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Title: Health Behavior Paper

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Essay Instructions: Preferred Writer “FreelaceWriter” Or A Writer who’s familiar with Health Related topic papers and Can meet the standards of Doctoral level of writing

This paper is to help to demonstrate, how patients choose a healthy behavior and the likelihood of taking action towards it . Also, what factors influences this behavior and steps to making their decision. Therefore, as a pharmacy student it helps us to understand their point of view by trying this theory our self and writing about it.

I need the writer to choose a health behavior (my example is working out 3 times a week) . And attempt to change it over period of time (two weeks) .
Note: The writer could use any other healthy behavior if he wishes. As long as Health behavior must be a change in the positive direction.

The paper should be 2 pages at least. Paper should include the following.
-Description of the behavior the writer tried to change
-Statement of whether the writer was successful or unsuccessful in changing this behavior. ( It does not matter whether or not it was successful in changing this behavior , however, it’s required to reflect on their experience and writer about it.)
*Note: In my example, attempting to exercise 3X a week, it was successful. And it made me have more energy and feeling productive from the beginning of day after my gym workout.) If writer chooses this topic please emphasize this idea.
-Paragraph or two why the writer felt he/she was successful or unsuccessful.
-Application of at least one of the heath behavior models that I will attach at the end of this paper.( please see attachme nt below)
-Honest appraisal on whether the writer found this experience valuable and why

Health Decision Model :

Health belief Model
Decisional Analysis
Behavioral Decision Theory

Decisional Analysis
For a given outcome—compute a score based on
*Perceived Value
*Probability of occurrence
Theoretically= choose the outcome with the highest score.

Health Decision Model
Behavioral Decision Theory
Identify biases in decision – making.
Risks involving gains and looses
Certainty effect
Sunk costs
Selective perception
Concrete vs. abstract information
Reluctance to revise beliefs/ discount beliefs given new data

Importance of Behavior Change

Most efforts to improve health require some change in behavior on the part of the pa tient.
“(O’Connell D. In behavioral Medicine in primary Care.)

-Elimination or reduction of destructive behavior( smoking, alcohol dependence
-Promotion of healthier lifestyle( e.g. Regular exercise , safer sex)
-Adherence to medical regime for acute or chronic illness (e.g. Taking medication, checking blood glucose.)

Health Belief Model
1--Individual Perception
( Perceived susceptibility to Disease “X”)

Modifying Factors.
2--Demographic Variables( age, sex , race, ethnicity, etc)
Sociopsychological Variables( personality, social class, peer and reference group pressure, etc.)
Structural Variable ) knowledge about disease, prior contact with disease etc.)

This step has influence on Step 1—

Step 2 leads to Perceive threat of Disease (x)
And finally
Likelihood of Action
Perceived benefits of retentive action
Perceived barriers to preventative action. Which determines the likelihood of behavior change

Theory of Planned Behavior.

Behavioral intention---- Perceived likelihood of performing behavior
Attitude---- Personal evaluation of the behavior
Subject norm----Beliefs about whether key people approve or disapprove of the behavior, motivation to behave in way that gains their approval
Perceive behavioral control---- Believe that one has and can exercise, control over performing the behavior.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast how the health belief model and the Social cognitive theory model are applied to the quitting smoking behavior
Thesis: original thoughts regarding the utility and application of the 2 models to the health behavior of quitting smoking
Introduction and significance of quitting smoking behavior
Description of the models being compared including constructs and application to Health Behavior (1 reference for each application)

The health behavior again is quitting smoking

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: weight loss using the Health Belief Model

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Essay Instructions: Based on the assessment and reflecting an objective or objectives of the Healthy People 2010 (link in the Module); the student will identify a desired health/behavioral outcome and select a theoretical framework/model as an underpinning for the change. Congruent with the theory/model, strategies will be planned and implemented.
I used the Health Belief Model and weight loss

The scholarly paper score is 32% (320 points) of the course grade. The assignment will be evaluated based on the student’s ability to effectively achieve the following criteria:
1. Identify a desired health outcome based on assessment data and reflecting an objective or objectives of Healthy People 2010. (20 points)

2. Utilize a theoretical framework/model for health promotion/disease prevention/risk reduction/early detection and provide rational for the selection. Students should include at least 2 concepts and one relationship statement in the individualized plan to achieve their personal health goal and do not have to operationalize all aspects of the theory/model selected. (40 points)

3. Describe the planning and implementation process for achieving a health promotion/disease prevention/risk reduction/early detection outcome that is congruent with the selected theoretical framework/model and is within the specified timeline. Students must specifically describe what concepts and relationships in the theory/model were employed in their intervention. In this assignment, it is not anticipated that not all concepts will realistically be operationalized in this assignment. (50 points)

4. Evaluate the health outcome achievement using an appropriate measurement.
Examples of measurable outcomes include: lost 5 pounds, BP is below 120/80, no longer smoking. Did the theory/model provide this measurement or did you need to take an abstract idea such as health and then make it more concrete in terms of measurement (i.e., BMI between 20-24.9)? (40 points)

