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Title: The General Prologue

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Choose and analyze a portrait from The General Prologue. Can you detect irony in the choice of details or in the tone? What is the pilgrim?s ?degree? ?i.e., rank ? and can you compare him with other pilgrims?

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Title: Pardoner's Tale

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Essay Instructions: Again, you know the drill. I would like this to be done by the latest 6:00AM EST (although 7:00AM is the limit) because of all the confusions regarding this order that we've been through. I'm just trying to try out different credit cards. Earlier the better.

Answer these questions thoroughly.

Make sure you write the title of the set of questions as well as the number before each answer, so I know which question you are answering.

Chaucer's CANTERBURY TALES (General Prologue)

1. One of Chaucer's great character descriptions is of the Pardoner:
a.) What image suggests his lack of manliness and his effeminacy? Why do you think Chaucer would portray the Pardoner this way?
b.) A goat is usually considered a lecherous animal. What image associates the Pardoner with a goat? Why does Chaucer depict him thusly?
c.) What images does Chaucer use to describe the Pardoner's eyes?
d.) What images describe his hair and what do you think is the impression Chaucer wants you to glean from this description?
e.) How do these images, taken all together, make you feel about the Pardoner?

2.) Chaucer satirizes the Church of his time in the Prologue. Show how this is true in the Pardoner's description.

3.) In describing the pilgrims, Chaucer reveals things about his own personality, biases, and values. What do you see revealed in the Pardoner?

Questions re: "Prologue to The Pardoner's Tale"

1.) Why do you think the Pardoner is so honest about his vices?
2.) What does the Pardoner's use of Biblical and historical allusions add to his character?

Questions re: "The Pardoner's Tale"

1.) According to the Pardoner's Tale, why are the three rioters looking for Death?
2.) What does the old man tell the three rioters? How do they treat him?
3.) What plan do the rioters form together? Explain how this plan proves fatal to all three men.
4.) How do the little tavern knave and the publican use personification to describe Death? Explain how the rioters' response to the personification is ironic.
5.) What do you think the poor old man symbolizes?
6.) How many layers of irony can you identify in this story? (Did the rioters, for one thing, really find Death under the tree?)
7.) Describe the contrast between the ethics of the Pardoner as described in the Prologue and the moral of the sermon he preaches. How would you account for the psychology of the Pardoner: Is he truly evil? Is he just drunk? Or is he so used to cheating that he does it automatically?
8.) What is Chaucer satirizing in the Pardoner's Tale?
9.) How does greed bring down the characters?
10.) What moral does the Pardoner want us to draw from this tale? (What is his intention in telling it?) What moral do you think Chaucer wants you to draw from the whole story of the Pardoner?
11.) How might this story have humbled its listeners and what effect might this humbling have on the listeners?
12.) Do people with the Pardoner's ethics and tricks still exist today - in any field of life? Explain.

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Title: chaucer

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Essay Instructions: Please respond to the following questions:answers should be 1 page doublespaced for each question.

1. From the Cantabury Tales by Geoffery Chaucer, discuss whether the Knight's description in the general prologue fulfills or contradicts expectations of what the character should be like in the rest of the book.
2.Making reference to both elements of plot and language, discuss whether you think the end of the Knight's Tale is positive or negative.
3.Comparing the tales of the miller and Reeve, discuss which tale you think is funnier and why.

The only references that should be used is the book itself

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Essay Instructions: The questions call for approx. 150-word answers.
(Points: 17)
1. Describe Dante the character in the Inferno and the reasons why he is characterized as a sort of foolish, blundering figure.
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(Points: 17)
Does the Inferno still speak to us today? Why or why not?
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(Points: 17)
What do the final sins in the lowest points of Hell reveal about Dante's thoughts on what keeps society functioning?
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(Points: 17)
The Decameron includes a frame story about the plague in Florence in 1348. How does it affect the meaning of the stories told within this frame? Would they work just as well without it?
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(Points: 17)
Discuss Ghismonda from The Decameron and the Wife of Bath from Canterbury Tales as female role models in their time and today.
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(Points: 17)
Discuss the theme of love in Shakespeare's Sonnet 130, "My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun."
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(Points: 17)
One of the pairs of opposites in Don Quixote is idealism versus realism. What is Don Quixote's quest about?

Stories used:
Boccaccio p. 849, from The Decameron p. 850
Geoffrey Chaucer p. 876, from The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue p. 885
Chaucer continued: Prologue to Wife of Bath's Tale p. 904 and The Wife of Bath's Tale p. 924
Sunjata p. 21-47 (Anthology Book III)
Cervantes p. 257, from Don Quixote p. 262 (Anthology Book III)
Wu Ch’Eng-En p. 832, from Monkey p. 837-911 (Anthology Book III)
William Shakespeare p. 104, Sonnet 18 p. 105 and Sonnet 130 p. 106

Excerpt From Essay:

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