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Essay Instructions: QUESTION 1 (atleast 300 words)

Read "Revelation" by Flannery O'Connor. Give your reaction to the story keeping in mind the following information and questions:

•O'Connor is a Catholic writer who believes that most people have come quite far from a genuine faith. That is, O'Connor finds most "good country people" (to refer to another of O'Connor's stories) to be hypocritical, espousing their goodness and faith and yet in reality filled with prejudice and hate.

•Often in her stories, O'Connor gives these characters what she calls an "opportunity for grace," a chance to find redemption and see themselves for what they truly are. Sometimes she uses violence, humor, or the grotesque to get her point across.

•Consider the character of Mrs. Turpin in "Revelation." How is she given an opportunity for grace?

•Also consider the Southern elements in the story. In what ways do you find the story particularly Southern? Think about your reading of Faulkner and Welty, in particular.

QUESTION 2 (atleast 300 words)

Read “Flowering Judas” by Katherine Anne Porter. Consider the character of Braggioni. How does Porter characterize him? Do you think he is indeed capable of redemption? Remember always when responding to a work of literature; anchor your reflections in the story's characterizations, setting, images, dialog, and symbols.

- Cite the text in at least one in-text citation (direct quotation or paraphrase not more than two sentences long)

You may find the short story at:

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Title: Comparative essay

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Essay Instructions: Read 2 critical articles, one on Katharine Anne Porter, and one on F. Scott Fitzgerald. Tehn write a five page paper discussing the following:
1. Summariza the articles.
2. Based on the articles read, apply each author's story as an example of his/her writing style.
3. Compare the two authors' stories based upon their styles and the stories themsleves.
The stories to use are: "Winter Dreams" by Scott Fitzgerald and "Flowering Judas" by Anne Porter

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