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Essay Instructions: Research Paper on Foster care add information How the foster care system work at Coachella Valley California.
Book Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect Cynthia Crosson-Tower

Part I. Foster care is a harsh reality for many children in our society. After reading Chapter 15, answer the following questions:

1. How is the effectiveness of Foster Care often inhibited?
2. What are the advantages of foster care? What are some of the disadvantages?
3. What is the role of foster parents?
Part II. Explore the process of becoming a foster parent is in your community Coachella Valley California. You can go online and search for local information. Answer the following questions:
1. How long is the process?
2. What are the qualifications a person interested in becoming a foster parent must have?
3. Is there any training involved? How long is the training process?
4. Overall, is the process simple or difficult to accomplish?
Please write approximately 5 pages, and use 1 inch margins as well as 12 point Times New Roman or 10 point Arial.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: 1.Review the following scenario:
?A recent policy was implemented by Anytown?s Department of Job and Family Services regarding the issue of child endangerment. Any household that has one or more documented offense of domestic violence, child abuse, or drug or alcohol related offenses committed by the mother, father, guardian, and/or caregiver, will result in the removal of any child or children from the home.
?The child will be placed in the care of the state, or foster care services, until documentation can prove that the offender has undergone any or all of the following, and has thus been ?offense free? for a period of no less than six months: alcohol and/or drug treatment, counseling, family therapy sessions, mental health treatment, anger management, life skills classes, and/or parenting classes.
?The Department of Job and Family Services made reference to the social learning theory as providing support for this approach, as evidenced by research indicating that ?aggressive children have parents who use similar tactics when dealing with others. For example, the children of wife batterers are more likely to use aggressive tactics themselves than children in the general population, especially if the victims (their mothers) suffer psychological distress from the abuse? (Siegel, 2007, p. 110).
2.In a minimum of four double-spaced pages (excluding the cover and references pages) write a critical essay voicing your opinion about the following issues:
?Identify potential ethical / moral issues that could arise from implementing this new policy. Based on the conclusions you reach after taking all of this into account, share your opinion on whether the policy is considered an ethical one, based on its potential ramifications.
?Consider the impact (be it positive or negative) on those involved in the above situation, specifically as it pertains to the overall welfare and well-being of the child. Describe the positive and/or negative impact the policy could have on society in general, or on the family unit. Be as objective as possible in examining the potential benefits of such a policy, as well as the possible negative effects.
?Finally, did the Department of Job and Family Services misinterpret or misapply the social learning theory when planning and implementing the policy? Be sure to demonstrate how the social learning theory either does or does not apply to this scenario.
Directions for Submitting your Assignment

The paper should:

?Have a minimum length of four pages, excluding cover page and references page
?Contain a minimum of two references
?Contain a viewpoint and purpose that is clearly established and sustained
?Follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
?Be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful
?Display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics
?Follow appropriate citation style
You should also make sure to:

?Include a title page with full name, class name, section number, and date
?Include an introductory and concluding paragraph and demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English
?Use double-space and Arial or Times New Roman in 12 point font size
?Use examples to support your discussion
?Cite all sources on a separate reference page at the end of your paper and cited within the body of your paper using APA format

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: foster care

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3339 References: 7 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: i want a paper on foster care, i want it to talk about the following things which are statistics of how many children are in foster care in the united states, i want the paper to talk about the the difference age groups that are in foster care, the impact that a foster care has on kids,and the influence. i also want 4 book references, 2 internet sources, 3 quotations. please make it simple. i do not want it too be so sophisticated. thank you.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Education Outcomes for Youth in Foster Care

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2066 Works Cited: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Summarize 6 relevant empirical, quanitative research-based, peer-reviewed articles for a cohesive literature review that draws conclusions about educational outcomes for youth in foster care.

In one paragraph, clearly state the behavioral, social, or psychological phenomenon of interest and why it is relevant to social work. Provide data that justify the importance of the topic for the social work profession. This section should be between ½ to 1 page in length.
• Address the prevalence of the problem.
• Discuss how the problem manifests across an individual’s life course [state outcomes].
The 6 articles should
• Be empirical articles from peer-reviewed journals not review articles or opinion pieces.
• Focused on explanations and etiologies of social, behavioral, and psychological phenomena and not on treatment, focus on basic research studies NOT treatment/intervention studies.
• Quantitative and qualitative studies. However, only 2 may be qualitative.

Summarize articles
For each article summarize the following in one page or less:
1. Why is topic important and what is known about topic?
2. What are the research questions, goals/aims, and hypotheses?
3. What are theoretical frameworks or models that influence study?
4. Methodology [sample, location, measures, design].
5. Results/discussion.
6. Limitations/implications.

• Provide a reference at the top of each Summary Handout following APA format as you would for a reference page. You do not need to provide a subsequent reference page.
• You do not need to include all information from the articles. Include information that will assist you in determining the quality of the study and information that will be pertinent to drawing conclusions about an individual’s life course trajectory [i.e. If the study has several hypotheses and aims but you are primarily interested in one or two, focus on those most pertinent to your interests].

Excerpt From Essay:

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