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Title: Genogram

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Essay Instructions: History about Dolly’s Family and background

Girl (Dolly) from Indian (India) Descents,
Race Punjabi.
Religion: Muslim
Was born and lived in Malaysia until she was16 years old and than later moved to Singapore for better life and education.
Came from huge family
Family rules were set by grandfather who died 60 years ago but rules are still being followed.
Only Dolly’s dad went against his family rules by sending all his five kids to school, graduate and holding white collar jobs including the females. Other family members (dad bothers and sisters family none of the kids went pass 8th grade and all of them have blue collar jobs) All the rest of the family members are still living in the same village except for Dolly’s family moved to Singapore.

Dolly’s parents got married (dad-21 years old and mom 17 years old). It was arranged marriage between for Dolly’s parents.
Dolly maternal family was much richer and educated than her parental family. Dolly’s maternal family refuses to acknowledge Dolly’s family because they were poor and her dad was not educated at all. Dolly’s dad died at the age 59 years old. Mom has never been to work before. Dolly’s brothers had to take over the family responsibilities by working and going to school at the same time. Mom became a widow at the age of 49 and never got married again.

Other family members looked down on Dolly’s family because going against family rules set by granddad many years back. All Dolly’s siblings are married to different race and religion spouses.

Dolly is very close to all her siblings, nephew and nieces and mom, works and goes to graduate school same time. Dolly has been a lot of rough times in life. Always helps other and smiles all the time but hides all her wounds from other people.

Older sister – married to Pakistani and have
1- 19-boy
1- 17-girl
1- 11-gilr
1- 09 – boy
Older sister married a Hindu guy from a lower cast
Older brother – married Sikh Girl from lower cast
1- 4 year old boy
1- 2 years old boy

2nd Older brother – married to Sikh Girl from higher cast
1- 7- years old girl
1- 4 years old son

5th child is Dolly not married yet

6th child Dolly’s baby sister married to White man from USA and has no kids

Topic to be Covered in Genogram:-

1. Significant family events:-
- Death- dad/uncle and grand ma passed within six months
- Females are not allowed to go school and work- only Dolly’s and sister went to school and worked.
- Moved from Malaysia to Singapore for better education and job prospects.

2. Three family themes/Issues
- dad’ s family, all his brothers and mother died of heart attack
- all the family members on dad’s side illiterate and had many kids has socio economical problem/ everybody lived in joined family and only Dolly’s dad was supporting everyone else ( 40 family members)
- Only arrange marriages was allowed; older Cousion sister disagrees and married her own choice was disowned by family and not allowed to associate with her; consider her as death
3. Psychological impact of family events and themes:
- disowning sister ( if only parents could agree to her choice);
- if dad didn’t have to work all the time to support all the extended family members (uncles & aunties and their many kids).
- If only when dad passed away all the other family members could help Dolly’s mom and her siblings.

4. Reframe an experience –
- dad’s death and not having any income or savings. Dolly’s dad died of heart attack; he had to work despite knowing that he may die; he had to work to support his family and his brother and sisters and their many kids

5. What would you change in your family?
- Ensure my kids have the freedom to chose their life partner and will allow girls to go to school and wouldn’t mind if my daughter could help financially.
6. What from this information may impact you as a counselor?

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Title: counseling family genogram

Total Pages: 2 Words: 673 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Use this genogram

Pamela is a 29 y/o married female mother of 2 (one with development disorder). She has been married 10 yr. ??" there has been some conflict in the marriage. Over the past year they have been separated but they have now decided to get back together. She works for bio-father as a part time book keeper. She lives in Colorado Springs with her children and her husband.

She indicated that her mother and father were both married "8 or 9 times each" throughout her life. She was raised by her mother who had several abusive stepfathers. She did not see her bio-father much at all until she was an adult. He had a whole other family. She reports neglect from her mother growing up due to mom’s alcohol use. Her grandmother would have to intervene at times because there would be no food in the house. She reports that her mother, uncle and older sister are all diagnosed with bipolar.

She dropped out of school in 9th grade due to pregnancy. She had an abortion but her step father wouldn't let her go back to school because "everyone knew about it". She does have a GED. She indicated she did well in school from 1st-8th grade. For the past 10 years she has worked part time as a housecleaner and part time book keeper. She is presently working for her father.

She has been married since 19 to a man 4 years older than her. She states that he is controlling. They have two children together, one is a 7 year old who is autistic, and a 9 old.

She has been dealing with many stressors for the past year. Her husband went to jail for stealing for a few months this past spring. While her husband was in jail she became involved with a male who was a friend of her friend. She realizes that this was an affair. Her husband found out. She states that while she was with this person she was happy. She suspects all of her problems circle around her relationship with her husband. She thinks she needs to at least work on this relationship given their time together and the two children.

