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Essay Instructions: Grand Canyon Style
Having friends from the wrong crowd
Thesis sentence: Hanging out with friends from the wrong crowd can lead to bad choices.
I. Major 1st point- Bad habits
a. Example 1- Smoking/chewing tobacco
1. Specific details- Peer pressure from friends to smoke.
2. Specific details- Usage of tobacco can cause cancer
b. Example 2- Addiction
1. Specific details- Nicotine
2. Specific details- Side of effects
II. 2nd major point- Gang
a. Example 1- Gang affiliated
1. Specific details- Fight
2. Specific details- Drug
b. Example 2- Party
1. Specific details- Alcohol
2. Specific details- Potential to get killed in car accident
III. 3rd major point- Disrespecting the law
a. Example 1- Speeding
1. Specific details- Racing
2. Specific details- Illegal installation of Nitrous Oxide

My name is Michael and my friends are Albert, Daniel, and Corrine. Please use other names if needed
This outline will be a narrative story (3-4 pages).

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: *to write this order INT& INT2.docx must be read (uploaded), BankHansford2000.docx is an example, the structure of this report need follow this example*

Topic: Qualitative Data Analysis Report

Course: Social science (undergraduate)

The assignment addresses the following research issue:

The experience and meaning of friendship

You will specifically answer the following research questions:
? How is friendship defined and identified?
? What makes someone a good friend?
? Do males and females perceive friendship differently?
To answer this question you will conduct a qualitative analysis of interviews conducted with two undergraduate students about their experience of friendship - one male and one female. You will investigate the ways that the individuals define friendship, and how these concepts are exemplified in personal experience. In particular you will investigate the ways that good friendship is defined and explore whether differences exist between the male and the female.

Report Structure
The report should be between 1800-2200 words (not including references and diagrams). Excessively long assignments will be penalized.

You should refer to this Marking Guide as you prepare your assignment, as it will help you identify the criteria that will be applied to your work by the marker.

The Report must include the following sections:

1. Introduction.This section should include:
? a general introduction that tells what the report is about
? a clear statement of the questions that the report addresses
? a definition of key terms such as what is meant by 'friendship', and the gender differences that have previously been observed, placing it in the context of the current literature, theory or debate.

2. Methods.This section should:
? indicate the source of data.
? describe the sample
? provide a brief statement of how you analysed the interviews (the concepts and categories and the links between them)
? discuss any ethical issues that could have arisen in devising this research design

3. Analysis.This should be the main section of your report. This section should:
? identify the parts of the interviews that were subject to analysis
? provide a list of the key categories identified for the two participants, you may want to use a diagram to show this
? describe the meaning of each of the categories you have used
? address the question as to which categories displayed the greatest variation and which categories displayed the least variation between the informants.
? provide a theoretically informed interpretation of what the interviews reveal with respect to the research question. In other words, answer the research questions and reflect on how your answer fits with past research.
? Identify any limitations of the study

4. Conclusion.This section should summarize your findings and provide an answer to the questions set out in your introduction.

5. Reference list.References are required for this assignment. Use Harvard referencing and list references in alphabetical order. Do not include papers you have not actually referenced in your report.

Report presentation
To correctly present your assignment, you should check that you have followed these rules:

? The data source used for the analysis has been acknowledged.
? I have run a spell-check through my document.
? I have used double-spacing in my report, and not single-spacing or 1.5 spacing.
? The Report is printed on A4 paper.
? All pages include a HEADER with my student ID
? I have used only Arial font, 12 point size for the main text of my report.
? Spacing of main text is double spacing or one-and-a-half spacing.
? I have provided adequate margins for marker's comments.
? "It's" only has an apostrophe when it is a contraction of "it is"; "Its" does not require an apostrophe when it is a possessive pronoun (e.g. "Its value was..."; not "It's value was...")
? 'Media' and 'data' are plural (eg 'the data are' not 'the data is'; 'these data' not 'this data'). Medium and datum are the singular (eg TV is a medium, TV and radio are media).
? Numerals with four digits do not need a comma (e.g. 7623 rather than 7,623).
? Numerals with more than four digits require a comma (e.g. 17,623 rather than 17623).
? I have not begun a sentence with Arabic numerals; I have spelt the number out in Roman letters (eg 'Forty two per cent of people commented...' not '42% of people commented...').
? Do not use the '&' sign; use 'and'
? For any number greater than ten, use numerals unless it is the first word of a sentence.
? Do not give a word an initial capital letter simply because it is an important word; only proper nouns require a capital letter (e.g. the socioeconomic status of a household, not the Socioeconomic status of a household).
? Do not use underlining; for emphasis use either boldface or italics.
? Do not number headings and subheadings.
? Do not write in the first person.
? Do not include a Table of Contents.
? Do not include an Executive Summary

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Personal

Total Pages: 2 Words: 544 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This essay is for admissions essay for UC Berkeley. I'm applying as a transfer student to their business undergraduate program.

The topic for the essay is:
How do your friends describe you? Do you agree or disagree ? Why/Why not?

My background: I'm an international student from Korea, female, age 25. I have lived in different countries throughout my life, I'm fluent in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English. I worked in the fashion industry before I decided to go back to school again, to broaden my career path. After I graduate, I want to be a marketing planner and I think my knowledge of Asian cultures and languages will be a strong advantage.

How other people could describe me as: high maintenance, opinionated, achiever, independent, leader, hard-ass

How I think of myself: I’m not shy about voicing my opinions; I like to say what’s right and wrong. I want what I want and I’m always determined to get it. I’m not afraid to try new things; I’m a challenger and an open minded person.

Although all the above things are true, my top priority is ‘keeping up’. Keeping up with witticism, news, knowledge. I don’t like to show people my weak side, although I’m actually sensitive and emotional (not irrational) inside. Even if I come on strong, I might actually be very nervous and scared inside. I like to challenge myself, in another word, I’m a fighter.
This essay requires to be approximately 500 words.
I would like to make the essay stand out and have a strong impression. It may be risky but the essay could be dramatic, unique in writing style, use irony, beginning with a negative note and turn it into a negative one etc. (whatever feels right with the topic) But the writing style can't be too casual, it would be great if it could be both interesting and professional at the same time.

I just want this essay to say something about me that would make the college want to pick me. Someone who's capable of being logical and rational but at the same time caring and thoughtful.

About the topic: the things that will be discussed in the essay doesn't have to come all from the words that I used to describe myself, please feel free to put different ideas if it seems better.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: fast food nation chapter two your trusted friends

Total Pages: 3 Words: 866 Sources: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I'm assigned to write about the book "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser, chapter 2 "your trusted friends." the assignment is to write 3-5 pages and if i could get a little bit over three pages(three and two line for example). by the way, I'm a international student therefore if you can write as simple as possible. I will send you a couple of my essays that I wrote by myself to analyze my writing.

Excerpt From Essay:

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