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These people do not have access to as many or as wide a range of health services as those who live in cities. "The services that are in short supply in rural areas are those provided by nurses, health technology personnel, dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists, and opticians" (Bull and DeCroix Bane, 1993).

Nurses and nurse practitioners play a significant role in providing good community-based health care to older people in rural communities. Health promotions, education, and coordination of care are a tremendous need among this group of people. Unfortunately these older populations of people that live in rural areas have limited access to nursing care along with many other health care services. A lack of financial support and inflexible reimbursement programs from insurance companies continue to hinder accessibility to health care in these communities. Partnerships and education programs along with nurse managed clinics are being looked at as ways to improve quality and accessibility of health care for older people in rural areas (Rosswurm, 2001).

One of the biggest problems that this country's health care system faces today is not necessarily a shortage of highly qualified health care professionals, but too few of them that are willing to work in the places where they are needed the most, the rural areas.
This makes it a necessity to create programs whereby physicians, nurses, dentists, and pharmacists will find it worthwhile to practice in rural areas where the number of elderly residents and thus the need is increasing daily (Bull and DeCroix Bane, 1993).


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