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Title: Community Health Problems Health Issues and Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Health Issues/Policy Analysis Paper
Guidelines and Grading Criteria

This purpose of the assignment is to explore health needs or problems within communities and to explore what health problems are for that particular community. Discussions with community leaders and experts provide what health problems priorities they perceive exist for that particular community and the plans and policies in place to improve the health disparities. The student relates the health determinants and the epidemiological concepts to the identified health disparities in their communities to provide leadership in the development of policy to affect health outcomes.

After reviewing information provided in course content about Healthy People 2020 and the list of national concerns, the student consults with three (3) to five (5) local authorities and experts in his/her home community to discern the individuals’ perceptions about their own community problems. Students need to obtain the national list from Healthy People 2020 web site and ask authorities in their communities to describe how community problems compare to national top three health problems.

Interview a variety of individuals in positions of leadership who have knowledge of the community’s health problems and challenges. Conduct the interviews with public health officials, community leaders, school officials, local council members, state representatives, etc. but include a cross section of the community, one nurse leader, or other health care providers.

Write a paper that details each community authority’s perceptions of the top three health concerns. The paper specifies the individual interviewed, the credentials, his/her perspectives of community needs, and why the individual feels these conditions are problematic. The use of first person in this assignment is acceptable. Many community leaders indicate common health concerns, but list in a separate section each individual’s concerns. The student identifies at least nine (9) problems. The problems may certainly be the same or similar, but these must be listed according to the community leader who identified the issues as problematic. Differentiate each of the leaders’ policies for improving the health disparities, and then examine the effects of legal and regulatory processes on nursing practice, healthcare delivery, and outcomes

Investigate and report on the epidemiological information associated with the top three (3) problems identified including a list of resources and statistics from an epidemiology web site. The student needs to tie the community health concerns with the concepts of epidemiology in order to develop a cogent plan of action for the Advanced Practice Nurse to use when developing strategies to address the identified problems.

Then assess specific ways an Advanced Practice Nurse could make an impact on one of the problems. These impacts are specific to the chosen area of practice, i.e. FNP, CNS, ACNP, Management & Leadership, and Education and should include information about how the nurse might make a difference in addressing one of these problems.

Papers should be 6-8 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages using APA format. Points will be deducted for papers that either exceed or do not include 6-8 pages of text. The file containing the paper should be submitted in the assignment section and named with the STUDENT’S last name and assignment name.

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Title: Older adult health issues

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Essay Instructions: Older Adult Health Issues
1. Demographic and Statistics Data
2. Effects of poverty
3. Nutritional Services
4. General Health Problems
5. Socialization
6. Well-elderly clinics


Hunger and food security among older adults in a rural community;col1.

Nutritional risk assessment and obesity in rural adults: a sex difference

Additional information on rural older adults
Rural Retirement Communities

Rural older adult learners

Oral health status of older rural adults in the United States

Rural Assistance Center Older Adult Information Page

Nutritional risk assessment and obesity in rural older adults: a sex difference

Creating Healthy and Vital Rural Communities for an Aging Population

Physical Activity in Older, Rural, Hispanic, and Non-Hispanic White Adults

Enhanced quality of life for rural older Americans

(From Growing old in rural America: new approach needed in rural health care)
Rural elderly have a greater incidence of chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes than their urban counterparts.
Minority rural elders have poorer health than other rural elders.
Most rural elders who are still living on the farm have much better health than most older people, with the exception of elevated risks for several forms of cancer, including Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma, leukemia, melanoma, and cancers of the lip, stomach and prostate.
Rural elderly who do not live on farms have the worst health status of all older people. The "nonfarm rural elderly" have the highest number of medical problems and restrictions in their daily life as measured by activities of daily living (ADLs, e.g., bathing and eating) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs, e.g., shopping and housework). Nonfarm rural elders also experience the most functional limitations, such as difficulty walking a quarter of a mile or up 10 steps without resting. Another measure, "self-perceived health," is somewhat poorer for both farm and nonfarm elders than for urban seniors.


Coordination and Advocacy for Rural Elders (CARE)

Nutrition from LeeAnn
Nutrition Issues Among the Rural Elderly

A.)Perry County, KY background information
• Land area of 342 square miles
• Population (1990)- 30,283; 5416 reside in the county’s only rural area Hazard; In 2000, population dropped to 29,390
• Population density is 86 people/square mile with 37 housing units/square mile
• 98% is European American
• 10% aged 65 and older
• Nearest metro area is 100 miles away-Lexington, KY
• Representative of many counties in Appalachia
B.)Factors Identified as Being Associated With Food Consumption
• Gender
• Income
o Having an income less than 150% of the poverty level was a strong indicator of food consumption
• Age
• Living Arrangements
C.) Indicators of Food Security
• No food
• Skipping meals
• Choosing medications or food
• Choosing bills or food
• Personal action
D.) Participation in Government Funded Food Programs
• 4% reported current regular participation in congregate meal programs
• 3% received home-- delivered meals
• 11 % received food stamps or lived with someone who did

E.) Barriers to Government Funded Food Programs
• Elderly persons live as far as 25 miles from the meal sites on roads that are extremely hazardous in winter and spring
• Home-delivered meals are similarly hampered by distance, terrain, and the cost of transportation
• Elders whose need for home-delivered meals is based on isolation or poverty may be displaced on waiting lists by those with more acute illnesses or disabilities

Using the readings above please answer these 2 questions:

1. Identify a health problem (heart disease) and explain how inadequate nutrition is affected by it.

2. Using your topic in question 1, explain the impact on health care delivery in the rural setting and the role of the a specific health care professional (nurse and a nurse practitioner).

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Title: Major Community Health Issues

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Essay Instructions: Major Community Health Issues

The Application due this week asks you to identify a significant health issue and the approach you would take to enhance the health of a particular population. In this Discussion, share your ideas with your colleagues and provide feedback on each others’ choices and rationales.

Draw on your Learning Resources and other sources of evidence to support your choices.

With this in mind:

Post a summary of your selected health issue and approach, addressing these points:

Briefly describe the health issue and the population of your project, and explain why you chose them. Include a rationale for why the health issue is significant to this population.

What general approach will you take? Disease prevention? Health promotion? Disease management? Social marketing? Community empowerment? Policy development? Explain why you selected this approach and not another

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Title: impact of maternal depression or other mental health issues on the emerging parent child relationship

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Essay Instructions: Topic:The impact of maternal depression or other mental health issues on the emerging parent child relationship.

Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to just negative or positive impacts. As you research your topic keep an open mind and consider the research within the context of your own personal and professional experience. Anytime you come across ameliorative techniques, make sure to mention them.

You are expected to read at least five articles and document which articles you have read in a bibliography. The paper must be a minimum of 1000 words.

All of the articles have to be from peer reviewed journals. By this I mean, edited journals with stature as scholarly publications, where articles are submitted and reviewed. Journals of professional organizations or research reviews would probably qualify. I expect you will use the library as well as the internet.

In your report, describe the content of each of the articles, particularly what the articles suggest about how your topic might impact on a child and/or family and the child's social and emotional development.

Next, share your personal reaction and thoughts concerning the articles. You may use your intuitions to discuss possible implications beyond what is demonstrated in the articles, but be careful about making moral judgments. The goal is to think deeply about the potential of the risk factor you are assigned to disrupt and or support the parent child bond.

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