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Title: Jc and JCI

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Essay Instructions: Global Issues in Healthcare ...........APA addressing JCI and JCI ? What is the purpose and function of these accreditation healthcare organization? What is the Impact of being accredited ? When healthcare organizations recieve this gold seal of approval, what are the benefits. Describe the recent changes JCI has done pertaining to inspections.

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Works Cited:


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Title: Challenges of the 21st century in Aviation Management and the forces of change

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Essay Instructions: Global Issues

Challenges of the 21st century in Aviation Management and the forces of change.

1. Knowlege of issues
The relevance of sources. 10%
Depth of the research (Plain narration of examples vs. comprehension of data gatherd. 10%
Understanding of factors affecting an Issue (in relation to class presentation) 10%

2. Analysis
Identification of internal and external factors. 8%
Discussion of operational and or management effect of issue identified. 8%
Assessment of risks and opportunities. 8%
Application of other management models. 6%

3. Recommended Solutions
Demonstrated understanding of factors affecting an issue (technical, human, economic and regulatory) 10%
Business advantages identified in solution presented. 10%
Practicability of solution presented. 6%
Existance of lateral and creative solutions. 4%

4. Coherence of the theme
Presentation (reports structure and flow) 5%
Technical details (table of content, puncuation, page numbering. 3%
Refences (in text and list) 2% SHAPING THE FUTURE

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Works Cited

Air traffic control shortage endangers New York air security.

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Title: Diversity and or how child abuse in handled in New York compared to other countries

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Essay Instructions: Global Issues in Public Administration

Follow this outline for paper. It should be 12 pages long (not counting cover sheet and references) and accurately formatted in APA style (text, page layout, citations, and reference page). See the grading rubric for grading standards. Use a minimum of 12 peer reviewed journal articles as reference material. Popular media articles may be used for background, but do not count toward your 12 peer reviewed journals minimum.

1. Define and provide an overview of the issue you are analyzing.
1.1. What is it?
1.1.1. How is the issue defined?
1.1.2. For whom is it a problem?
2. Historical background
2.1. What policies and programs have been proposed and used in the past to cope with or mitigate the problem?
2.2. How has the specific issue you are analyzing developed over time?
2.3. What does the history of this issue teach us about effective/ineffective approaches to the problem?
3. Current issue description
3.1.1. How complete and accurate is our understanding of the issue?
3.1.2. What intercultural misunderstandings or miscommunications have contributed to the problem? Historically? Currently?
3.1.3. What is the basis for our current way(s) of dealing with the issue?
3.1.4. Why have they been effective or ineffective?
3.1.5. What populations are affected by the issue and how are they affected? Size, unique characteristics, distribution
3.2. What culturally based social values are connected to the problem?
3.3. What culturally based value conflicts influence our approach to the issue?
3.4. How well are those people affected by the issue represented in the ongoing development and implementation of the issue resolution?
4. What?s next?
4.1. What are your recommendations for the future resolution of this issue?

The topic should be something to do with diversity in Public Administration? Diversity is a globalization topic so you could examine whether cultural differences are apparent in the work I do (Child Protective Specialist in the State of New York). I am just brainstorming here and that is the first topic that came to mind. Also, might the causes of child abuse have anything to do with income, technology, etc. that is directly or indirectly related to global trends. Another thing you could look at is child abuse in other countries - similar or differently handled than NY? I am open to suggestions. Just notify me if you think of something else so that I can run the topic by the professor.

Grading ruberic will be attached in resources.

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Excerpt From Essay:


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Title: Social and Global issues and trends in adult education

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  • Words: 1914
  • References:6
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: This paper should include an abstract along with all of the following information:

I. Globalization
a) social transformation of adult education
b) empowerment of the individual
c) globalization within the United States

II. Populations
a) race
b) politics
c) economics
d) women
e) church

Present a scholarly paper that examines the following social and global issues and trends in adult education. In text citation is also a requirement.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Giraldo, Monica Arboleda. (2007). Dreaming of Holistic Adult Education in 2020. Adult

Learning, 18(3/4), 14-19.

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in the United States of America: A Gramscian Analysis. Adult Education Quarterly, 55(1),


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Convergence, Vol. XLI, 11-25.

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Disciplines and Skills. Adult Education Quarterly, 61(3), 225-243.

Torres, Rosa-Maria. (2004). Lifelong Learning: A New Momentum and a New Opportunity for Adult Basic Learning and Education (ABLE) in the South. Convergence, 37(3), 15-25.

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