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Ensure customer-centric from senior management and identify iconic behaviors that signals customer-centric. Senior management must be customer-centric and produce behaviors that flow through the organizations, the tone from the top. This would bring the most impact throughout the organization, especially when management interacts with the customer. The key elements to strong leadership are human capital, recognition and reward system, accountable and achievable goals, and a communication strategy (McElvane, 2010).

Identify influences and identify how they can be changed to customer-centric. Influences of strategic priorities should drive the customer-centric with an "outside-in" thinking.

Prioritize efforts, assess, and benchmark. Changing too fast creates too much stress and can cause the program to fail. Assessments need to be done and measured against an appropriate benchmark to identify critical areas that need improvement. Priorities need to be set to work with the most critical areas first and then slowly concentrate on other areas that are less critical.
Reward and improve processes. Rewards and incentives need to be set appropriately. Involve a human resource representative to ensure a review of rewards and incentives are a part of the program. This is also a great opportunity to improve processes as problems surface with performance goals and work processes.


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