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Title: Walmart

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Essay Instructions: Phase III: Check the Internet (

Consider the following questions:
• What is your first impression of the company website? Is it easy to navigate?
• What product or services is the company offering online?
• What type of customer does the website seem to target?
• What is the impression you get of the company when you visit this website? Broad range of products, or exclusive products? High-tech? High level of expertise?
• Does the website give information about the physical location that you visited?
Regardless of whether or not the company has its own website, Google the core product line, adding descriptors if you feel it is appropriate (example: you could search for Italian restaurants); whatever you think a potential client might search for. Then focus on the first page of the Google search results and consider the following questions:
• Does this company show up within the first page of a Google search on its product? What about a Google search on the product AND the geographic location of the establishment you visited (example: Italian restaurants Warren Michigan)
• Do competitors show up on the first page?
• After viewing the search results, do you believe this company is portrayed positively when compared with its competitors?
Blogs, social networks, reviews
• Google search the company name and see if you get any hits. (They could be from local reviews, social networks, blogs, other posts.)
• Did you find any posts or information about the company that were not placed there by the company? If so, were the posts positive or negative? In your opinion, could the posts influence the company’s clientele?

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Essay Instructions: 1. Relate the statement, "First impressions count," to the formatting of an assigned paragraph or essay.

2. Summarize how the five steps to writing a successful narrative can truly make a difference in the written document.

3. Referring to the assigned essay, "The Game of My Life," by Jeff Obafemi Carr (page 542), give examples of, and assess Mr. Carr's attention to the last three steps of writing a successful narrative: center on conflict; use of dialogue; and know your purpose.

4. Summarize the three types of examples, which can be used as a writing technique, to add specific detail to paragraphs.

5. Compare the importance of the tools of a writer (description, narration, and example) to those of a carpenter.

6. Using the run-on sentence that follows, explain how you would correct the grammatical error, applying each of the five methods. (5 methods: Period and Capital Letter, Comma and FANBOYS Conjunction, Semicolon, Semicolon and Transitional Expression, and Dependent Word)

At the family reunion, Ellen enjoyed seeing aunts, uncles, and cousins that she had not seen in years, her teenage children became quickly bored and were glad when it was time to go home.

7. Referring to the assigned reading, "The Brutal Business of Boxing," by John Head, does the author make more use of single example, sentence-length example, or extended example? Justify your answer.

8. Summarize the five types of sentence fragments that were presented in Unit 6 and explain the method/s for correcting each type. (5 Types: Dependent Clause Fragments, Verbal Phrase Fragments (to, -ing, -ed), Missing-Subject Fragments, Example and Exception Fragments, and Prepositional Phrase Fragments).

9. Explain why there are two schools of thought regarding the following question: Is it acceptable to begin a sentence with "but?"

10. Describe and explain how definition, classification, and process are methods of showing the limits of a topic, the boarders that define it, and of ordering it into steps, stages, or types.

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Title: Do a review Intrusion Detection System IDS software Your review based a test perform downloading software exploring based existing reviews web These resources find IDS software feel free sources web make cite All Internet Security 2011 November 10

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Essay Instructions: Do a review of one Intrusion Detection System (IDS) software.

Your review can be based on a test that you can perform (downloading the software and exploring) or just based on existing reviews on the web.

These are resources where you can find IDS software, but feel free to use other sources on the web (just make sure you cite them):
All Internet Security (2011, November 10). Intrusion Detection. Retrieved from
Cisco Systems. (2011). Cisco Intrusion Detection. Retrieved from
When you have selected the IDS software that you would like to evaluate, please answer the following questions:
1. Provide a brief description of the program and what it claims to do
2. Your reasons why you decided to check it out (first impression)
3. Your overall evaluation of it, to the degree that you can judge; is it something you'd use or recommend? Why?
4. (Please comment also on the effectiveness of the demo itself if you used one)

assessed in particular:

whether strong arguments are provided to support your review.

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Works Cited:


All Internet Security (2011, November 10). Intrusion Detection. Retrieved from

Cisco Systems. (2011). Cisco Intrusion Detection. Retrieved from

Burton, J., Dubrawsky, I., Osipov, V., Baumrucker, C.T., & Sweeney, M. (2003). Cisco security professional's guide to secure intrusion detection systems. Rockland, MA: Syngress Pub.

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Title: REPORT OF VEDANTA SOCIETY Tour of Hindu Temple Vedanta Society of California New Temple

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Essay Instructions: (2 bibliography sources is OPTIONAL)

Tour of Hindu Temple: Vedanta Society of California, New Temple 2323 Vallejo Street.

Students’ reports:
In order to acquire the breath and depth of knowledge of the various faith traditions we will have trips to various religious sights off campus. After visiting each sight you will write a report in which you (it’s okay to have your notebooks and take notes while we are visiting a sight):
A. Describe your general first impression of a sight.
B. Describe what theological principles the sight’s architecture, images, and symbols attempt to convey
C. Mention a particular detail (s) that you found to be the most interesting, unusual provocative, inappropriate, etc.

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References & Works Consulted

Bhaskarandada, Swaimi (2002), the Essentials of Hinduism: A Comprehensive Overview of the World's Oldest Religion, San Francisco: Viveka Press.

Knott, Kim, (2000), Hinduism: A Very Short Introduction, New York: Oxford.

Vedanta Society of Northern California (2012). About Vedanta. Retrieved from:

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