Nursing: Health Promotion Across the Lifespan

Which model or models of health are most applicable to Mr. And Mrs. Arahan and their family? Why?

Since Mr. And Mrs. Arahan seem to be well-assimilated within the American environment and also appear to be of good health, the initial model that appears to be applicable is one of self-care as well as community care. Community members in the church, for example, can help them dealing with minor concerns and give advice regarding more serious intervention should this become necessary. As they age, the couple might choose to use a combination of professional health care and community care, since their relative wealth will most likely support professional interventions over the long-term.

Which "Healthy People 2020" (web site) objectives are of greatest importance to the Arahan family?

The most important objectives for the family include maintaining healthy nutrition for the older couple, including foods...
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