5. Evaluate the selected theoretical framework/model and the specific concepts and relationships used to achieve your personal health outcome.
Did the concepts and the specified relationships work as described in the literature? Why or why not? What is missing in the theory or model that was pivotal to the success or failure in achieving the identified personal goal? What were the strengths and/or limitations of the theory/model and its applicability to your situation? (40 points)

6. Describe how to specifically apply what you have learned about health promotion, behavior change and use of theories/models in your Advanced Nursing Practice. Broad statements of application are not acceptable. This section must consist of at least one to two well developed paragraphs with specific application examples and a description of several factors that affect the success of these outcomes. (50 points)

7. Use appropriate sources with citations and references that are congruent with APA guidelines and that support the process for behavior change. Students are to have a minimum of 5 references including scholarly journal articles that pertain to the theory selected or its applicability to their specific behavioral goal achievement, positive or negative. Papers are also expected to be of publishable quality.
(35 points)

8. Communicate the content in a manner that exhibits correct spelling, grammar, and logical thought progression. Make sure that you proof read your paper prior to submission. Your paper is expected to be of publishable quality. (45 points)

9. Your paper is to be written in third person (e.g. the author, the subject).

10. Paper length is to be no more than 11 pages (includes title page and reference list).

Grading and Feedback Method
Adhere to the following guidelines to receive full credit on writing assignments:
1. Follow directions.
2. Share original thoughts, experiences, and insight on the chosen topic.
3. If applicable, display decision-making and problem-solving skills.
4. Write in complete sentences, using proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling rules.
5. Adhere to the length of the response specified in assignment. Assignment should be limited to eight pages of content plus additional title and reference pages.
6. Submit using the Assignment tool in Blackboard by the due date.
7. Submit documents in Microsoft Word using APA 5th edition format (Title page and references).
8. Cite all references using the APA 5th edition format.
Examples of good elements of scholarly paper content
• Reference a particular Healthy People 2010 major health objective and then connect how it relates specifically to your situation and personal health goal.
• Using original references from the theorist to support your statements and clearly articulate how you are using (i.e., Health Belief Model and the concepts of perceived seriousness and susceptibility to your health concern of heart disease and how these may serve as motivators to increase your weight loss)
• Having an easily measurable health goal which should have been established early in the course
• Referring back to the Health Belief example above – How may the two concepts identified in the theory not have been sufficient to motivate you to lose weight? For instance, was social support, temptation to eat, or relapse been an issue that was not in the model but dramatically affected your success?
Application to practice of the Health Belief model may pertain to how the APN needs to specifically operationalize the abstract concepts of perceived seriousness and susceptibility (i.e., are there instruments in the literature that are evidence-based and applicable or do ones need to be developed?)

The following general grading guidelines are applicable to ALL writing assignments:
Criteria A B C D F
Content Achieved Achieved
most of time Acceptable
(strengths overall exceed areas of weakness) Needs Re-working Please Contact Instructor
Writer follows assigned instructions at the specified level of performance.
Writer covers key elements (important and original ideas).
Author is knowledgeable of the topic.
Author presents sufficient information to accomplish the assignment.
Organization Achieved Achieved
most of time Acceptable
(strengths overall exceed areas of weakness) Needs Re-working Please Contact Instructor
Author uses headings to organize the paper according to APA format.
Ideas flow in a logical pattern (easy to follow).
Paper has a proper introduction.
Paper has a proper conclusion.
Fluency Achieved Achieved
most of time Acceptable
(strengths overall exceed areas of weakness) Needs Re-working Please Contact Instructor
Author avoids passive voice.
Paper shows originality.
Writing sounds natural (not choppy, awkward or forced).
Words are properly selected to make the message clear.
Writing Conventions Achieved Achieved
most of time Acceptable
(strengths overall exceed areas of weakness) Needs Re-working Please Contact Instructor
Punctuation is correct.
Spelling is accurate.
Author uses correct grammar.
Sentence structure is correct (having no run-ons or fragments).
Paragraph length is appropriate.
APA Format (if applicable) Achieved Achieved
most of time Acceptable
(strengths overall exceed areas of weakness) Needs Re-working Please Contact Instructor
Cover page follows APA guidelines or instructors’ specifications.
Writer cites the work of other authors in the body of the paper and credit as appropriate (e.g., no plagiarism).
Writer cites authors correctly in the reference page.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: How does race class and or gender affect the public health implications of my research problem

Total Pages: 2 Words: 634 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Good afternoon dear "WRITER".

Essay questions:
"For Five decades, the Health Belief Model (HBM) has been one of the most widely used conceptual frameworks in health behavior' (Janz et al. 2003:45).
What are the components of the Health Belief Model? Discuss evidence for and against the HBM. How is the HBM used to address public health Concern?

"The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) uses stages of change to integrate process ans principles of change from across major theories of intervention..." (Prochaska et al. 20003:99) What are the core construct of the Transtheoretical Model? Discuss one population-based application.

Based on your research paper, discuss how the underlying social political or economic factors mediated yor research question. How does race, class and/or gender affect the public health implications of your research problem(hyphothesis).

Thank you for your time and help.

Have a good Holidays!!!
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Excerpt From Essay:

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