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Title: gap

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Essay Instructions: This is a problem and solution essay. my problem is "generation gap between parents and children".please provide 3 solutions to solve this problem. please write clear and srtong thesis statement; provide strong detailed information to suport body paragraphs and don't summary the conclution.maximum resources is 3.

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Title: Managing People bridging the generation gap

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Essay Instructions: As a case analysis using an article from BusinessWeek, Sept 1, 2007, pp.60-61 "Bridging the Generation Gap, I need this question answered about the case article but not in the question-answer format:
"Personnel selection decisions typically are based on the fit for one person for one job. In what way does Randstad's use of partnership teams alter the typical way one might think about selection decisions?" Also needed is the differences between Gen Y'r and the older generations of those in thier 50/60 age groups.
This paper has to have an introduction, intext citations and no less than 3 references. Research or citations need to be of published articles from reputable journals.

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Post Modernism Related to the Workplace
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What are the long range effects of the generation gap in the workplace and how will organizational leaders deal with a possible solution? (1/2 pg)
Why is it important to conduct a study to investigate the generation gap between baby boomers and gen X in the workplace. (1/2 pg)
From a seminal and scholarly how does education and attitudes influences the relationships between baby boomers and generation x? (2 pgs)

What are the major workplace conflicts between baby boomers and generation x? (1 pg)

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Essay Instructions: I need a five page on modernism and post-modernism as it relate to the workplace between Baby Boomers and Generation X.

Two page paper on the workplace generation gap between baby boomers and generation x...also
this must include a description what is the generation gap (PhD) level....

This paper must be written on a PhD level as it will be included in the literature review....and not traceable through "turn-in"...

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