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Title: Head Start Social Control Theory

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Essay Instructions: research paper on a policy initiative in criminal justice and discuss how it was is impacted by criminological theory.

Head start program in depth about the program and the social contol theory. Try to connect together concluded with its benefits, limitations or results

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Essay Instructions: Find a current article in a professional or scholarly journal discussing a contemporary model of early childhood education. (such as Head Start, Montessori, etc.) Summarize the article and offer your critique of the program. Give reasons for your opinion. This review should be 1 1/2 to 2 pages in length. The source for the article must be cited according to APA format.

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Essay Instructions: This kind of my topic the wording may change but says what I am trying to do. I am researching the impact that head start programs have on shool readiness(cognitive development, math skills, languade development, pre reading skills. Research says that head start inadequately prepares kids who enter kindergarten, that they often are still behind the national norms. What does the national norms say? Some research it does prepare them , the programs just need tobe improve. This is what I have so far in terms of information see below.......

The Impact of Head Start on School Readiness Cognitive, Language and Literacy Skills in Preschoolers Entering Kindergarten



The period from birth through age 5 is a critical time for children to develop the physical,emotional, social, and cognitive skills they will need to be successful in school and the rest of their lives. Children from poor families, on average, enter school behind children from more privileged families. Targeting preschoolers in low-income families, the Head Start program was created in 1965 to promote school readiness to enable each child to develop to his or her fullest potential()
Almost since its inception, Head Start has enjoyed a reputation as successful, meaning that most people, including policymakers, believes it supports child developement and helps prepare children for school(Ramsey, 1994). But Head Start is now coming under increasing scrutiny because some critics believe it does an inadequate job of preparing children for school.
Head Start is one of many federal and state programs that together provide approximately $23 billion in funding for child-care and preschool education . Because these programs have developed independently, they are not easily coordinated to best serve the children and families who need them. In programs other than Head Start, states have the responsibility and the authority through planning, training, and the regulatory process to have a substantial impact on the type and quality of services provided, and are held accountable for the delivery of high quality programs. However, Head Start funding goes directly from the federal level to local organizations, and thus states do not have the authority to integrate or align Head Start programs with other early childhood programs provided by the states.
As our knowledge about the importance of high quality early education has advanced dramatically since 1965, so have data on the outcomes for children and families served by Head Start. The knowledge and skill levels of low-income children are far below national averages upon entering the program. When the school readiness of the nation’s poor children is assessed, it becomes clear that Head Start is not eliminating the gap in educational skills and knowledge needed for school().
This research will help determine if Head Start is fully achieving its stated purpose of “promoting school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of low-income children?

Statement of Purpose (1/2 page)

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact the Head Start program has on preschoolers entering Kindergarten. Does the program work ? Participation in quality early learning experiences has been identified as one such factor that promotes resilient outcomes for vulnerable children. Particularly for children from low-income families, participation in center-based preschool programs is associated with short- and long-term increases in achievement and school success.

Research Question(s)

The questions for this study are as follows:

1. Does the Head Start program cognitively (langauge development, reading/ writng and math skills) prepare preschoolers for kindergarten?

2. How well does Head Start cognitively prepare preschoolers for kindergarten? Is it Low Average, Average , or High Average.

Significance of the Study (1/2 page)

This study is significant because it will examine data of a local Head Start program compared ‘to that of state and national norms. The results of the this study will allow the Head Start programs to greater coordinate their curriculm framework to that of the public school system. It will also produce greater collaboration with the state and local govenment to ensure is that all children entering Kindergarten are ready to learn. Futhermore, its ability to prepare preschoolers for school will aid in the argument of its effectiveness and need for more funding. Finally, States are aware that they will be held responsible for student performance in elementary school through the No Child Left Behind Act, and want to make sure that all children in the State enter kindergarten ready to learn. However, a fragmented system makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a State to provide the needed comprehensive services to all children from low-income homes who will begin kindergarten in the public schools.
Limitation of the Study (3 paragraphs)

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Title: Does the Head Start Program work

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Essay Instructions: Write a 4 page (1000 word) research paper on the following:

Describe and explain (in some detail) the Head Start Program for young children. Also, be sure to include how the program began and where it is headed. Lastly, but most importantly explain the long term effects of Head Start Program and whether or not it works in the development of children.

Be sure to include three sources when writing your research paper. Note, you may use any three sources of your chose.

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