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Title: operations management

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Essay Instructions: Ethical behavior is a corporate issue that affects the company?s bottom line. How do ethical issues impact organizations and operations? Include an example seen in the workplace, in the news, etc. that relates to real-life situations. Your initial post should be at least 200-250 words.
Two source materials reference

Why are the following business processes important? Which process do you feel is most important? Explain your reasoning.
a. Strategy development
b. Product development
c. Systems to produce goods and services
d. Order fulfillment
Two source materials reference

Your initial post should include real life situations and be at least 200-250 words.

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Etherington, D. (2013, September 17). How to decide between the new Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Retrieved September 18, 2013 from Tech Crunch website:

John Wiley & Sons. (2013). Student companion site: Vonderembse, White: Operations

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Lake, K. (2013, September 13). Waitress gets "none nigger "as tip at Red Lobster, then suspended for posting on Facebook. Retrieved September 18, 2013 from The Free Patriot website:

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (2013). Race/color discrimination.

Retrieved September 18, 2013 from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website:

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Title: Ethical Behavior in Organizations

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Essay Instructions: The professor states "The paper should be 15 single spaced pages or 25 double spaced pages long and cover an issue, preferably in the student?s work environment, that can be related to Organizational Behavior theory. It should contain a table of contents, paragraphs, a bibliography and a design for research of and/or recommendation for improvements in the student?s work environment. Next to the content, other aspects of the paper (style, spelling and punctuation) will also be taken into account in the grading process.?

My inclination for the paper is Ethical Behavior in Organizations and not delving into my specific personal work environment. However, I am not married to this idea if you have a recommendation. I am interrupting the term ?preferably? as not a requirement but I can always add some specifics related to my company and work environment later. As I will be using the paper as mostly a guide I would appreciate any copies of sources.

BTW, The class text is Behavior in Organizations
Seventh Edition by Jerald Greenberg and Robert A. Baron
ISBN: 0-13-085026-8

I can be contacted at

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Figure 1: Unit Organizational Models

Figure 2: Molymod Organizational Theory Models


Figure 3: Orbit Organizational Theory Model


Figure 4: Chart illustrating the significance and the functioning of job enrichment

Job Enrichment and Job Performance

Higher |


Enrichment and Enlargement |

Accent on Needs



Enlargement |

Lower |



Variety of Tasks

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Title: Can ethical behavior really exist in business

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Essay Instructions: Can ethical behavior really exist in business? Please include an abstract, introduction, conclusion and outline. Ethical Decision Making, stakeholders analysis, values identification, ethical dilemmas in the workplace are topics that need to be discussed in this paper.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works cited:

1. Klein, Linda S. "Ethical Decision Making in a Business Environment," Review of Business 13.3 (1991).

2. Sauer, Wolfgang "Also a Concrete Self-Interest," UN Chronicle Sept.-Nov. 2002.

Linda S. Klein, "Ethical Decision Making in a Business Environment," Review of Business 13.3 (1991).

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Title: Ways to improve ethical behavior of those in a public office or organization

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Using what we have studied, we arw to write a 10 page paper with the topic “Ways to improve ethical behavior of those in a public office or organization.” We are required to provide examples of managing ethics our paper. The 10 pages (body of paper) do not include the Title Page and References. The specific content of applications and setting of the paper is the discretion of the individual student. We must abide by APA. Citations should be parenthetical. Other specifics of the paper are: 12 pitch font of Times New Roman or Courier
10 pages in length and number the pages (body of paper)
1 inch margins all the way around
Place name and email address on each page of the paper
Double spaced
Title page and References are in addition to the body of paper.

Information of the class that may be helpful: The title of the class in which this paper is for is Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation. The following is an outline of the overall and week objectives of the class:

Overall Objectives
a. Differentiate among the various types of social and behavioral problems subject to policy analysis
b. Describe the purpose and goals of policy analysis and program evaluation
c. Explain the process and forms of policy-making
d. Summarize important policy analysis concepts
e. Illustrate basic policy problems using appropriate methods
f. Analyze and evaluate policy outcomes applying basic statistical methods and techniques to support policy recommendations
g. Identify and explain the process of policy argument development
h. Illustrate proposed answers to policy problems using an issue paper or policy memo.

Weekly Objectives

Week 1
a. Define public policy
b. Describe the basic concepts associated with public policy
c. List the reasons why public policy is studied
d. Describe public policy in a social, economic, political, governing, and cultural context
e. Identify rationales for government intervention
f. Define policy analysis
Week 2
a. Define gridlock and identify the reasons it happens
b. Define policy capacity
c. Describe the concept of federalism
d. Identify the purpose of the separation of powers
e. Describe the roles of policy subgovernments and issue networks
f. Explain the impact of public opinion on policymaking
g. Describe the role of interest groups in public policy
h. List reasons for the growth of government
i. Describe various models and theories of politics and public policy
j. Identify the major elements of the policy process model
k. Identify the instruments of public policy
l. Identify policy typologies
Week 3
a. Define policy analysis
b. Identify various types of policy analysis
c. Choose the appropriate policy analysis for any given situation
d. List the steps in the policy analysis process
e. Define problem analysis
f. Describe the process of finding information
g. Construct alternatives
h. Think creatively about policy action
Week 4
a. Identify evaluative criteria for judging policy proposals
b. Define effectiveness, efficiency, and equity
c. Use various methods of policy analysis
Week 6
a. Provide a background of economic policymaking in the United States
b. Identify goals of economic policy
c. Describe the various tools of economic policy
d. Describe the budget process and its effect on economic policy
e. Identify future economic issues and challenges
f. Provide a background of healthcare policy in the United States
g. Describe the evolution of health care policy
h. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the U.S. healthcare system
i. Describe the features of major government health care programs
j. Explain the issues surrounding rising health care costs
k. Describe the environment of managed care
Week 7
a. Describe the changing demographics of social security
b. Identify problems with social security
c. Explain the financing behind social security
d. Describe the concept of welfare
e. Identify welfare reform options
Week 8
a. Provide a background of education policy in the United States
b. Identify problems facing education
c. Identify education policy reform options
Week 9
a. Describe the evolution of environmental and energy policy in the United States
b. Identify major federal environmental policies
c. List common themes in environmental protection policy
Week 10
a. Identify how public policy affects citizens
b. Describe policy analysis and how policy choices are made
c. Evaluate public policy
d. Improve policy capacity
e. Identify forms of citizen participation in decision making

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Excerpt From Essay:


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