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Title: This Strategic Management Business class My publicly traded company assigned Callaway Golf Company criteria reflect company Identify companys Callaway Golf mission vision primary stakeholders Identify 5 forces competition AND impacts company

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Essay Instructions: This is for help with my Strategic Management Business class. My publicly traded company assigned is Callaway Golf Company and the below criteria should reflect that of this company.

Identify the company?s (Callaway Golf) mission, vision, and primary stakeholders.

Identify the five (5) forces of competition AND how it impacts the company.

Create a SWOT analysis for the company identifying the major strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

Based on the SWOT analysis, recommend how the company may capitalize on its strengths and opportunities, and minimize its weaknesses and threats.

Discuss the various levels and types of strategies the firm may use to maximize its competitiveness and profitability.

Determine the recent corporate governance issues that are currently affecting the company's decisions and report how the company is or should be handling the issues.

Clarity and writing mechanics should be strong. The message should be clear and concise.

4-5 References

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Title: Formal paper on Aquisition of Callaway Golf Company

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Essay Instructions: analyze Callaway Golf Company and make a recommendation about whether or not to acquire it.

offer a recommendation regarding acquisition, it will also provide an abstract, an executive summary, background information about the company, an assessment of the company’s future performance, a description of the analysis methodology, supporting details and data, and references.

be at least 2,000-2,500 words excluding front and back matter, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. You will use “Times New Roman” 12-point font. You must use at least one table (or chart) and two graphics within the body of the report.

use at least five (7) references within the body of report, with proper APA citation format. No more than 20% of the paper should be direct quotes. Any direct quotes should be used to support your own analysis and recommendations

More Info to follow

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Works Cited:


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Title: Learning to Play Business Golf

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Essay Instructions: I would like to use the writer Hop Head. I need to write a learning journal in which I answer questions that I have developed, discussing my readings, and my developing understanding and commenting on the ways I learned, what I learned, and the points at which I developed insight and appreciation of the topics. The main topic is for me to learn how to play golf and acquire insurance and financial services clients on the golf course and making business relationships on the golf course that would increase my sales and my business. I first need to learn how to play and after I feel comfortable playing, I would bring clients on the course. These are the questions that need to be answered in my journal.

What is my goal for this project?
How did I choose a topic for this project?
What methods will I use to achieve the goal?
What is my learning style and how might my work on this project influence it? This hands on learning is a new way of learning for me. I am used to book knowledge and not hands on.
What outcomes have I realized?
How will I learn how to play golf?
What is business golf and how will that help my business?
Is ther any downside playing golf to acquire clients?
What do I know about the basic skills of selling outside the office? How have I learned to acquire these skills?
When will I feel comfortable bringing clients on the course and asking them for business?
How does this kind of learning fit into my learning style?

I also need an Annotated Bibliography of 12 sources that can come from books, journal articles, interviews. I need to list them, outlining them briefly and commenting on the usefulness to my project.

One book I found that may be useful is by Scott Duke, titled “How to Play Business Golf

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Duke, Scot. (2008) Business Golf Investment. IBGS. Retrieved August 1, 2008 at

This article outlines the quantifiable benefits of business golf, and the importance of viewing business golf as a long-term strategy. The article was useful for illustrating specific examples of business golf success and explaining some of the mechanics of that success.

Armstrong, Thomas. (2000). Multiple Intelligences. Thomas Armstrong. Retrieved August 1, 2008 at

This article outlines Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. These are the different ways in which humans relate to the world, the theory being that each person has a degree of each intelligence, but that they will all be in a unique proportion in each individual. This helped me better understand my learning style, and the ones that would be required to help me learn business golf.

Peter, Frank. (2008) Learn How to Play Golf. Retrieved August 2, 2008 at

This article, in concert with other small contributions from elsewhere on the website, outlines the steps in the process of learning to play golf, ranging from club selection to rules and etiquette. This helped me understand the various aspects of learning golf and get a better sense of the work and timeframe involved in developing my game.

Anderson, Judy. (1998) the Mental Game of Golf and Business. Long Island Business News. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

This article outlines stresses the mental aspect of maintaining focus. It shows why the mental aspect is so important and how it can help you to improve your business golf success. It helped me by illustrating the mental challenges of combining golf with business, and by giving me a sense of how to handle the stakes involved.

