Myths and Fables in "Pygmalion" and "Sexing the Cherry"

This paper discusses the use of myths and fables in the two books, 'Pygmalion' and 'Sexing the cherry' written by George Bernard Shaw and Jeanette Winterson respectively. While Shaw's play is inspired by the Greek myth of a talented sculptor Pygmalion, Winterson has used the famous fable of twelve dancing princesses as just one part of her novel and hasn't based her story entirely on it. The two have however twisted the stories to suit the modern social and cultural norms.


The two books namely 'Pygmalion' and 'Sexing the Cherry' are widely known for their use of myths and fables in the plot structure and story development. While Pygmalion is entirely based on a Greek mythological figure by the same name, 'Sexing the Cherry' only takes extracts from famous fairy tales, myths and fables...
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