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Essay Instructions: Gender inequality is the topic/thesis. this paper needs structure and evidence and analysis. I am rasing my eight year old neice and I want her to be able to achieve her education and career goals with minimal discrimination. The course this paper is for is Sociology. the main topic is gender inequality in education. I would like to also include areas of nature vs nuture, biology vs culture and a global perspective around Gender inequality. Othere areas can be touched on such as gender inequality in healthcare, feminism, gender and violence.

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Essay Instructions: I am currently studying Social Science in Hong Kong. My essays title is "Gender", that means all aspects about gender inequalityin HK.
First paragraph must be an introduction to what is gender inequality...and that the issue is one of the most controversial in HK society. Last part must be some suggestions on how to better cope with the situation and conclusion. The most important is the middle part which may consists of many paragraphs, may talk about gender roles, gender stereotypes and gender inequality particularly in the workplace or reflect the number of females involving in professional jobs is still smaller than that of males eventhough the overall education level of females in HK already risen to a level as high as that of the opposite sex. On the other hand, u may add some actual implementations or legislation of HK government, e.g. HK laws regarding gender inequality and how HK government actualize it by signing United Nations Agreement like "Beijing Platform for Action"...May also talks about how females are rejected to participate in religious events, eg. we will never see a female "priest" etc...
You may use the power point information that I attached to you. For the text you can't read, that is the newspaper content regarding the Abercrombie and Fitch grand opening in Hong Kong that reflected how crazy HK women are against naked male models. No one said naked male models were immoral, but if the same thing happens in Mong Kok while sexy female models are hired to celebrate the opening of a SPA (some of these SPAs in HK provided sex services for male customers), people will criticise that these sexy girls (as well as the SPA) and the way the SPA used as marketing strategy are immoral and that in Chinese dominant city like Hong Kong is not encouraged, agreed or allowed.

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Title: Gender Inequality

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2806 Sources: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This paper is to 8 fully typed pages long. It must include an introduction (2 pages) and a literature review (3 pages) and body (3 pages). The paper should address the importance of studying gender analysis and gender inequality. Scholarly sources must be consulted. No internet sources, graphics, charts or other "filler" information is to be included in the eight pages. Only journal articles and other scholarly works. The paper should reflect graduate level research.

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Title: the Internet and gender inequality

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1772 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: IS there a relationship between the Internet and gender inequality? In answering this question, you may narrow down a topic to figure out how the Internet makes gender inequality a more serious problem . Also, be sure discuss any policies and approach that have been recommended to address inequality, or to gain a better understanding of it.

Also, for this research paper, you must use a minimum of 4 outside research sources, which should be scholarly sources such as academic books and journal articles. This is in addition to the regular readings of the recommended articles, which must also be used if they are relevant to your topic.

The recommended articles are :
1) Julian Dibbell. My Tiny Life : Crime and Passion in a Virtual World, First Edition, 1998, Holt, pp.11-30.

2)James Brook & Iain Boal, eds., Resisting the Virtual Life : The Culture and Politics of Information, 1995, City Lights Books, pp.49-57.

Format :1) papers should have an introduction, body and conclusion. You may laso use subheadings.
2) It is recommended that somewhere in the body of your paper you include a " literaure review" in which you comare and contrast the riews and/or findings of different authors.
3) APA style documentation

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