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Title: Nursing Health Promotion Across The Lifespan

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Essay Instructions: Health Promotion Across the Lifespan:
Mr. and Mrs. Arahan Case Study (Chapter 2, Page 41)

Instructions: Complete the following exercise using the case study (An Older Immigrant Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Arahan) case study (will be faxed). Be prepared to discuss your findings via discussion in class.

Be sure to include the question with your answers that are in complete sentences, and must be one paragraph or more.

1) Which model or models of health are most applicable to Mr. and Mrs. Arahan and their family ? And Why?

2) Which "Healthy People 2020" (web site) objectives are of greatest importance to the Arahan family?

3) What effect do the leading Health Indicators have upon the family?

4) What preventative measures could be performed at the following levels?
a) Primary
b) Secondary
c) Tertiary

5) Correlate each preventative measure to the appropriate Healthy People 2020 Objective ?and Leading Health Indicator?

6) How would you begin a dialog between Mr. and Mrs. Arahan and their daughter?

7) What cultural aspects should be considered when discussing alternative housing arrangements for Mr. and Mrs. Arahan?

8) Discuss the services the parish nurse could offer Mr. and Mrs. Arahn?

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Title: Nutrition and Weightloss

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Essay Instructions: Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
Assignment IV: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Paper

Write a scholarly paper that addresses health promotion and disease prevention issues and interventions related to the client’s self-selected health goal. Content should be supported by evidence obtained from professional literature published from the disciplines of nursing, medicine, and allied health.

" Client Health Goal is Good Nutrition and Weightloss"

For this assignment:

Select two journal articles. Both must be current within three years; one must generate from nursing.
Begin with an introduction that addresses the topic of health promotion and disease prevention as it relates to the selected health goal.
Summarize each article; cite sources appropriately and follow APA guidelines.
Compare and contrast the findings presented in each article.
Discuss the presence or absence of new information using the required texts as points of reference.
Discuss how the information contributes to nursing knowledge in the areas of health promotion and disease prevention.
Provide a full reference for each article on the reference page.

The paper is to meet the following criteria:

Written using third person point-of-view (he/she/it/one or they). This perspective emphasizes the subject and is appropriate in formal academic and professional writing.
Three-to-four double-spaced pages in length with one inch margins.
Formatted according to APA guidelines for in-text citations and references.
Formatted with Times New Roman font; 12-point font size.

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Title: health promotion health belief

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Essay Instructions: Health Promotion/Health Belief Model Paper:

Select one health belief/health promotion model that includes the concept Health Promotion.

Discuss how this model operationalizes the core concept selected as an integral and important variable in health promotion of a family/aggregate. Use a scenario from your clinical practice to discuss the application of this Health Promotion/Health Belief Paper. Write a 700-1,050-word paper discussing the application of the selected theory/model to the selected health scenario.

Discuss the Health Promotion/Health Belief Model

Describe the concept of interest

Discuss how this selected concept is operationalized within the selected model

Apply this model and concept to a clinical scenario

Include at least two references other than the texts for the course

APA Format

Textbook: Health Promotion in nursing practice Fourth Edition
Pender, Murdaugh, parsons

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Title: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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The paper is a formal, research paper with a literature review. The final paper will be written in the style of a publishable article. Do not use the first person “I”; a formal paper is written in the objective third person. Review the language in the articles that you
will use to see this formal style of writing. Imagine yourself writing an article to a
group of professional peers, your opinion will never be used.

Only refereed journal articles are to be used for the “Review of the Literature”; Internet
sources may be used in the “Statement of the Problem”. Refereed refers to
research journals or professional journals where articles are peer reviewed by an
expert panel before publication. A minimum of 8 references must be cited within
your paper, and you MUST use at least 5 REFEREED articles.

Text books (as well as Wikipedia or similar sources) are unacceptable sources for the
research paper. Part of the assignment is to continue familiarization of students with professional research journals.

Internet sources often provide the epidemiological data (extent of the problem in the U.S.
and/or local population, rates, etc.) needed for the first section of the paper.
Internet sources may also be used as the basis for the content outline (teaching)
material. The “Review of the Literature” should reflect the student’s exploration
of the research literature focused on the teaching subject matter.

A teaching project will be developed as a component of the paper. The project will be a
health promotion or disease prevention project that will be addressed to a specific
population. Because of time constraints, the project will not be implemented;
however, it will be thoroughly developed, and will include objectives, content
outline, and evaluation methods.

This is an APA format paper; citation should be included in the text of the paper, as well
as in an APA formatted reference page. The final paper should not exceed ten (10) pages. The use of APA level headings is required, and should be organized as outlined.

Paper Guidelines

Step 1: Heading = Statement of Problem (10 POINTS):
· State clearly what the topic is and why it is important in the community you live/serve or in the nation
· Give epidemiological data regarding the incidence or prevalence of the condition or situation
· Describe your target audience, demographic description of who will be taught and why
· Give the Healthy People 2010 goal related to your project. Scroll to the bottom of the following website to view all of the subject areas, click on a format to get a summary of your area (there are 28 focus areas) and give the goal (with the number) that you are addressing in your project. No grant is funded in the U.S. without this data.

Step 2: Heading = Review of the Literature (25 POINTS):
· No internet sources, pamphlet information, or text books are to be used in this section
· Include at least five (5) current (not published prior to 5 years ago) from research/professional journals
· It may be helpful to use your Objectives (Step 4) as an outline to organize this section
· Use this information to discuss the topic with a professional peer as your audience. Incorporate this information in narrative form; this section should not be a string of abstracts or in outline form

Step 3: Heading = Health Promotion Project
· Include a brief introduction to your project, as well as a title for your project

Step 4: Heading = Objectives (10 POINTS)
· List specific behavioral objectives that your target population will achieve or learn
· 3-4 objectives are sufficient
· These are client outcomes, not what you will do in your role as teacher
· Objectives should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-referenced (i.e. By the end of this teaching session, …)
· The objectives should match the statistics

Step 5: Heading = Content Outline and Implementation (10 POINTS)
· Write the content outline of what you will teach (this can be presented in outline format, just be certain it is detailed enough for faculty to determine what you are including).
· Describe teaching methods and activities you will use to enhance/promote understanding of your content

Step 6: Heading = Significance of Project (5 POINTS)
· State why project is important and the impact it will have on the target population

Step 7: Heading = Project Innovation (5 POINTS)
· State how project is unique or different. What makes it special?

Step 8: Heading = Project Evaluation Methods (5 POINTS)
· It is important to remember that the OBJECTIVES are to be evaluated
· Discuss your evaluation plan, a group response, a group activity, a spoken or written post-test (as appropriate), or a written pre and post test (as appropriate).

Step 9: Heading = References (10 POINTS)
· Include a minimum of 8 references, 5 of which must be refereed, in APA format
· All references included on the reference page must be cited (appropriately) within the body of the paper.

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