Foust, Dean. (2002). Golf with a Purpose. Business Week. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

This article discusses in depth the concept of playing golf with a specific purpose in mind, drawing on the example of an Atlanta-based developer. It was beneficial to me for showing the different ways in which golf can be used to achieve greater ends. This was essential to realizing what the potential power of golf can be, when applied to a number of different business and social contexts.

No author. (2002). Golf and the Business Life. Business Week. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

This short piece is the introduction to Business Week's 2002 Business and Golf issue. This introduction, however, so succinctly defines the source of the bonds that form when one is playing golf, and how those bonds then later apply when you are doing business with those golf partners. This powerful, succinct message captured for me the essence of why golf can enhance business in ways that other strategies cannot.

Rogers, Paul. (2002). Mixing Business and Golf. Business Week. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

This article discusses some of the techniques to improve your business golf, including etiquette, selling and the mental game. The article helped me to understand the different subtle nuances that go into the art of business golf. One paragraph in particular addressed the issue of nervousness and intimidation, which is something I expect to deal with as a novice golfer.

Duke, Scot. (2006). Business Golf: The Questions Business People Should Ask Themselves. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

This article distills the issue of getting to know your customer and how this applies to business golf. The value of knowing your customer is outlined and the ways in which business golf helps to build this knowledge to help increase your return on investment is shown. The article was beneficial for getting to the heart of why business golf is a more powerful tool than the myriad of other options for business development.

Sens, Josh. (2008). The 8 Rules of Business Golf. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at,28136,1732622,00.html

This article outlines eight key things to remember when undertaking business golf. These range from points of etiquette, to maintaining focus on results, to choosing your partners wisely. The wide range of point in these eight rules illustrated to me who multi-faceted business golf is and all the different aspects of preparation and execution that must be considered before and during a round of business golf.

Wild, Maureen. (2007). Avoid Blowing Business on the Golf Course: A Quick Review of Golfing Etiquette. The Stepping Stone. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

This article illustrates some of the pitfalls of business golf, and outlines strategies and actions to avoid these pitfalls. This article helped me by providing some detailed tips on golfing etiquette. I especially appreciated that it was written with the slightly nervous novice golfer in mind, which is what I will be at the outset of my business golf venture.

McNamara, Don. (2007). Sales Relationships: How to Build a Long-Term, High Quality Relationship. The Sideroad. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

This article specifically relates to the relationship building aspects of salesmanship. It outlines five keys to building strong, long-term business relationships. For me, this article both complemented the body of knowledge regarding relationship building for sales that is found in business golf texts and also reinforced the role that business golf can play in forming such relationships.

Kheterpal, Alka. (2008). Build Business Relationships by Playing Golf. EZine. Retrieved August 3, 2008 at

This article explains the fundamental reasons for playing business golf. It outlines situations in which the golf can be valuable, and the ways in which it is valuable. The value of the article to me was to provide a bottom-line perspective to the issue of business golf. While approaching the subject in great detail, it was valuable to be able to return to the root of why business golf is so valuable. The clear language of the article helped immeasurably in identifying the most basic fundamental points of the business golf experience.

Armstrong, Thomas. (2000). Multiple Intelligences.

Duke, Scot. (2008) Business Golf Investment. IBGS.

No author. (2002). Golf and the Business Life. Business Week.

Wild, Maureen. (2007). Avoid Blowing Business on the Golf Course: A Quick Review of Golfing Etiquette. The Stepping Stone.

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Title: Callaway Golf Canada

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Essay Instructions: Individual Full Case Report: Each student will submit an individually written report on his or her analysis of Callaway Golf Canada. The report will include all the sections of a complete case report??"i.e., (1) a statement of the problem or major issue facing the decision maker, (2) an analysis of the firm’s internal and external environments including an analysis of the competitive environment, (3)a statement and analysis of the major options for solving the problem, (4)a recommendation along with justification, and (5) a plan for implementing the recommendation. The minimum length of the report is 2,400words. The maximum length is 2,500 words. A hard copy of the report is due by the date and time indicated in the Schedule of Classes. Each student should keep an electronic copy of the report to be submitted if required by the professor.
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Farley, J., (1964). Why Does "Brand Loyalty" Vary our Products? The Journal of Marketing, American Marketing Association, Vol. 1, No. 4, pp. 9-12

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Perreault, W., McCarthy, E., (2002). Basic marketing: a global-managerial approach. U.S.: McGraw-Hill

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