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Title: Health and Wellness Programs

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Health and Wellness Programs: An examination of their Impact on Employee?s health and productivity in public agencies in the southwest Georgia areas.

Outline of Capstone Research:
*Statement of problem
*Purpose for study
*Research questions
-Hypothesis (Limitations and Delimitations)
*Literature Review (10 pages) (25-30 citations)
*Data Analysis and Findings (Graphs and Charts are to be included)
*References-at least 25

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Health and Wellness Programs

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Title: make a person Identify a senior citizen age 65 older schedule hour talk face face Be person completing interview part a class assignment content interview completely confidential names Conduct informal interview focusing participants health wellness

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Essay Instructions: you may make up a person

Identify a senior citizen (age 65 or older) and schedule an hour to talk with him/her face to face. Be sure to tell the person that you are completing the interview as part of a class assignment and that the content of the interview is completely confidential (no names will be used). Conduct an informal interview, focusing on the participant?s health and wellness.
When interviewing the individual, ask questions that correspond to the following categories:
? Physical activity, past and present: Ask about exercise routines as well as ordinary activities that involve physical exertion such as yard work, house cleaning, walking, and so on. Try to determine whether or not the participant has maintained an active lifestyle over the years.
? Mentally stimulating activities, past and present: Ask the participant what he/she does to stay sharp. This might include card games, crossword puzzles, reading, taking courses, and so on. Try to determine the extent to which the participant has challenged him/herself to engage in ongoing, active learning.
? Social support and social interactions: Ask the participant about his/her social contacts, past and present. This could include his/her spouse or partner, friends, relatives, social clubs, social activities, etc. Try to determine whether the participant has a strong base of social support.
? Meaningful activities: What gives life meaning? Ask the participant to recall his/her most meaningful activities and ask if he/she is still engaged in such activities. This will vary from person to person but could include helping others, teaching younger people, religious or spiritual activities, giving back to his/her community, sharing talents or skills, creative activities, and so on. Your task is to determine if the participant is still actively engaged in activities that matter to him/her.
? Recreational/leisure activities: What does the participant do for fun? Try to get a sense of what he/she still enjoys and how frequently he/she participates in enjoyable activities.
? Living environment. What is the individual?s home environment like? Does he/she live in a retirement community? If so, what is it like? Does he/she still drive? If not, how does the individual manage transportation challenges such as running routine errands, getting to doctor?s appointments and attending social events? What environmental challenges does he/she face?
Try to keep the interview process light and fun. Focus on what the participant is doing well.

Part I: Document the questions you asked and the participant?s responses. This is your interview ?transcript? which will be turned in along with your reflective paper.

Part II: Write a 1,000-word reflective paper based on the interview. In your paper, include a discussion on the following points:

? Most notable aspects of the interview: What topics did your interviewee respond most strongly to and why?
? Most surprising aspects of the interview: Did any of the interviewee?s responses surprise you? Explain.
? A commentary about the participant?s overall functioning: Use the information from the required readings to make a general assessment of the participant?s health and well-being. Would you use the term ?healthy aging? to describe the participant? Why or why not? What is he/she doing well? What areas could use improvement? What suggestions would you make, based on your knowledge of the determinants of healthy aging?
? A discussion of what you learned from this experience.

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Mauk, K.L. (2010). Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care. 2nd ed. Sudbury, MA; Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Title: Health and Wellness Foods and Beverages

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Essay Instructions: I guess what I'm looking for is akin to an industry white paper. I work in television advertising. In media sales, our time is mostly spent in the attempt to prove the match between a particular media vehicle and a particular consumer market targeted by a particular advertiser. At my company, we've determined that we can demonstrate a compelling market/media match and hence act as an effective target marketing vehicle for product advertisers in the Health and Wellness Foods & Beverages category. As part of a staff presentation I've been asked to develop, I want to include an overview that defines the category and briefly discusses the size of the market, projected growth, major brand shares of market, the competitive situation among the major marketers and the leading advertisers. I'd also like to see a special mention of the current lo-carb trend and a brief discussion of some of the things restauranteurs are doing to accommodate this propensity among the customers.

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Title: Challenges to Health and Wellness

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Essay Instructions: The topic is: General Health and Wellness. (Chapters 3 & 5 of the text below) if you can use from that also that would be good. At least 3 sources.
This might help as it's the text:
Taylor, S. E. (2005). Health Psychology (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Student Resources for this text are available at

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Marks, D.F., Murray, M., Evans, B., and Estacio, E.V. (2011). Health psychology: Theory-research-practice. (3rd Ed.) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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Taylor, S.E. (2005). Health Psychology (8th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

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