisted voluntary euthanasia. We intend to conduct a survey to test the level of acceptability felt by different healthcare workers in response to a situation of a terminally ill patient receiving lethal medication in assistance of achieving death.
You need to make a case for the study to be done with nursing students. Developing a sense of moral clarity regarding the personal views of assisted suicide is critical so that nurses can advocate for the patients.

Chapter 2: Review of Literature (3 pages)
Articles primary sources, no secondary sources (past two-five years)
Articles (older, classic references)
Synthesis across studies (literature is reviewed by idea and key variables, not a particular study)
Demonstrating gaps in the literature (reason for doing the study)

Please also use these articles for the Literature Review:
One of the study that looked at nurses’ experiences with hospice patients who refused food and fluids to hasten death found that nurses reported that patients stopped eating and drinking and themselves as ‘pointless’ and their quality of life poor. This particular study shows that 85% of patient died within 15 days and rated their death 8 on a scale of 0-9 and 9 being a very good death. This article also support that nurses reported patient who voluntarily choose to stop eating died a ‘good’ death within two weeks and wanted to control their life. (Gazini et. al., 2003).
Emanuel and his colleague did a study to find the attitudes and practices of U.S oncologist regarding euthanasia and physician assisted suicide and found that 22.5% of the oncologist supported physician assisted suicide and 6.5% supported euthanasia. They looked at 3299 oncologist and they found that 3.7% of the surveyed oncologist had performed euthanasia and 10.8% had performed physician assisted suicide. (Emanuel et. al., 2000)
One of the study done by Lee and his colleague that supports our view found that 66% of the physicians support that physician assisted suicide should be legal in some cases. This study was done in order to find the views of the physicians related to legalizing physician assisted suicide. They did a survey in Oregon and 2761 physicians responded to the survey and they found that 46% willing to prescribe a lethal dose. 21% of the physicians reported that they received the request for suicide in past. (Lee et. al., 1996)
Emanuel EJ, Fairclough D, Clarridge BC, et al. Attitudes and practices of U.S. oncologists regarding euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. Ann Intern Med. 2000;133:527-532
Ganzini M.D.,M.P.H, Linda, Elizabeth R. Goy Ph.D., Lois L. Miller Ph.D., R.N., Theresa A. Harvath R.N., Ph.D., Ann Jackson M.B.A., and Molly A. Delorit B.A. "Nurses' Experiences with Hospice patients Who Refuse Food and Fluids to Hasten Death." The New England Journal of Meicine 349 (2003): 359-65.
Lee MA, Nelson HD, Tilden VP, et al. Legalizing assisted suicide: views of physicians in Oregon. N Engl J Med. 1996;334:310-315

Chapter 3: Methods (2 pages)
Design: rationale for the design;

Sample: (inclusion and exclusion criteria and rationale) sampling methods and a sample size.

Setting: (kind of place/facility, refer to letter of support and attach letter to proposal and attach to the IRB application

Measurement: (attach all data collection instruments to proposal/IRB application; each instrument should have the title of your study; your name(s) along with credentials (Graduate Student DePaul University)
• Description of each data collection/measuring instrument (who developed the instrument, what is its name, what it is designed to measure (refer to your concepts); number of questions/items; describe validity and reliability*; time for completion (respondent burden)
• *Validity (if developed for the purpose of your study, must establish validity (using experts who are given the purpose of the study and asked to determine the match between the purpose and the measuring instrument; if developed by someone else, go to the original source, state whether valid and what approach was taken to support validity)
• *Reliability (if developed for the purpose of your study, propose test-retest reliability (see text for description) or inter-rater reliability (see text for description) or internal consistency reliability (coefficient alpha; see text for description; if developed by someone else (go to original source for description) however, must still establish reliability using your sample

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Excerpt From Essay:


Badger, J. 2008. Critical Care Nurse Intern program: addressing psychological reactions related to critical care nursing. Crit Care Nurs Q. 31(2): 184-7.

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Van Bruchem-vande Schuer, G. (2008). Euthanasia and assisted suicide in Dutch hospitals: the role of nurses. J Clin Nurs 17(12): 1618-26.

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