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Essay Instructions: For this paper I will need to Establish and Argue a Position and the position I have choosen is Gay Parenting issues. I am pro Gay Parenting and currently feel that the sexual orientation of a person or persons should not effect parenting skills. Single parents adopt and rasie children who have been successful in life, why should gay parenting be any diffent? For this paper we are using the Toulmin Model: Making a Claim, Offering Support, Warrants, or underlying assumption, Qualification and rebuttal: the establishment of a position. Please, contact me with regards to any questions and please make this original.

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Title: use paradigms to compare cold war to cultue wars

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Essay Instructions: in a well organized essay, compare the difference between the cold war and the contemporary culture wars in the united states (arab discrimination, gay parenting, abortion exc.) in both instances The Two Macro Sociological Paradigms Must be used to explain and compare. the paradigms are structural functional and social conflict. It should be quoted and sited, edited and proff read. with a title

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Title: Canadian Families

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Essay Instructions: Pick any of the following topics

· same sex families
· lesbian/gay parenting
· aboriginal families and colonialism
· immigrant families
· ethnic and racialised minority families
· new reproductive technologies and Canadian families
· domestic labour and the family in Canada
· women and divorce law in Canada
· divorce and custody in canada
· the family and state policies
· women, work and childcare issues
· the gender division of labour in the family
· work and the family
· child abuse and Canadian law
· single parent families and poverty in Canada
· care-giving and the elderly in Canadian families

Grading and criteria for research essay

Its worth 30% of final mark- will be evaluated on a 30-point scale based on the following criteria:
1. content: ( 15 points) adequately addressing the topic with an emphasis on Canadian families, and critical analysis that considers the strengths and the weaknesses of the research sources in light of the paper’s main research argument. Avoid relying too heavily on summarizing and/or describing your research sources or simply describing a problem. You must engage the sources and critically apply them to your argument ( i.e thesis) . your analysis should address why and how this social problem occurs. The paper should emphasize HOW this social phenomenon becomes normalized in our society, in other words, examine the social process by which this social phenomenon occurs and is legitimated in our society as normative.
2. Clarity of argument ( 5 points) Focus, direction and logical organization and integration of ideas in a well structured argument. Do you have a thesis statement? Your paper should have an obvious clear concise one-sentence thesis. Your thesis statement clearly states in one sentence the argument of your paper.
3. Structure and organization (5 points) paper should inclue the following components a: introduction: clearly stating your thesis argument and the specified points you will be arguing in the paper b: body of paper: where you develop your argument with support from your reference sources. C: conclusion: links your main ideas together.
4. Proper referencing style and grammar: ( 5 points) both direct quotes and an authors idea must be reference in your paper. APA is the preferred referencing style. An on-line style guide of how to use APA is available at All referencing citations must include the authors name and the year of the publication. Your references in your bibliography must include the authors name, the year of the publication, the exact and complete title of the article/book, the publishers name, the city of publication and (journals or book chapter) page numbers.

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