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Title: Small Business Ethics

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Essay Instructions: Experiential Exercise 1,. Please DO NOT provide each of your numbered responses. Please DO reply to the five Discussion Questions and the three Application questions.
Complete the work in WORD. Proofread well. Double space. Properly format, including name and assignment number
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Title: Experiential Analyis on Trail Lake Nursing and Rehab Center

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Essay Instructions: Experiential Analysis Paper: After visiting and observing a chosen, instructor-approved healthcare setting, a summary will be written to include the following:

A report on how consumers (e.g., patients, clients, residents, etc.) would experience the setting
An analysis of the kinds of organizational changes that could improve the consumers’ experience in this setting
The paper should be no more than 3??"5 pages in length. Format must be APA (refer to Doc Sharing and Webliography for writing format guidelines).
Be sure to include references when citing others’ work or other sources used in preparing the analysis (refer to course Syllabus for citation guidelines).

Please Read: Thoughts to Ponder Regarding Project Papers Writing an Objective and Professional Research Paper The best method to writing a research paper is to remain professional and objective. In other words, please refrain from editorializing, personal opinions, and rants. Before you submit your paper to be graded, print a copy and take a pen or a yellow highlighter and review your document for the word "I" or "you." Every time you highlight one, please reword the sentence accordingly. When the word "you" is utilized in a research paper, there is the perception that you are telling the reader what to think or what to do. While that may work with children, it won't work with colleagues. :0) Your paper must “convince” the reader in such a way that he or she will generate the same conclusions that you did (without actually being told what to think). Remember: Please refrain from personalizing your writing. Do not write in first person (I/we), nor second person (you). Think third person (objective and professional).

Website of nursing home paper is to be written about. http://www.traillakenursing.com/

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Works Cited:


Trail Lake. Home. http://www.traillakenursing.com/

Trail Lake Nursing & Rehabilitation. Ucompare Health Care.


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Title: Experiential Behavioral Structural Family Therapy Consider modes family therapy Experiential Behavioral Structural Family Therapy Many people strong personal reactions modes therapy Do dislike modes therapy Why Please rencently sources

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Essay Instructions: Experiential, Behavioral and Structural Family Therapy

Consider these modes of family therapy: Experiential, Behavioral, or Structural Family Therapy. Many people have strong personal reactions to each of these modes of therapy. Do you especially like or dislike one of these modes of therapy? Why?

Please use rencently sources. Thank you

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Goldenberg, I., & Goldenberg, H. (2012). Family therapy: An overview (9th ed.).

Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.

Woolley, S.R., Wampler, K.S. & Davis, S.D. (2012). Enactments in couple therapy:

Identifying therapist interventions associated with positive change. Journal of Family Therapy, 34, 284 -- 305.

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Title: The effects of luxury fashion from Swarovski toward social identity

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  • Sources:45
  • Citation Style: Harvard
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: The topic of my research is “ The effects of luxury fashion from Swarovski toward social identity ”. Please kindly write up the literature review related to my topic

I decided to re-hire you again for the same topic, but add some more pages and more details because I misunderstand for the previous work ( It’s my fault that I’m not make clear about my work ). Anyway, you can use some part of the previous work (from the order A2072265) but please do not copy all of that. After I read through your work, I just want to make sure that

1. Please ensure that you focus on the information of “Swarovski brand” more than prefer to say just “luxury brands”.
2. Pdf. Files which I have uploaded for you helps understanding of the work. You may use some of them in my literature review as you wish but please DO NOT copy them as it may cause plagiarism.

The main criteria is “ Complete a review of literature in 3 academic areas related to the topic ”

I already attached my proposal to guide you for the direction and scope of my work ( from previous work )

However, my proposal was not link to the Swarovski’s brand yet, my research focuses on Swarovski’s brand, so please kindly use the previous study which related to Swarovski’s brand.

Please kindly use the previous study of the 3 themes below:

- Experiential marketing for fashion jewellery

- Emotional Brand Attachment and Brand Personality ( how Swarovski use their identity
to communicate and attract with their consumer, you can put some example on it, how’s it

- Social Media and cultural influences ( how Swarovski use Social media to communicated
with their customer, which tools and methods which they use. Also the social influence that
effects to people to make a decision on it)

In every themes, please link as much as you can with Swarovski

Anyway, I quite satisfy with previous work from Essaytown and will passing this quality of work to my colleagues who might be your next customer soon. However, please meet all above criteria which I mentioned above.

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