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Title: Hi I essay gender issues communication work human development leadership focus diversity source make quotation mention writer year essay follow instruction attachment question inform

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Essay Instructions: Hi, please I want essay about "gender issues in communication in work"
in human development and leadership.

focus in diversity, the source make them new
the quotation used you should mention the writer name and the year in the essay
please follow all the instruction in the attachment.
if you have any question please inform me.


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Works Cited:


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Title: gender issues

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Essay Instructions: this is an action research paper about gender issues/problems in physical education classes in middle school. Please include an introduction: why am i exploring this topic? how did i get into this?
Literature review: 1)Studies/findings (6-8 references) journals, web, newspapers
2) pros and cons
Procedures/methods used: what materials did i use to come up w/ the findings, ie interviews etc.
Findings: what are my findings from the interviews etc.
conclusion: what do the findings mean? do my findings match the research i found?

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Dollman, J. (2003). "A problem-based approach to teaching exercise physiology: Gender differences in athletic performance." The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 74(9): 37

Humberstone, B. (1990). "Warriors or wimps? Creating alternative forms of physical education." In G.E. Hutchinson, Gender fair teaching in physical education, JOPERD: 66(1).

Hutchinson, G.E. "Gender-fair teaching in physical education." The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 66(1): 42

Olasov, L. & Ryan, C.A. (2000). "Mentoring for success female university students and at risk middle school girls." The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 71(9): 37

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS). (1997). Physical activity and sport in the lives of girls. Minneapolis: Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport, University of Minnesota.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (1996). Physical activity and health: A report of the Surgeon General. Atlanta: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Title: Gender issue in American slavery history

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Essay Instructions: Harriet Jacobs wrote that slavery is "so much worse for women." While we can never hope to judge degrees of suffering, it is certainly true that the narratives of bother Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass have shown us that the experience of slavery could be extremely DIFFERENT for men and women. Using evidence from the texts to support your arguments, your paper should identify some of these differences, and explain why gender issues played a particularly powerful role in shaping the experience of slavery in America.

The source can only come from the two texts
1. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (pg.323-436)
2. Incidents in the Life of a slave girl (pg.437-668)

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Title: gender issues Role of women in modern texts

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Essay Instructions: Texts-"tender is the night" by Fritzgerald
"Go tell it on the mountain" by Baldwin
"passing" by Larson
- Address gender issues: the roles of women in the above "modern" texts and the problems they encounter. How is this representation of women central to the understanding of the modern era. (help hints: Advance this theory by quoting from and describing /summarizing the texts. what patterns emerge from the texts. what does this tell us about modernity as well as the various authors who contributed to the unique vision of this era?)

You can also use the following texts:
Modern lifes: A cultural re-reading of "the lost generation" by Dolan, Marc.
Ch. 4 and 14 of "love in the machine age" by Dell, Floyd

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