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Good Country People Essays and Research Papers

Instructions for Good Country People College Essay Examples

Title: Analysis of the story Good Country People by Flanner O Connor

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Essay Instructions: Hello,
I need a paper for my Literature class, it has to be 5 pages double spaced, an analysis of the story "Good Country People", by Flannery O'Connor.

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Title: Good Country People

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Essay Instructions:
(good country people by Flannery O'connor)
Analysis this short story. use your own Interpretations.
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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: A paper on Flannery O''Connors'' Good Country people.
interpret do not summarize, explain significance of it''s various elements.
Assume the reader has already read the work.(don''t dwell on the obvious)
no outside sources.
do not compare with another work
Explain the thesis of the story(The author''s thesis or main point), and then show how the story developes that theme.
The paper must explain who the protagonist is (if there is such a chacacter), what obstacles or conflict that character faces, how the character overcomes those obstacles(or hoe they overcome the protagonist, and how the conflict is resolved.make sure that in the intro the purpose of the paper is clear.
organization and coherence:
clearly explain what the paper is going to demonstrate, and then proceed through the story, one episode at a time until you reach the conclusion. *do not jump around from different parts of the story.
Don''t reapeat the author''s name to many times, or what has been stated in the body of the essay.
be specific with the thesis and explaining the theme of the story(precisely what human problem the author is dealing with? what conclusion does the author come to regard in that problem?)
Make sure grammer, rhetorical prose style, mechanics, and manuscript form of the paper are clear and understanable
this paper should be in accordance with the University Style Guide.
Thank You

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Essay Instructions: From the two short stories "INDIAN CAMP" by Ernest Hemingway and "GOOD COUNTRY PEOPLE" by Flannery O'Connor have to do a comparative analysis about the themes of these 2 short stories.
Materials must come from only these two short stories

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