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Title: Fables parables tales

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Essay Instructions: write an essay discussing some aspect of fables/parables/tales from (SEE FAXED MATERIALS) See Lesson 01 (within the "Course Documents" section) for more information on how to write a paper. You may analyze the authors' style; you may discuss what is gained and lost in writing short pieces like this, that carry a rather clear message but lack development. You may analyze any aspect of these works that you like--language, or background, or character development, or description.

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Title: Fable

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Essay Instructions: I need to have a 3 page creative essay on a fable that has to do with school curriculum-basically any area of school curriculum will do. It is important that I have it by tommorrow morning 4:00 AM, Thursday. If you can not have it by then, please, please let me know ASAP.

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: The books i have to read are; Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and Sexing the Cherry by Jeannette Winterson

This is going to compare and contrast essay.

The essay topic is:
Pygmalion and Sexing the Cherry were both inspired by a mythological story. In Shaw''s work, it was the myth of a famed sculptor. In Winterson''s work, it was the fable of twelve dancing princesses. Describe how both of these authors have taken the themes of these ancient stories and given them a contemporary twist.

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Title: literature fables parables

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Essay Instructions: I need the paper to state how different authors of fables and parables use different ways of expressing themselves in their stories to get a similar point across. The paper will use quotes or lines from the fables/parables, and properly cite them. I need a title page, preface, acknowledgements page, table of contents, abstract, synopsis, executive summary, hypothesis, literature review, conclusion, bibliography/references/works cited, vita and an outline. The bibliography should include at least 20 sources, at least 10 of which must be books or periodicals. The other 10 can be internet related. A compare and contrast style is what I believe I''m looking for. It would also be appreciated if there were to include a little bit of literary criticism, whether on the authors or their work. Also please include some of the characters and how they are symbolic to get the moral across to the reader.

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