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Essay Instructions: Outline the general health behaviors of your selected group. Detail what intervention and promotion strategies you would use to improve the health of individuals in this group. Outline the expected results from this intervention.
Use a review article format and reference the appropriate material using APA style. Try to be original and come up with some unique intervention strategies. Reference your material where appropriate, APA style. Some interventions will have had very little prior research
What format should look like:
1. Introduction    
1.1 Subject group    
1.2 Background info
2. Interventions    
2.1 Current interventions (what are they doing now)    
2.2 Proposed intervention(s)
3. Expected Outcome
4. Conclusion
References - APA style

In summary--What can parents do to promote physical activity in the lives of their children? How can they do it? What strategies, techniques, promotions, interventions can/should they use. Have these interventions existed for this subject group before?
Are parents the key to the success of their childs health? How can they ensure their child grows up to be a fit and healthy individual. Has research shown that children are more likely to be healthy when health and physical activity is encouraged by their parents?
(focus is on elementary school aged children)

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Title: Parent Involvement in Elementary Schools

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1404 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Paper: Review of the Literature
Topic: Parental Involvement in Elementary Schools

TEXTS: Educational Research: Competencies for Analysis and Applications (Gay, Mills, Airasian)
Publication Manual of the american Psychological Association 6th edition

Review of the Literature
Prepare a written literature review on a specific topic. The topic should be related to your major such as educational administration. The review should include predominately primary sources.

Review relevant literature as appropriate for the topic you select. This should provide an interpretative summary of the topic. The purpose of the literature review is to provide the historical background for a study, theoretical framework, and current research developments. A good review critiques the research studies and shows how the findings relate to the problem under study. This provides the link between existing knowledge and the problem you might want to study. The major purpose of the literature review is to determine what has already been done that relates to a proposed study.

The review should provide an understanding and insight into the problem and provide a framework for a study. It should point out research strategies and specific data collection approaches that have and have not been found to be useful in investigating a similar topic. Differentiate between literature and research. There should be smooth transitions into sections and from one paragraph to another.


A review of the literature should start with an introduction that is untitled. Provide an orientation to the purpose of a study and refer to the topics to be covered in the chapter. The order of topics is from the global view to the specific. Generally one paragraph is sufficient.

A second paragraph should include how the review was conducted, the search engines utilized, and key words used to locate material.

Use subheadings as appropriate. Based on the literature you have gathered, identify the three or so “big” ideas or concepts related to the topic. Describe the relationship between these ideas. Each of the big ideas you have identified in the literature will become a heading or section of the review. There are three samples presented here.

Historical Overview

The historical overview provides information and context for the topic.

Relevant Theoretical Literature

In this section discuss the theoretical framework(s) that are underpinning the topic. For example a specific behavioral theory could be the basis for an instructional strategy or behavior modification strategy. Describe the theory and the supporting research.

Relevant Research

Review of relevant research studies related to the project. Discuss the existing knowledge base and identify the gaps in knowledge and make a link to your study. Review research studies that have contributed to current understanding and contribute to the need for your study. You need to cover thoroughly the research from the last 5 years. Classic research from more than 5 years may be cited as appropriate. You may have several headings related to different educational strategies.

Implications for Practice

Discuss the implications for educational practice raised by the research and literature you have reviewed. Given what the research says, what does this mean for your school, classes, or other teachers, counselors, or administrators?

Implications for Inquiry

What implications for future research can you draw from the literature you have reviewed? What additional kinds of studies should be completed?


Provide a brief summary of the literature reviewed and be sure to link to the methodology of your project. Discuss existing scientific knowledge base for your problem and identify gaps in the knowledge base and make reference or link to your study and methodology.

Use APA form and style in preparing the written paper.

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Title: Current and best practices for teaching geography in elementary school

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3097 Bibliography: 12 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This paper is to report current and best practices to teach a particular discipline (geography) of social studies as taught in elementary schools. The results/findings are to be presented in a typed paper in APA style as well as a summary of the results. Alabama Course of Study standards and objectives should be considered and presented.

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Title: Module 4 Application

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1262 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: All of the Directions are in the file i am uploading for you. Please follow them all. 4 page response.
1) Save and print the Module 4 Application PDF.
2) Create a Word or text document for your response. Use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font.
3) Create a title page and References Page in APA format.
4) Read the Profile of Lacy Elementary School, Special Situations Analysis of the School Cafeteria at the bottom of the assignment document. You will make your observations from the written profile, and compose a paper that summarizes the observations and states your recommendations/action plan for improvement. Follow APA format in your paper.
5) From the profile, identify those things that help keep the cafeteria calm, orderly, safe, and well managed, along with those things that contribute to different management or behavioral problems. Categorize your observations in the following five areas, and record your comments about each area in a well-developed paragraph.
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