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Even so, the rate of such situations is rather limited and parents fully trust the organization's capabilities and consider it a highly reliable institution that is most likely to retrieve the desired results.

4. Conformance

Girl Scouts operates in full accordance with all pre-established national, international and organizational standards. They respect and protect all human and children's rights. The organization is committed to respecting all regulations and is even working on developing new ones that offer better protection for children and girls across the globe.

5. Durability

Most programs initiated by Girl Scouts have life time durability. This length can easily be explained by the fact that these programs are so created as to leave an eternal mark. They are useful lessons for life and they aid to the building and formation of the girls' characters. Girls who learn to be independent and kind to those in need are prone to manifest such behaviour throughout the rest of their lives.

6. Serviceability

Girl Scouts is not a directly serviceable program. It is neither ruthless nor useless; it is simply there to aid the girls learn how to 'serve' themselves and the others. And serve in the meaning of aid. The procedures implemented are friendly, but they represent lessons for life. The girls are thought how to be courteous and respectful to others but also how to stand up for themselves when necessary.
7. Aesthetics

Girl Scouts place quite an increased emphasis on aesthetics. The organization embraces diversity and does not promote any stereotypes, but places significant importance on appearance. Girls must have perfect hygiene at all times and must be pleasant to talk to.

8. Perceived quality

The Girl Scouts movement is extremely appreciated and well received by the entire world. The high quality of the services brought to the community by the organization is revealed by the large number of GS members who have had major contributions to the world. Among these members, one could point out Laura Bush, Barbara Walters, Sheryl Crow, Rita Dove or Ann More.

The eight dimensions of quality is an extremely useful model to be implemented by the Girl Scouts Organization as its stands for their primary goals: achieving girls' intellectual development, social integration and successful life through aiding the communities and respecting all standards and regulations.


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