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Title: Cultural Desire Essay

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Essay Instructions: Write a 3 to 5 page essay on the book "The girl in the tangerine scarf." New York: Carroll & Graf. We are not looking for a book report with this assignment, or a summary of the required readings. Rather, we want you to reflect on the questions below, giving specific examples:
•What did you learn about your personal values and/or cultural beliefs as you read about those of others?
•How does your understanding of the culture(s) highlighted in your reading now compare to your understanding prior to completing your readings? Did find any of your previous assumptions or beliefs supported or challenged?
•What have you identified regarding how you might change the way in which you deliver care to a member of the culture about which you read?
•Consider what services would be needed to provide excellent health care to the cultural group you read about for this assignment. What are some of the characteristics needed in a US health care agency that serves this population? For example, consider acceptability and accessibility. Use your imagination.
Your essay should center around personal reflection, that is, focus on your thoughts and feelings about the cultural growth you have experienced as a result of your readings. You may write this in the first person, facilitating the personal reflection content in this essay.
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Title: girl scouts

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Essay Instructions: Please write about the subject of girls scouts and how it related to the 8 dimension of quality. please write about each of the following:
1. Performance-primary operating characteristics
2. Features- the little extras
3. Reliability- probility of successful operation
4. Conformance-meeting preestablised standards
5. Durability- legnth of usefulness
6. Serviceability- courtesy, and competence
7. Aesthetics- pleasing
8. Percieved quaity- evulation of quailty

also include why this model is approiate for the girl scouts organazation.

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Title: girls toys

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Essay Instructions: 500-750 words MLA style
Topic: Girls toys
using strategies if example, comparsion and contrast, and division and classification.
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Title: Compare Contrast Essay see below for specifics

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Essay Instructions: Write a pare/contrast essay of 1000 words addressing the topic below. Use the subject-by-subject pattern to write this essay as follows: Introduction with a thesis, three body paragraphs addressing the first text (Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl"), a transitional paragraph, three body paragraphs addressing the second text (Richard Ford's "Great Falls", and a concluding paragraph. Examine the same points of pare and contrast in the first and second sections. Finally, organize the essay around key words or abstractions found in the two short stories.
Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl and Richard Ford's "Great Falls" both represent the acquisition of sex-differentiated adult gender roles-or codes of feminine behavior and codes of masculine behavior-as a psychologically violent process. Compare/contrast how Kincaid and Ford represent this process. What are the monalities-and differences-in their representations of the acquisition of these? (Focus on the specific cultural contexts in which these stories occur, or organize the discussion around human "universals" in this respect.) Use citations if needed from these two short stories. The short story "Girl" can be found in The Norton Introduction To Literature 8th edition, 2002. and "Great Falls" can be found in The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, 2000. If you need me to Fax these short stories to you, please e-mail me at

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