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Essay Instructions: Please write in PHD level as required. write a 1400 to 1600 word epistemological analysis of a personal experience of a educational activities. you may for example, analyze an experience with an organized activity-visiting a museum, attending a play or concert, or participating in a sport- or unstructure activity, such as reading a literary work or taking a walk in the woods. support your analysis with references to courese readings and other pertinent research sources. as a starting point, consider reviewing the sources of knowledge Feldman lists, including perception, memory, expert testemony, introspection, and reasoning. Unlike a research paper, this assignment requires you to look first at something you know better than anyone else-your experience- and to ask wheter your reading about epistemology help you understand that experience in a new and better way. Format paper consistent with APA guidelines. The name of the book are epistemology by R. Feldman 2003, epistemology, the classic readings by Cooper, D.E. 1999, human knowledge: classical and contemporary appreaches 3rd ed. 2003, by Moser, P K and Vander Nat, complex knowledge by Tsoukas H. 2005, and knowledge emergence: by Noraka, I & Nishiguchi T 2001.

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Essay Instructions: Review and revise your Pre-Writing III evaluation of the field?s epistemological assumptions and application of postmodernist criticism to them. Review all of your pre-writing for the Course Project.

Compose a full-sentence, annotated outline of your final paper that will evaluate the current state of knowledge in the field/organization you selected and analyzed. The outline should comprise:

? A summary prospectus statement that identifies the field/organization you selected for your paper?s analysis, the field?s experts, the organization?s decision makers, the experts? epistemology, the assumptions underlying this, the specific knowledge/leadership issue the paper will examine, and a thesis addressing the current state of knowledge in this field/organization in light of this analysis.

? Detailed outline of how the paper will present the situation and your argument regarding the current state of knowledge in this field/organization.

? Full sentences to express the topic of each section and paragraph. Beneath each paragraph topic sentence note the content and purpose of the paragraph and identify what course materials you intend to use and how those sources will support your position.

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Essay Instructions: Explain the epistemological perspective from the text (or outside sources) that most coincides with your view of truth and the way that the human mind grasps reality. Explain why you find it to be the best explanation of the way that the human mind is able to understand its world. Finally, present your views on whether humans can actually know the truth about objects or ideas in the world. If you believe they can, explain why. If you do not think they can, explain why not. Feel free to consult outside academic sources in order to explain more of the details of the theory that you describe here.

Support your claims with examples from this week?s required material(s) (Philosophy: A concise introduction, Kurt Mosser. Chapter 3: The Theory of Knowledge) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references.

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Title: feminism

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Essay Instructions: I am looking for an essay on feminism and philosophy and all I have is a title: THE ESSENCE OF A WOMAN: AN EPISTEMOLOGICAL PROGRAMME OF MASTERY.
The features I would lke are a proposal, synopsis, discussion, conclusion, endnotes and bibliography.
The main texts required for this essay are:
Woolstonecraft M, Vindication
Rosseau, R. Emile (especially chpt 5 'Sophie')
De Beauvouir, s. The Second Sex.
Saul, J. Feminism: Issues and Arguments.
Hornsby, j. & Fricker, M, Cambridge Companion to Feminism in Philosophy.
I thank you in advance and would request that included in the introduction is an explamation of the title, thank you.

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