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Title: Gender

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the questions below 2 pages each.
Thank you..

1. Define the terms sex, gender, and gender socialization. How are these three concepts related to each other? What gender expectations do we have of men and women? Give at least three specific examples. In what ways do traditional gender expectations facilitate personal development, and in what ways do they inhibit personal development? From a newspaper or newsmagazine, select four photographs of men and women showing the following: a woman performing traditional female activities, a woman performing nontraditional female activities, a man performing traditional male activities, and a man performing nontraditional male activities. Briefly give your interpretation of each picture. (If you have a scanner, scan the photographs and attach them to your submission. If you do not have a scanner, provide your mentor with full bibliographic information so that she or he can locate the photographs.)

2. What has been the common characterization of family in the Western world in the twentieth century? Why has it been idealized as a private world--that is, one where conflicts are supposed to be self-contained and without intervention from the state? Why do feminists support the idea of public intervention in family policy? Analyze the history of child care in the twentieth century and, using child care as an example, discuss ways that public intervention can produce effective policies and practices.

Please use the following as one of your references if possible:
Thinking About Women: Sociological Perspectives on Sex and Gender, 7th ed., by Margaret L. Andersen (Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon, 2006).

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Global Women Writers - Key Terms and Definitions. Online available at

Married Women's Employment, Gender Socialization, and Divorce Rates.(2008) eSSORTMENT Online available at

Michel, Sonya (1999) Child Interests/Mother's Rights: The Shaping of America's Child Care Policy. Yale University Press. New Haven, CT.

Kryzanowski and Stewin (1985) Development implications in Youth Counseling: Gender Socialization" International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling 1985.

Hsieh, Diana Mertz (1996) Putting the Sex Back into Gender: A Tentative Theory of Femininity and Sexuality. 6 May 1996 Washing University in St. Louis, Topics in Feminist Philosophy Class. Online available at

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Title: What Does the Media Teach Us About Gender

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Essay Instructions: Compare the most recent edition of at least 4 magzines; one news, one targeted to men, and one targeted to women. These magazines cannot be of a sexual nature (e.g. playboy, etc.) Analyze the advertisements in these magazines from a sociological perspective with regards to what the say about men and women, gender expectations and gender socialization. In writing your report: 1) Write a brief introduction citing what researchers claim the media's role in socialization is. 2) Write a methods section where you describe the typesnof magazines (title and a brief description of the focus of the magqazine)you used and why you chose them. to conduct this study, you ned to code the advertisements. I sugest you a)Keep track of the number of total advertisements for each magazine and the number that just feature men, the number just featuring women, and the number of both. b) Code the individual advertisements acording to the portrayal of men and women's roles. I suggest you code them along 3 dimensions-Traditional (e.g., fpr women, the woman in the ad may be coking or cleaning), the nontraditional role (if a man was doing these behaviors) or gender neutral (e.g., standing around w/o any hint to relationship with other people in the ad) You are fre to use other catagoriezations, but regardles of what you chose, inyour methods section you ned to identify how you catagorized the people in the ads and explain (you can list these) what behaviors/ expresions/ poses are grouped into each category. 3) For the result section, present a table with the number of ads in each category for each group of magazines (male & female) How do the numbers compare? 4) Finaly, what do the depictions say about men and women's roles in society? What are the implications for gender socialization, both for young children who may flip through the magazine to lok at the pictures and for continuing socialization that we experience in adulthod? What are your views about this?

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Title: Gender Socialization of Children

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Essay Instructions: You have been awarded a large grant to conduct sociological research. Write a 'proposal for social research' on the following topic:

"The role of video games in gender socialization of children growing up. For example, what would parents buy their 9 year old son on his birthday and would it be different if it was a daughter. Also the effects of video games on the age groups that play them."

Though you are detailing the steps in creating a research design and choosing a research method, you are not required to actually conduct the research.

The proposal must comprise of the following:

1) Introduction (1-2 pages) = Defines the issue that is worth studying. Introduce the reader to the topic.

2) Literature Review (3-5 pages) = Encapsulates what others have said on your subject of investigation, or a similar subject. This section summarized and critiques the range of debates on your subject matter. This is the section that involves library research and finding 4 scholarly "texts" (such as books and sociology journal articles), and then writing a review on these sources that are directly or closely tied to your topic.

3) Thesis or hypothesis (1/2-1 page) = Tells the reader what you expect to find prior to your data analysis and why. Making a speculation about what you may find in terms of an answer...maybe address a question that was neglected in prior research.

4) Data and Methods (1-2 pages) = This section explains how you will conduct/design your research, what kind of data you intend to collect, and how you will collect it. (empirical research). This is the completely imaginary section so be creative. Types of methods are either quantitative (research that uses numbers and statistics) or qualitative (interviews, participant observation, etc.) or both.

5) Findings and Analysis (1-2 pages) = This section summarizes and discusses how you intend to analyze the major research findings from your study, and addresses your original thesis.

6) Conclusion (1/2-1 page) = End of paper with brief summary.

Intended Thesis of topic = Video games are mostly geared towards a male audience than female. In the eyes of both the video game developers and the parents of male children, boys from the age of about 9 - 25 are the only consumers that will play video games. Attempts have been made to put a feminine voice in the industry, from Feminist activists protesting to having dominant female roles in games (ex. Lara Croft) or games solely based on females, (ex. Barbie games), but video games are mainly played by males. An unfortunate side effect to this is that a few game genres (ex. survival, horror, First-person shooting) are highly violent and do show up in the behaviors of the males who play it. A perfect example is the Playstation 2 game Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar, where the purpose of the game is to complete missions of violent nature, such as assassinations and theft. Impressionable minds can easily be waivered into acting out these atrocious acts in real life...only problem is, when they get shot, they don't come back to full health like in the game.

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Violent Video Games Affecting our Children.

Grand Theft Auto' creators sued for $100m over killing.(News)

Computers, video games, and literacy: What do girls think?(Statistical Data Included)

Popular video games: quantifying the presentation of violence and its context.(Industry Overview)

The effect of video games on feelings of aggression.

Video and computer games: effect on children and implications for health education.

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Title: how gender specific behaviour is imposed on children

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Essay Instructions: the question is,
"Boys and girls are socialized from a young age to behave in gender appropriate ways. An individual who deviates from these gender expectations may be criticized, ridiculed, or even punished. Reflecting on yout own childhood write two examples in which you or someone you know failed to conform to genderexpectations. What was the result of this failure to conform? What did you learn from these experiences? Search gender role or gender socialization to find at least two research articles about how gender-specific behaviour is imposed on children. Using your own experience and your research as examples, discuss your thoughts about why gender conformity is so strictly enforced, what is the influence of the media in encouraging children to self-impose gender-specific behaviours, and whether one sex is more likely that the other to be penalized for failing to conform to gender stereotypes. Do you think boys and girls in our society have recently gained more leeway in deciding to adopt a variety of masculine and feminine behaviours? Give examples.

Please respond to all the questions that are asked and insert some quotations also. Thank you very much.

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Kortenhaus, Carole. "Gender Role Stereotyping in Children's Literature: An Update." Sex Roles a Journal of Research. February, 1993.

Peters, John. "Gender Socialization of Adolescents in the Home: Research and Discussion." Adolescence. Winter, 1994.

Witt, Susan. "Parental Influence on Children's Socialization to Gender Roles." Adolescence. Summer, 1997.

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