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Title: Ethical Issues in Health Care Information Technology

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Essay Instructions: Ethical Issues in Health Care Information Technology from the perspective of Knowledge Management in theory and practice.

Over the last twenty years, health care services have been transformed by increasing use of information and knowledge. Experts agree that information technology (IT) has made this transformation possible. In the last decade especially, ethical issues related to health care IT have generated a wealth of studies as well as lively and serious discussions identifying ethical challenges and proposing practical solutions and guidelines for health care professionals. Related issues have been in the news since the Obama administration proposed converting all paper medical records to an electronic system.

The purpose of this research paper is to:

* increase understanding of Knowledge Management ethics

* identify, examine and analyze concepts, principles and practices related to KM ethics and health care information technology

* propose appropriate ways to responsibly address ethical dilemmas and promote ethical standards and practices in the use of health care information technology

Write a research paper following the instructions below:
* Identify, examine and analyze three ethical issues you consider most important in the way IT is used by today's health care professionals and may be used in the future with the expansion of an electronic system.

* Defend the importance of your three choices with evidence of solid research and critical thinking, citing data, information and examples to support your claims.

* Cite at least three research sources for each ethical issue identified (minimum of nine sources total). As usual, successful papers will rely heavily on academic and other authoritative sources found. Do not use wikipedia, opinions from newpapers.

* Use headings for each major section of your paper: for example, Introduction, Ethical Issue 1, Ethical Issue 2, Ethical Issue 3, Conclusion, Bibliography or Reference List.

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Title: Article Analysis research paper

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Essay Instructions: Ethical Issues in Information Technology
You are to select one article that is of interest to you in terms of its functional application (i.e. human resources, accounting & finance, marketing, or information technology). **** I emailed article already to Mark at SNR – "Ethical Issues in Information Technology by Richard T. George******
Following an introductory paragraph introducing the article and its main theme, provide a brief and concise summation of the article. The summation will be an outline of the major issues presented and should consist of approximately 1-2 pages of information.
Next, you will perform an analysis of how ethics and the functional area discussed relates to the course module(s), topics covered in the course or your textbook, and other outside research and resources about ethics in your selected functional area. Your ability to analyze and synthesize the information presented in the article is critical. This section of your paper should comprise approximately 3-4 pages.
Finally, your conclusion will provide your recommendations for maintaining ethical standards in your selected functional area and should consist of at least 1-2 pages.

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Title: Ethical Issues and Second Life

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Essay Instructions: Ethical Issues and Second Life
Appraise Botterbusch and Talab's (2008) position on ethical issues in relation to Second Life. Evaluate the problem that individuals seem to face with freedom of expression on the Internet and their possible fear of consequences in the real world, including their place of employment, by their conduct in the cyber world.

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Essay Instructions: Ethical Issues in Business and Society

Watch the movie Enron:The smartest guys in the room and anwer the following questions
Instructions: Write a short paragraph or more on each of the following questions.

1. Capitalism is vital to our way of life, and yet the Enron case clearly shows ways in which this economic system may be abused. What kinds of abuses did you witness in the film? What kinds of vices were evident?
2. All economic systems (as is true of all "systems") have their weaknesses. What weaknesses in the capitalistic system were evident in the film, "Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room?"
3. How do you think an egoist, Socrates and Aristotle would have advised Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling if they were their Ethics Officers?
4. How would you characterize Andy Fastow?s role in this company and the repercussions of his role?
5. Who do you think is responsible for Enron's downfall? Why? Think carefully about this one!
6. Enron's slogan was "Ask Why?" Does that strike you as ironic? Socrates loved to ask "why?" What do you think are some questions that he would ask Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, and Andy Fastow?
7. Do you think that we now live in a "Culture of Greed?" Are all of us guilty in our own ways of perpetuating a "Culture of Greed?"
8. Did you find mark to market accounting ethical? Explain.
9. What was your knowledge about Enron before this documentary?
10. What did you learn and how are you able to apply it in your life

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