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Title: Genetic Modification

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Essay Instructions: Genetic modification, especially weaving in the extent to which genetically modified food has already become a major piece of our diets. The last paper I ordered from essay town needed some real work. I had to re-writing the whole paper. I am a very good student, but I am also a husband and father looking for some help. Please, can you guys do a good job for me?

I am very grateful.

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Title: A large portion food supply United States Genetically Modified Organisms The FDA determined labeling GMO products ingesting a GMO food The food manufacturer states NO GMO foods products ingredients

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Essay Instructions: A large portion of the food supply in the United States is from Genetically Modified Organisms. The FDA has determined that no labeling is necessary for GMO products so no one really knows whether they are ingesting a GMO food or not. The only way to know is if the food manufacturer clearly states ?NO GMO? foods or products in the ingredients. There are a lot of unanswered questions and concerns about whether this is safe for people and the environment. Because of this, I believe it is important for you to research the pros and cons of GMOs and understand the process completely to be an informed source on the subject.

? Create a research paper on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). The paper needs to be at least 1000 words long with four references and no Wikipedia references. One of the references should be One of the other references can include a movie like ?The Future of Food.? This movie is available on Hulu for free or even accessed via YouTube or Netflix. Research Monsanto at links like Or the movie ?The World According to Monsanto? which is also available via Youtube for free. Look around. There are a lot of resources like this. I expect your report to contain information from these websites so ensure that whatever you choose, it is thorough.

? Explain, in detail, the process of genetic modification of an organism. That is, how do they do it? What are the sources of the genetic material that is used for modification? How do they insert the material into the gene being modified?

? Explain the pros and cons of the process of genetic modification.

? What are the personnel conflicts of interest that have occurred between the FDA and Monsanto? Think of the ?fox supervising the hen house? when you research this. The answers are in the sources I recommended above.

? Should the FDA require food to be labeled GMO?

? There are three concerns with GMOs that scientists have. One is to humans, one is to the environment, and one is to the long-term food supply. Please elaborate and explain each these.

? What foods that you eat every day contain GMOs. Did you know this? What resources are there to help you to make more informed choices when shopping?

? Provide a Conclusion of your research.

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines

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Title: Environmetnal Crime

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Essay Instructions: Two separate questions to be answered. Both research essay form. Not to be mixed into one paper. 3 pages each. each needs to be at least 750 words.

1. What are the environmental consequences of the current style of economic globalization? How can its impacts on developing nations be minimized? (3 pages)

2. What are the primary reasons for, and potential environmental consequences of, genetic modification of food organisms? Do you feel it is a good practice or one that should be curtailed? Explain. 3 pages)

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Works Cited:

Works Cited

Cook, Guy. Genetically Modified Language: The Discourse of Arguments for GM Crops and Food. New York: Routledge, 2004.

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Title: Genetics

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Essay Instructions: I have the sources for this-
The Task
Augmenting or eliminating genes has been done for centuries in nature?Xcrossbreeding in animals like lions with tigers, countless cross-pollinating plants, selective human mating by region. But only recently, within the last two hundred years, have humans taken a direct hand in this process, more significant than choosing seeds to plant; the genesis beginning with Mendal in the mid 1800s as he was selecting which pea pods would be used to produce future pea pod plants and the most recent being the cloning of Dolly the sheep and the "designer baby" case.

While this and other advancements open up many possibilities for human enhancement and error correction at the genetic level, many are concerned with the socioeconomic implications in terms of access for all, with the society we will create if these advances are allowed to mature, with the influence that the very few (the rich, the biotech industries, the first world nations) will have over the rest of our and other's society. Consider this as you choose one of the following topics, thoroughly grounding your position using the assigned readings/films. While your own opinion may ignite the paper, ignoring the primary texts/not citing source will certainly extinguish it.

What are the possible problems associated with gene therapy, either for error correction (as in alcoholism, cancer, sickle-cell anemia) or for genetic enhancement (as in augmentation for height, eye color and acuity, intelligence) and where, if anywhere, would you draw the line. When considering this, ground your argument in the way that class levels (look at language use, access to a lifestyle, happiness, etc.) play out in Gattaca/Brave New World, gathering further support from the readings in the reader. (Still further, what do you know of class from the previous texts?)

Consider the capitalist angle of: anything to make a buck. Given our present system of consumerism with the heavy emphasis on image as presented in advertising, how is cloning or genetic modification of any kind problematic in our capitalistic and consumeristic society? Consider the issue of who gets access to genetic modifications when discussing this, and again, ground your take specifically in Brave New World/Gattaca/readings. For further consdieration from a capitalist perspective, look at Milton Friedman's "Social Responsibility."

Consider our history of natural selection. The explanations offered by Darwin in his essay natural selection offers up another perspective on "the survival of the fittest," whether the "fittest" were determined in the arena of our environment or by our own hands. Given this perspective, are the modifications to the human body any more unusual/detrimental/better than any in our past? Further, what will it mean to be human when there is the very real possibility to modify the human body in significant ways by our own hands?

If one aspect of religion is as a tool of social contol as discussed by Huxley in the "Foreword," what do you make of the social control in Brave New World. Compare what you know of religions with this world, asking yourself if Brave New World seems any better in what it promises with what other religions promise. What are the prices of either and, if you were to choose, which way would you go? (As a bonus angle, look at The Matrix and the idea of the red/blue pill presented to Neo at the beginning of the film as a choice of how one can see the world; and still further, check out Huxley's Doors of Perception to see further discussion of his ideas.) Regardless, thoroughly ground your position in the assigned readings/films.

From a race/class perspective, draw parallels between the treatment of people in Brave New World/Gattaca and people today or how people may act in the future once genetic engineering begins to take hold to our social fabric. Again, using previous material may help you to make your case here.


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Weiss, Rick. "Test-Tube Baby Born To Save Ill Sister: Genetic Selection By Colorado Parents May Herald an Era." Washington Post, October 3, 2000., The Washington Post Company, 2000.

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