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Instructions for Environmentalism College Essay Examples

Title: environmentalism

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1799 Bibliography: 7 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic of the research paper : environmentalism

1. Research and citation - books and journal sources , not electronic resources, interviews could be conducted if possible
2. Argument: discussion will have 3 components: history, current issues, and the future:
1) History: give a detailed and well-supported outline of how and why the chosen group came into existence, or became the identity category it is today
2) Current Issues: What defines your chosen group today? What challenges face members of the group? What political or social issues are bound up with this identity?
3) The Future: Where is the group headed? What aspirations do its members have? What obstacles must be surmounted? What part will this group play in the future?
4) and also how this chosen group or identity relates to members/individuals. How it perceive itself and how others perceive it. How individuals bond to that group

3. Overal
write a research paper that describes the identity of a social group in such a way that members of that group would not feel alienated by that description. This goal means that the essay should be sensitive, not judgmental, and fair. Beware of over-generalizing the chosen group; it must be one whose members acnowledge a common identity.

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Title: literature review

Total Pages: 2 Words: 509 Sources: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Please critique the journal article below. It should reflect all the salient points presented in the reference “Writing a Critique of a Journal Article.”

In the article Corporate Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence of Drivers and Barriers in Penang, Malaysia (Kasim, 2007) the authors discuss the dichotomy of having tourism locations in many of the world’s most environmentally sensitive areas of the world needing the greatest levels of corporate environmentalism yet having the least chance of attaining it. The authors specifically focus on the hotel sector of Penang, Malaysia and the barriers to enabling a greater level of corporate environmentalism in this region. Through a series of expert interviews that deliver qualitative data the authors extrapolate across the region the conclusion that despite recognition of how the unique environment is a critical part of the tourism industry’s growth there is little chance of seeing corporate environmentalism become active. The daunting challenges of overcoming perceptual bias and cultural barriers lead the authors to contend that creating a sustainable corporate environmentalism program is daunting in the region.

(Kasim, 2007)
Kasim, Azilah. (2007). Corporate Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence of Drivers and Barriers in Penang, Malaysia. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 15(6), 680-699.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Literature review

Total Pages: 1 Words: 306 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: For each of two journal articles,write a two- to
three-paragraph annotation.

Kasim, Azilah. (2007). Corporate Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence of Drivers and Barriers in Penang, Malaysia. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 15(6), 680-699.

Prokkola, Eeva-Kaisa. (2008). Resources and barriers in tourism development: cross-border cooperation, regionalization and destination building at the Finnish-Swedish border. Fennia. 186(1), 31-46.

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Title: Essay Thoughts on Environmentalism

Total Pages: 2 Words: 771 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Assignment 2: Essay ?Thoughts on Environmentalism
Write an essay titled ?Thoughts on Environmentalism? and discuss the human effects on the environment ? both positive and negative. Focus on the concepts of biophilia and the environmental ethic.

Use at least two articles from the South University Online Library (I added that for you with the citation for both) and two articles from the online journal Orion Magazine(I didn?t get these for you.. Sorry, but can you get them?). Cite all articles and references used in your paper.
Your essay should be at least 500 words in length and submitted as a Word doc to this

Discussion Area by July 30, 2012.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria:
Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using the correct APA style.
Uses vocabulary relevant to the current and previous weeks? topics ? at least five terms.
Demonstrates understanding of key concepts.

I added two Articles with the Citation at the end from my online school. Please use that Citation. I did not add two Articles from the online Journal Orion Magazine.

Excerpt From Essay:

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