Corporate Environmentalism in the Hotel Research Proposal

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Total Sources: 2

This analysis also includes a synopsis of a series of five INTERREG studies specifically created, implemented and used for monitoring the development of cross-cultural networks across the Finnish-Swedish border to assess how intercultural integration is leading to broader integration across EU border regions. There is also an analysis of how cross-border regionalization assists in the development of border infrastructures and the development of modified systems, institutions and structures.References

(Kasim, 2007)

Kasim, Azilah. (2007). Corporate Environmentalism in the Hotel Sector: Evidence of Drivers and Barriers in Penang, Malaysia. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 15(6), 680-699.

(Prokkola, 2008)

Prokkola, Eeva-Kaisa. (2008). Resources and barriers in tourism development: cross-border cooperation, regionalization and….....

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