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Essay Instructions: Terry Wilson, a seasoned marketing veteran, has recently decided to explore growth options for Tuscan Treasures, an importer of Italian furniture. Profits are declining and Mr. Wilson must decide whether to downsize or expand to improve the situation. You have been asked to advise Mr. Wilson on which growth strategy would best aid Tuscan Treasures should he chose that route. You have also been asked to provide Mr. Wilson with a better understanding of why profits have been down recently, including possible causes of the decline. He also wants to know what he would need to do if he decides to downsize he operation.

Part A: Provide Mr. Wilson with three possible growth strategies.

Part B: What are the possible causes of his company?s decline?

Part C: What are some recommendations for handling a downsizing?

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Title: Organization Growth Strategies model

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Essay Instructions: You work for the marketing department of a facility maintenance company (mechanical and janitorial maintenance).The company is a national enterprise and is only engaged in office-building and school-building maintenance. Using the Organization Growth Strategies model (attached), describe how to implement an organic growth strategy for this service organization.

Submit the plan in a 12 bullet point format including an explanation of each bullet point
Include 2 in-text citations
No abstract is required

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Title: GEs Growth Strategy The Immelt Initiative

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Essay Instructions: I will send you a Harvard business case GE’s Growth Strategy: The Immelt Initiative
and answer those questions below

1. How different is his approach to taking charge from Jack Welch’s first few years after becoming CEO in 1981? How similar is the task each man faced?
2. What do you think of the broad objectives Immelt has set for GE? Can a giant global conglomerate hope to outperform the overall market growth? Can size and diversity be made an asset rather than a liability?
3. What is your evaluation of the growth strategy Immelt has articulated? Is he betting on the right things to drive growth?

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Title: Growth Strategies

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Essay Instructions: They say that BASF does not make most of the products we use, they make them better. Well, at least that is their slogan. Be that as it may, they certainly have an aggressive growth strategy.

How has BASF's focus on the non-cyclical parts of its operation helped to boost the company's growth?

Research all you can about BASF and their basic growth strategy. (See the resources below.) Then answer the above question while detailing their growth strategy.

Chemical Market Reporter; New York; Aug 14, 2000; Sean Milmo;

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