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Title: The benefits to preschool before kindergarten and grade school

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Essay Instructions: I need a literature review following the APA style. Length min. 5 pages long. Must be on a min. Of 5 journal articles that deal with the topic of the benefits to put children in preschool before kindergarten and grade school.
I have 5 pages I can scan and send that go over all the requirements and the grading rubic for this assignment.
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Barnett, W.S. & Hustedt, J.T. (2003). Preschool: The Most Important Grade. Educational Leadership. April 2003.

Bracey, G.W. & Stellar, A. (2003). Long-term studies of preschool: Lasting benefits far outweigh costs. Phi Delta Kappan, June 2003.

Bridges, M. (n.d.). Which children benefit from preschool? Chapter 6 in ?

Chien, N.C., Howes, C., Pianta, R.C., Burchinal, M., Ritchie, S., Bryant, D.M., Clifford, R.M., Early, D.M. & Barbarin, O.A. (2010). Children's classroom engagement and school readiness gains in prekindergarten. Child Development 81(5): 1534-1549.

Margetts, K. (2007). Preparing children for school -- benefits and privileges. Australian Journal of Early Childhood 32(2).

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Title: Statistics

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Essay Instructions: Paper on Bivariate Analyses
1. Suppose Abraham Lincoln had answered a survey questionnaire in which he indicated that he had not received a grade school diploma. The researcher found that Lincoln’s education score did not correlate highly with the expected variables. What was wrong.
2. The management of a regional bus line thought its cost of gas might be correlated with its passenger/mile ratio. Comment on the data and correlation matrix below:
Avg Wholesale
cost of gas Passenger/Mile Ratio
56.5 8.37
59.4 8.93
63.0 9.15
65.6 9.79
89.0 11.20

Correlation Coefficients/probability> IRI
Under H0: RHO = 0/N = 5
year price mile
year 1.00000 .87016 .95127
.0000 .0551 .0128
price .87016 1.00000 .97309
.0551 .0000 .0053
Mile .95127 .97309 1.0000
.0128 .0053 .00000

3. A correlation matrix (correlation coefficients and probability level under the hypothesis rho = 0) for a company’s sales force (age, years of service, and current sales) is given below. Comment
Age Years of service Current sales
Age 1.00000 .68185 .21652
.0000 .0208 .5225
Years of service .68185 1.00000 .64499
.0208 .0000 .0321
Current sales .21652 .64499 1.00000
.5225 .0321 .00000

4. Interpret the following
a) Y^ = a^ + ?^X; Y^ = 3.5 + .7X , where Y^ = likelihood of buying a new car and X = total family income
b) Y^= a^ + ?^X; Y^= 3.5 - .4x, where Y^ = the likelihood of buying tickets to a rock concert and X = age.
5. The ANOVA summary table below is the result of a regression of sales on year of sales. Is the relationship statistically significant at .05? Comment
Source of Variation Sum of squares df Mean Square F-Value
Explain by regression 605,370,750 1 3.12
Unexplained by regression 1,551,381,712 8 193,922,714
Total error 9

6. A metropolitan economist is attempting to predict the average total budget of retired couples in Phoenix based on average US urban retired couples’ total budget. An r2 of .7824 is obtained. Will the regression be a good predictive model?
7. A football team’s season ticket sales, percentage of games won, and number of active alumni for the years 1992-2000 are given below:
Year Season Ticket Sales Percentage of Games Won Number of Active Alumni
1992 4,995 40 NA
1993 8,599 54 NA
1994 8,479 55 NA
1995 8,419 58 NA
1996 10,253 63 NA
1997 12,457 75 6,315
1998 13,285 36 6,860
1999 14,177 27 8,423
2000 15,730 63 9,000

a) Interpret the correlation between each set of variables .
b) Calculate : Regression sales = Percentage of games won.
c) Calculate: Regression sales = Number of active alumni.

8. A researcher has a series of Likert-scaled items and a measure of frequency of absenteeism. He uses each of the Likert-scaled items in a separate bivariate correlation with absenteeism without testing for the assumptions of linear relationships. Is this ethical?

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Title: I essay a version writer amber111 Critically Reflect Book Lives The Boundary Mike Rose The main prompt paper What Mike Rose boundary How education affected boundaries Based comparison insights implications draw educational opportunity lack opportunity US As explore response prompt mind prompt things explain understanding book concept boundary explain understanding concept include direct references Mike Roses story stories students analyze experiences regard boundaries education comparing contrasting stories book You focus experiences grade school university family settings work

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Essay Instructions: I need this essay is in a new version and the writer is amber111.

Critically Reflect on the Book "Lives on The Boundary" by Mike Rose

The main prompt for this paper is:

What does Mike Rose mean by boundary? How has your own education been affected by boundaries? Based on this comparison, what insights or implications can you draw about educational opportunity and lack of opportunity in the US or elsewhere?

As you explore your response to this prompt, you should keep in mind that the prompt is asking you to do three things:
? explain your understanding of the book and in particular the concept of boundary; as you explain your understanding of this concept, you should include direct references to Mike Rose?s story and the stories of his students;
? analyze your own experiences with regard to boundaries in education, comparing and contrasting them with the stories in the book (You may focus on experiences in grade school, at the university, in family settings, at work, etc.).
? critically reflect* on what can be learned from this comparative analysis, especially any insights or implications that you can draw regarding educational opportunity in the US or elsewhere.

* to critically reflect, in this context, means to examine someone else?s claims and to compare and contrast them with your experiences; as a result of this comparison, you might agree or disagree with the author; you might extend what the author says and make it deeper or broader; you might modify what the author said; you might consider the implications of what the author said, especially in terms of issues that he brings up in the last three chapters.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Work Cited:

Rose, Mike. Lives on the Boundary. The Struggles and Achievements of America's Underprepared. The Free Press, Macmillan, Inc., 866 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022, 1989.

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Title: Personal skills relating to management occupation

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Essay Instructions: Materials for this paper are the Personal Assessment of Management Skills (PAMS) Packet, which I will fax over. I will also be faxing a paper that a student did from last semester, which our teacher gave us. Follow this paper, not exactly, but the format is good, the front page outlines everything.
MY PERSONAL BACKROUND: I?m 21, I?m from Vermont. I go to school in Boston. I?m work oriented, not school. I?m all about business, I?ve started 2 businesses which were not successful. My mother is a grade school teacher, nice lady, loves her job. My father is a butcher, nice guy but he hates his job and is under tremendous stress cause of it. I?ve worked 40 hrs a week since I was 14. I always have a full plate, hence I have a lot of stress (key for paper).
For manager interview part just B.S. were supposed to change the companies name anyways.
My cell phone # is 617-201-6159, please call me to touch base, and let me know the fax has be received.

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