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Title: Girl Interrupted

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Essay Instructions: You are ask to develop a critical analysis of the film "girl interrupted". This film is about woman and the psychiatric institutionalization in the 1960's.

To develop your analysis, you should consider questions such as: what is the over all message of this film?; does the film challenge stereotypical representation of woman and madness?; how does the film present psychiatrist and the psychiatric hospital setting?; is this a realistic representation?; what is the over all message of this film?

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Essay Instructions: write a summary on the well known movie "A Girl Interrupted"
1-did you enjoy the movie? why? why not?
2-do you feel it was well written/developed as a plot? why? why not?
3-what points in the movie are applicable to psychiatric nursing practice?
4-state your opinion as to what you gained by seeing the movie.
the review must be at least 250 words in APA format (you can do either 1 or 2 pages, up to you)
the paper must demonstrate clarity and organization of ideas

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