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Title: Ethnography of a Gendered Individual

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2886 Works Cited: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Ethnography of a Gendered Individual

The Assignment: Construct a fictional character/individual with certain age, gender, and status characteristics and describe that person’s life and experience, including observations of others. This account should reflect the individual’s cognitive processes, emotional structure, and social relationships.
The essay should show what it is like to live day to day in this community as this individual ??" and how the institutions and customs guide and impinge, assist and inhibit the individual in a given position. Use a real culture, incorporating your individual into a specific society.

The Rules: The paper should be between 8 pages (double-spaced). You may use both library and internet resources (you may NOT use Wikipedia!). You MUST properly cite your references! Also, make sure you include a conclusion page indicating which gender studies concepts were used in this project! For instance ??" how did you show evidence of the social construction of gender? How did you use sociological imagination? What theoretical perspective(s) did you use and how? Etc.

A successful essay will:
1. Present effectively the point of view of a particular individual and show clear issues regarding gender.
2. Illustrate through the activities and/or observations of the individual the main social institutions and cultural patterns in the society.
3. Document carefully, with citations, the source of each item of information used (work cited page).

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Title: Ethnography Cultural Anthropology

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1242 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Ethnography/Cultural Anthropology: describe a culture (social organization/kinship; economic organization, political organization, religion and ritual); suggest an applied project - how to introduce change; use monographs to describe a culture studied by more than one anthropologist.

Field Study Paper: It should be 1000+ words. (Double-spaced is about 250 words per page). Show critical thinking and reflection. project should be written in any acceptable college level "style", in the usual paper format with references cited, etc. ie., the format learned in a college writing class such as the MLA.
Double spaced
Use of citations in MLA format
Create a bibliography in the appropriate MLA format. References can be textbooks, novels, monographs, URLs, etc..
You may include photographs (properly cited, even if you are the photographer).

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Essay Instructions: i am writing an ethnography describing my experiences in two different gyms and the cultures and sub cultures that exist as well as the behaviors observed.. As part of this experience, I became an active participant and interviewed many informants as part of this process over a seven week period. I have attached the field notes for each of these seven weeks describing the experiences and quoting many of the informants. The first week was an interview with the owner of one of the private gyms that I participated in and the other six weeks were an account of my experiences with different people at the two gyms.

I need help in preparing a narative draft of my paper and story( about 3- 4 pages needed) that helps describe my experiences over the seven weeks rich in detail which leverages direct quotations from my informants highlighted in my field notes rather than just paraphrasing. I need to really portray the "natives" point of view on what I observed and more importantly what they said as to their motivations coming to a gym. Many quotations that were provided in field notes are encouraged in the narrative summary of the story.

I am trying to highlight any differences between age, sex or socioeconomic factors in why people go to a gym. I have two more files to send to complete field notes if you want/need them but limited to five below.

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Title: Ethnography

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1577 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: What is ethnography?
How do Sociologists look at Ethnography?
Examples of Ethnography
How are we all part of ethnography?

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