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There is plenty of time to re-resent petty humiliations or wince over one's own stupidity or insensitivity. Writing ethnography is a purgatory of pensees d'escalier (Metcalf)."

Part of Ethnology

As a whole, we are all part of ethnology. Everyone is a part of some type of culture, and this culture is open to interpretation by any ethnographer.

Our cultures are what shapes who we are, and how we react to a given circumstance. These cultures many times have beliefs and practices that are several centuries old, and have stood the test of time.


Ethnography is a method of sociology research which explores the ways of life of a culture. There are a number of different types of ethnography, and each sociologist must decide the method to employ in their research.
While there are many different cultures throughout the world, we all share the common thread that we are part of ethnology. Works Cited Ethnographic Research. (accessed 18 November, 2004). ). Lassiter, Luke Eric. "Authoritative Texts, Collaborative Ethnography, and Native American Studies. The American Indian Quarterly. (2000): 22 September. Metcalf, Peter. "A life in the day of: ethnography and biography." The Southern Review. 2002): 22 June. Pellatt, Glynis. "Ethnography and reflexivity: emotions and feelings in fieldwork." Nurse Researcher. (2003): 01 March. Riain, Sean O. "Global ethnography." Annual Review of Sociology. (2002): 01 January. What is Ethnography. (accessed 18 November, 2004).

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