Carl was born in Pennsylvania but his parents moved to Florida when he was still a baby. He grew up in Clear Water Florida. In his childhood his mother went to prison for drug related charges and he lived with his aunt. He expressed being close to his aunt and lived at both his aunts and with his mother home when she came out of prison. He does not recall much about his father or any other male figure in his life. He moved to Colorado Springs when he was 20 - his mother and aunt still live in Florida.

He indicated he has learning difficulties and had trouble with school ??" he dropped out after 10th grade. He does have a GED. He went into construction. He worked for someone else for a time while in Florida and when he moved to Colorado he opened his own business. His business eventually failed due to financial problems and he started to work for his present wife’s father.

He was caught stealing equipment from a construction site in the winter and spent time in Jail in the spring due to this. He is now out of jail but not at home. He wants to get back together with his wife.

Both of them met in Colorado Springs and despite the difficulties over the past year both indicate they wish to work out the marriage.

Include the purpose and key elements of each part of the working agreement:

• Statements of confidentiality and informed consent
• Goals
• Roles, expectations, and responsibilities of all parties
• Intervention methods used to attain goals
• Frequency, duration, length, and location of the meetings
• Means of evaluation or measuring progress toward goal attainment
• How the working agreement can be renegotiated
• Consequences of either party not upholding the agreement and how unforeseen complications will be handled

Use the following resources as references
Outline for Assessment

Identifying and demographic information

Name, age, gender

Sexual orientation

Relationship status


Cultural or racial identities

Employment, education, training

Economic status, including problems or needs

Presenting problem or concern



Past treatment

Strengths and resources

Coping mechanisms

Social supports, including friends, cultural, and community networks

Cultural and spiritual beliefs and practices

Motivation and readiness for change


Family history

Significant developmental events

Effects of race, culture, sexual orientation, age, class, immigration, and other influences

Biopsychosocial stressors


Current or continuing

Psychological functioning

Behavioral observations

Cognitive or intellectual capacity and skills

Emotional/affective state and self-regulation

Health and biological factors

Physical health



Substance use, abuse, and dependence

Wellness activities (exercise, yoga, meditation, etc.)

Test results




DSM IV-TR diagnosis (all five axes)

Formulation or conceptualization

Dsm Axes

Axis I: Clinical Syndromes and Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention??"includes all diagnoses (except those listed in Axis II) or other conditions such as academic problems
Axis II: Personality Disorders or Mental Retardation??"chronic long-term conditions
Axis III: General Medical Conditions??"that are important to understanding the diagnosis and treatment or that may have a role in causing the disorder
Axis IV: Psychosocial and Environmental Problems??"problems that may affect diagnosis and treatment
Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning??"rating on a scale of 1??"100 of how well the person is currently functioning and may also include the highest level of functioning during the past year.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Case study: David has begun dating Beth who he met at the pool where he is a lifeguard. They have been getting along well for several months, with occasional blowups. Beth mentioned that she and her family had been to a Bowenian therapist earlier in the year, and she shared with David the genogram the therapist developed with them. Beth and David are thinking about getting married when Beth finishes high school next spring. They have decided to seek premarital counseling, and have chosen you as their therapist. What will you discuss with them, based on the genogram Beth brings to the first session?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: My genogram

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1296 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I will be sending a genogram with this assignment - feel free to embelish a little however, to give you a brief history: very close knit ties with brother Vince. Conflicted ties with brother John. Close relationships with parents. Closer relationship with fathers family (aunts /uncles etc) than my mothers family )aunts/uncles etc but no real problem)
never met my grandfather on my dads side as he passed away from heart attack before i was born. Never met grandmother on moms side as she passed away from MS
Feel free to embelish on some ideas of your own. just need a sense of these questions to elaborate

Describe the roles that you were expected to play and the significant relationships you had in your family of origin. Please use information from your genogram that you bring to seminar.

Describe one triangle in your family system that you participated in. Who were the other participants? What was the level of tension (low, moderate, or high)? Were you an insider or outsider and did your role in the triangle change? How did you maintain and/or challenge the homeostasis in your family system?

Using the roles and relationships you identified above, on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), assess and describe your level of self-differentiation.

How do you think your experiences with roles, relationships, level of self-differentiation, and triangles in your family system could be replayed in Social Service Worker field?

Describe how you would use the core concepts of differentiation, multigenerational transmission and triangles to understand client problems as a Social Service Worker.

Summary of what needs to be included in your paper
Provide an Introduction (.5 page)

Briefly introduce your topics in the order that they will appear.

This assignment will be written in an essay format (see above). Please make your paper no more than 5 pages and use double-spacing with 12pt font.

Read the posted article.

Thoroughly answer questions a) through e).
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